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PHP/MySQL Tutorial - Introducing PHP and MySQL.
PHP Tutorial
Free PHP Training from, includes excerpts from Beginning PHP4, tutorials, and articles*/
Free PHP Books
PHP Tutorials from Webmonkey - the Web's Developer Resource
E-gineer Instructions - Lots of tutorials/instructions related to Apache, PHP and MySQL - Web Programming Resource - PHP Tutorials
Tutorialfind - A growing list of PHP tutorials at TutorialFind
Several Good PHP Tutorials
PHP3 Introduction - Introduction to PHP and web database interfacing with MySQL
PHP Tutorials
Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL

Welcome to the World of PHP - Introduction to PHP Tutorial
Understanding PHP - PHP is an open source server-side scripting language, which can be embedded inside HTML as a clever means of providing dynamic Web pages. C and Perl developers will find it particularly intuitive to learn.
PHP Tutorial Links - Welcome to PHP School
PHP Tips
PHP Tutorial Links
PHP From an IT Manager's Perspective
By Tobias Ratschiller
PHP over the years had the opportunity to strengthen its core base and to integrate more features, and provides a base that can easily stand out in the increasingly crowded server-side application development platform market.
Welcome to PHP
PHP resources and tutorials
The PHP Resource Index. PHP scripts and programming info.

::: Connecting PHP Applications to DB2 Universal Database :::
PHP is a powerful and increasingly popular server-side scripting language for creating Web content. This article gives you an overview, then describes how to compile PHP as a dynamically-loaded Apache module with DB2 support.

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