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Testing Framework

Practical Guide to Software Quality Management:
Software Testing Techniques
Software Quality White Papers
Software Quality Assurance Publications from the Software Quality Institute
Software testing lecture slides, pretty good'Network.htm
The Testers' Network is a quality assurance (QA) and testing resource for the development and testing professional interested in: the latest information on QA and test trends, proven QA and testing methodologies, innovative testing and test planning tips, and QA and testing product and book reviews. - Your Online Software Testing & Resource Center
Software Quality Assurance and Testing Articles and Forums
Software Q.A. and Testing resources on the web
The first 4 chapters of Software Testing Methods and Metrics are online for your review.
Software Testing paper
Practical Guide to Software System Testing
Software Test Technologies
The WWW Formal Technical Review Archive
Bibliography of software inspections with some good links
The Ten Most Powerful Principles of Quality for Software
Software Quality Management class
Software Testing Sample Courses:
- Prioritizing Testing by Risk, part 1
- The First Step in Test Case Design
Tester Knowledge Base Demonstration
Test Process and Sample Components
Test Organization Maturity
Testing Training
Testing Glossary
Testing Guidelines
QA Forums - Software Testing Tools & Quality Assurance Online Discussions Board

From Program: Development Process:

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Stay on track with testing metrics Oct 29, 2001
Keeping a project on track often boils down to how well you gather your testing metrics. Here are some of the things you should be tracking during testing to help keep your project under control.

Is it ever okay to skip acceptance testing? Jan 2, 2002
This Developer Q&A article explains why it is important to do acceptance testing, even though the client may have been involved in the development process from the beginning.

Acceptance testing: The customer is the ultimate judge Oct 22, 2001
The project is almost over; all you need is the user's thumbs-up. Learn how to successfully conduct the user acceptance test and bring your project to a happy close.

System testing to validate documentation, training, and usability Oct 2, 2001
System tests don't stop with the technology. Your programs should be usable and well documented--and don't forget the user training. Learn about how system testing plays into these aspects of your applications.

Tips for generating meaningful test data Sep 28, 2001
Your QA testing is only as good as the data you feed it. These tips will help you assemble a complete and balanced set of test data so you can ensure that your applications meet all requirements.

System testing to check security and validate system requirements Sep 25, 2001
Software testing isn't finished until you've considered security and business requirements. Be sure you've looked at all the pieces of the puzzle by comparing your notes against our explanation of this key phase of system testing.

System testing: Can your program take a lickin' and keep on tickin'? Sep 18, 2001
There's more to the system test than you might think. It is, in fact, a group of tests. See what makes up the system test, in general, and the performance and stress tests, in particular.

Integration testing will show you how well your modules get along - There is a point in software testing when it all comes together--literally. The integration test lets you test interfaces and look for bugs that unit testing didnt catch. Find out why you need this testing step and learn two approaches to doing it.

Unit testing provides your first line of defense against application flaws -
Of course each of your programs is a work of art. Yet despite all that elegant code and superb functionality, bugs still find their way in. Unit testing can help. Learn the best way to define test cases and implement this part of the testing life cycle.
ISO 9001 help and basics
Total Quality Management tutorial
Software Quality Principles
Testing for Software Quality
Software Testing
How To Unit Test Software, A Tutorial
Software QA and Testing Resource Center
Testing and Process Recommendations for Software Engineering
Software Testing
Software Testing Monographs and Opinions
Archive for Quality Techniques Newsletter Formerly Testing Techniques Newsletter]
Software Testing Papers, both Peer Reviewd and Trade publications
The Impossibility of Complete Testing
Career Planner: Quality Assurance - good article


Software Quality Plan Resources:

The Quality Plan describes how a developer's overall quality process guidelines will be applied to a project. It defines what is meant by the various quality-related tasks in the Project Plan.

For example, a developer's quality manual may describe a review process for ensuring that delivered software meets requirements. The Quality Plan for the project tailors this general definition to the project at hand, specifying items such as who generates the requirements, what form these will take, who reviews them, etc. Thus, when a task in the Project Plan reads "Review and update requirements," the Quality Plan defines what will be done, and who will be responsible.

