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Tutorials and Code Samples
Each month, you'll find new samples and tutorials on OTN to help you get started with the latest in Oracle, Java, and other cutting-edge technologies. Here are some recent highlights (register here for free):
Free Oracle 9i Books, Manuals and Documentation
Free Oracle Pl/SQL Introduction Course
Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
Excellent course training notes and lectures on Oracle, SQL, and databases
Free scripts, tips and advanced performance tuning information (suggested)

Oracle Developer Lecture Slides:

Week2 Week 3  Week 3 Code Examples Week 4  Week 4 Code Examples

Week 5 Week 5 Code Examples
Effective Coding Style (Oracle PL/SQL Programming)
Best Practices for Packages (Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming with Packages)
Oracle Design - Introduction
Oracle 8 Design Tips
Generating Output from PL/SQL Programs
Oracle Scripts - Introduction
Developing a Database Security Plan
This page is the branch-off point for reaching  favorite technical articles, tips, and technical notes written about the world's greatest RDBMS.
Oracle Technology Network > Library (You may use user:htuttle password:mAb6RmR6 or register yourself)
Oracle8 SQL Reference Release 8.0 (You may use user:htuttle password:mAb6RmR6 or register yourself)
Oracle Tuning - Many good tutorial articles covering more than just scripts.
Get Oracle Help - Ask your questions and get answers
Oracle Power: a portal of tutorials, applications, dba scripts, tools and articles for the novice and professional.
PL/SQL Pipeline, a free community for Oracle developers worldwide. Use this forum to sharpen your development skills, share ideas with others, and stay on top of Oracle technology. Visit the "Archives" to download technical papers and free trial software.
Free Oracle Skill Test
Oracle View Archives
Oracle Application Development Learning Resources Links

Oracle - Java Learning Resource Links

Oracle - Web Learning Resource Links
Oracle Designer Video Viewlet Tutorials
Oracle8i Video Viewlet Tutorials
Oracle Forms 6i Video Viewlet Tutorials
Great Oracle Sites to Visit

Oracle White Papers

Oracle9i Application Server Portal Handbook, 2 free chapters

Oracle Security Handbook, 1 free chapter

Oracle Performance Tuning 101, 2 free chapters

Oracle Web Architecture
, 1 free chapter
The Web Application Toolkit
4 Free Oracle Certification Study Guides ( Register free here)

Overview of the ORACLE database management system (12 pages) html
Using Oracle on isis html
Practical introduction to SQLPlus (22 pages) pdf  Word
Practical introduction to SQLForms version 3 on Unix (27 pages) pdf  Word

Newsgroups and Mailing Lists: 
Oracle Mailing Lists 

Oracle User Groups:

IOUG,- International
Oracle Applications  
ODTUG, Oracle Development Tools  
COUG,  Chicago  
DOUG - Dallas  
HKOUG -  Hong Kong  
MAOUG -  Mid Atlantic
NCOUG -  North Carolina  
NWOUG -  NorthWest  
OUGF - Finland  
PPOUG - Pikes Peak  
RMOUG - Rocky Mountains
SCOUG - South Central
SEOUG - Southeast  
SFOUG - South Florida  
TOUG - Toronto  

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