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Get Perl - Perl/CGI Scripts Resource

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Perl programming language
The Unix Review Perl Columns

The Web Techniques Perl Columns

The Linux Magazine Perl Columns
Free professional Perl CGI scripts that are easy to install and use.
This web document is a re-organized version of the "perl.1" man page for PERL version 4.
Programming Perl 101 - A very well done tutorial.

Text version of Programming Perl 102 tutorial
Learning Perl - Introduction
An 8 Chapter Perl Tutorial for webmasters - by Daniel Irvine

Learn Perl - Perl Education - Free Perl learning materials and tutorials
Perl Tutorial Links
Steve Litt's PERLs of Wisdom: PERL, just the facts
Perl/CGI from Webmonkey - the Web's Developer Resource

::: Perl 5.6 for C and Java Programmers :::
In this latest installment of our Cultured Perl column, get to know
Perl 5.6 as a C and Java programmer.
Introduction to Perl Tutorial
Perl Tutorials and Perl Manua
Perl Tutorial Links
Perl Tutorial Link site
Perl Links
Perl Tutorials and Links
This manuscript is Chapter 5 Regular Expressions from the Wrox Press book Beginning Perl. The book introduces Perl to those new to programming - although you'll find it easier if you have some basic programming experience.
Mother of Perl - Mother of Perl is a semiweekly how-to devoted to all things Perl. This column addresses the needs and concerns of Perl developers by providing practical, powerful, and elegant solutions to everyday problems. By Jonathan Eisenzopf
CGI for the Total Non-Programmer - This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating CGIs with Perl on a Unix platform. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create Perl programs for counting hits, storing and retrieving guestbook information, and processing secure passwords. You will also gain an understanding of how the Perl programming language works, and you will learn to use variables, IF statements, and loops in Perl.
29 Advanced and 50 Beginner CGI Tutorials
CGI Tutorial Links
Very Good Perl Tutorials
Perl 5 Manual - Manual for the scripting language Perl includes tips on calling conventions from C, as well as debugging.
Perl Tutorial Links
Perl Tutorial Links
Here's my little tidbits and tutorials related to Perl. It is intended for those new to Perl. 1) Perl 2) Examples and downloads, 3) Perl on NT, 4) Perl Tools Perl Links.
Perl Tutorials
Perl Documentation

Perl Reference
Perl section of Unix Review

Perl Tutorials:
Perl Tutorial - Perl is an interpreted programming language known for its power and flexibility. It combines the familiar syntax of C, C++, sed, awk, grep, sh, and csh into a tool that that is more powerful than the separate pieces used together. These pages will teach basic data structures, flow control, and string manipulation in the context of writing a common CGI program for a Web server.

Perl Links:
Perl reference materials
Perl Tools
Perl Reference Materials
CGI with Perl
Perl resources and tutorials

IBM Developerworks Perl Tutorials:

::: Cultured Perl: Genetic Algorithms Applied with Perl :::
Based on the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest, genetic programming uses mutation and replication to create ever -improving computer programs. Perl programmer and dW columnist Teodor Zlatanov explains the genetic algorithm in simple terms, and provides Perl implementations for specific tasks, which you can adapt for generic use.

::: Using Perl to Create Reusable Web Applications :::
Learn how to control interactive Web applications with a single Perl module. Web developer Eugene Logvinov demonstrates how Perl can be a convenient and effective tool for complex Web applications development.

::: Cultured Perl: One-Liners 101 :::
Join dW columnist Teodore Zlatanov as he illustrates the art of constructing one-line Perl scripting solutions.

::: Cultured Perl: A Programmer's Linux-Oriented Setup :::
Take a tour through Ted Zlatanov's programming environment -- we're sure you'll spot some new programs you'll want to try out.

::: SOAP Programming with Perl :::
Marrying SOAP, the darling protocol of the Web-services world, to Perl, the grande dame of Web programming languages, is a natural fit. In this article, Joe Johnston quickly explains how to start on Web services and SOAP with SOAP::Lite, Perl's window into SOAP Web services.

::: Zope for the Perl/CGI programmer :::
Learn to create your Web site in a whole new way -- with Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment.

Various CGI Resource Sites:


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