The Quality Plan provides the definitions for the quality-related tasks that appear in the Project Plan. The Quality Plan outlines how you will build quality into the software and documentation. The dates assigned to key tasks in the Quality Plan are entered into the project plan.

The Quality Plan describes:

- How you control changes
- How you ensure that the product meets the requirements (validation)
- How you ensure that the product works properly (verification)
- How you track multiple development builds of the software to avoid confusion (configuration management)
- How you plan for and execute testing, both incrementally during development and for the entire product before delivery to EPRI
- How you track and resolve defects
- How and when you conduct design reviews, code reviews, walk throughs, reviews of test scripts, reviews of test results (for example, is 100% of all code checked, or only the most complex parts?)
- Definitions, methods, and criteria you use to determine whether the software has passed each review

NASA has the best Software Quality Plans and guides on the web. Here are some links:
Software Assurance Guidebook and Standard
SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE - Concepts and Definitions
This is a good example of a Software QA Documentation

Here are some other links:
Software Quality Program Plan
Software Quality Assurance Plan for NFRA
Job Aid: Template "Software Quality Assurance Plan (IEEE 730.1:1989 )"


SQA Online Resources:

Here are the best software quality assurance resources available that I can find on the web:
This web site tries to collect all resources related to software quality assurance research and practice. Also look at their link page which links to some other good sites for you.
The Law of Software Quality - A very good slide show by Cem Kaner.
This is the complete software quality assurance knowledge base of RainMaker articles, both those already published and those to be published. htm
Software Quality Assurance, excellent paper html
Software Quality Assurance, another paper
Modeling the Software Quality Assurance/Software Quality Engineering Process
NASA's Software Assurance Technology Center been successful in disseminating results and knowledge through paper presentations and tutorials at various conferences and workshops. All their papers are free to download, excellent resources.
The Software Assurance Program improves software safety and best practices throughout NASA - all their deliverables in many areas are available.
Software Safety NASA Technical Standard
Software Quality Links
Quality Resources Online - The Best Quality Site Around
Software Testing Hotlist - Resources for Professional Software Testers
SR/Institute's Software Quality HotList - Providing Access to Worldwide Software Quality Technology Sources
Software Engineering Institute - Finding SEI Documents. Enter words such as 'Quality' and 'Testing' to receive many documents in these categories.
Bazman's Testing Pages, some execellent resources.

Software Cost Estimation and Control
If Software Quality is a Perception, How do we Measure It? (research paper)
Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) information page, including Study Guide
National Quality Program - Home of the Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award
Testing and Reliability, Current Research - includes technical papers
ISO 9000 Translated into Plain English
ISO 9000 Documentation from NASA Ames Research Center esting.html
WebSite Testing by Edward Miller uality.html
The WebSite Quality Challenge by Edward Miller
The Software Technology Program -Publications and Products, several quality related areas.
A thoughtful approach to web site quality
Software Quality Assurance: Documentation and Reviews - The study includes recommendations for the documentation of software systems. Background information on the standard, documentation, and the review process is provided or.htm
Software Error Analysis - This document provides guidance on software error analysis. Software error analysis includes error detection, analysis, and resolution.
Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division's Projects
Software Quality Group Projects and Activities
Software Program Manager's Network, several good downloads
Software Engineering Risk Repository
Crosstalk - The Journal of Defense Software Engineering
SENG Graduate Courses for Fall 2002 / Winter 2003
SENG 623 Software Quality Management 2000 - Graduate Course in Software Engineering
Free Quality Training Materials
Free Quality Knowledge Bank
Free Quality Tool Downloads
Quality Glossary
Quality Glossary
Publications of the Software Quality Group of the National Institute of
Standards and Technology
Software Cost and Schedule Estimating: A Process Improvement Initiative
Software Quality Measurement: A Framework for Counting Problems and Defects
SEI Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis
SEMA - Information Resources
The Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR) - The purpose of the SEIR is to provide a forum for the contribution and exchange of information concerning software engineering improvement activities. Registered members of the SEIR can exchange questions or tips and contribute experiences or examples to assist each other with their implementation efforts. In the process of contributing this information, SEIR members are building a knowledge base in this repository for their future use.
Software Engineering II (may use
Outline of Body of Knowledge for the Certified Software Quality Engineer
(CSQE) Exam with some sample questions and answers
Outline of Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Technician (CQT) Exam
with some sample questions and answers
Outline of Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Manager (CQM) Exam
with some sample questions and answers
Outline of Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Exam
with some sample questions and answers
Outline of Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Exam
with some sample questions and answers
Slides for Software Metrics For Control And Quality Assurance
Lecture Materials for CIS748 Software Engineering
Articles about Quality Software
Quality Digest Magazine Articles
Quality Digest Magazine Back Issues
QACity Testing Articles Process Articles
In Depth Article from
Software Assurance Guidebook and Standard
Chapter 2: Quality Assurance
Standard Documents & Forms
Software Test Planning Standard
Software Verification and Validation Techniques
Software Testing Standards, A Tutorial


Testing Framework and Management tools:

TestDirector - Automated Test Management Tool, from Mercury Interactive:

QADirector - Test Manager, from Compuware Corporation:

QES/EZ - Automated Software Testing system without scripting:

TestPlan - Test Management & Design, from Eastern Systems Inc.:

TMS - Suite of Test Management Tools, from

TMX - Test Management, Analysis and Automated Execution, from Marin Data Systems:

TestExpert - Test Management System, from Silicon Valley Networks:

Test Library Manager - Test repository
Company, from AutoTester Inc.:

TracQA - Manual and Automated Test Process Management System, from Quality Systems International, Inc.:


Object Oriented Testing Resources:
Free O-O Testubg Resources and Papers

Advanced Topics: Object-Oriented Testing - A comprehensive set of pointers to OOT resources and tools.

Articles on OO Testing - Robert Binder has produced a number of useful articles on OOT.

Object Testing Patterns - Article from Software Development Online ezine. Process patterns can help you test your object-oriented applications more thoroughly.

A Collection of Papers on OOT - 2
Research-oriented papers on OOT related subjects by John McGregor

Testing Object-Oriented [C++] Code, from Rational Software. A useful paper for those who work with C++. .jtmpl?doc_key=312

Bibliography: Testing Object-Oriented Software - A detailed text-only bibliography.

And finally, this is a very good article titled, "Object-Oriented Testing: Myth and Reality", that will get you to start thinking about how to test object-oriented applications and systems.


General TQM & Continuous Improvement Articles
Quality, Religion and Business Performance

Shaping the New Corporate Voice: The Challenge of Heeding Customer Voice

Quality Management Cost of Quality Revisited>(Quality Digest)

Launching Projects Successfully With Front-End Project Planning (Quality Digest)

The Five Elements To TQM By Lance Dixson

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Applications To Specific Sectors/Industries
How Quality Management Really Works in Health Care (Juran Institute)

Total Quality Principles:: How One Construction Company Is Putting Them To Use

CHARTING A NEW COURSE: Public Schools Embarking on a Quality Journey
TQM Related Tools

Six Sigma Strategies: Creating Excellence in the Workplace (Quality Digest)>The Conference Method Of Redesign

Just-In-Time Systems

An Explanation of ISO 9000
Management, Leadership, Change & TQM
Followership: An Essential Element of Leadership

TQM And Organizational Change And Development By Thomas Packard, D.S.W. (Good!)


Training that Costs Money:
A resource for software testing information covering software testing processes and consulting services, training, assessments.

This is the best web page about software testing courses:

Here is a good online course from Georgia Tech College of Computing Continuing Education:

Here is the seminar page of one of the best software testing training companies around:

Here are Courses on Software Testing by Cem Kaner:

These training classes - now available online as well as instructor-led, will show you proven, practical, and innovative software testing techniques.

Practical Software Testing Methods, Course 316 - 4 Days - from

Software Testing Training Courses:

ITSkill's Foundation Course in Software Testing:

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