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Flowcharting Lesson in PowerPoint (33 K) - This PowerPoint file contains a short & sweet introduction to flowcharting.
Strategic management of information systems - This is a good short tutorial on this subject.
Information Technology in Organizations - Very good notes with slides are available from this course.
Information Systems for Managers (ISM) - Excellent lecture notes and many good links are offerec on this site.
Perspectives on the cutting edge of software design and usability - This is an excellent site to learn about software system design and all the issues and problems that it entails. This is the best free site I found on this subject.
Bringing Design to Software - Shows how to improve the practice of software design, by applying lessons from other areas of design to the creation of software. The goal is to create software that works---really works---in being appropriate and effective for people who live in the world that the software creates. 7 chapters of this book are available for free on this site.
Object-Oriented System Development by Dennis de Champeaux. This is a free online book that assumes a knowledge of O-O software systems.
Object-Oriented Programming and Design - These are excellent lecture notes about O-O programming and software design.
Formal Methods in Software Architectures - This course will expose students to formal specification methods, with a particular focus on those used in software architectures. All lecture notes, etc. are available for free.
Software Architectures - This course will expose you to the concepts, principles, and state-of- the-art methods in software architectures, including domain-specific software architectures (DSSA), architectural styles, architecture description languages (ADL), software connectors, dynamism in architectures, and architecture-based testing and analysis. All lecture notes, etc. are available for free.,3833,080534330X+7,00.html

600 Lecture Slides from the book, Computer Systems Design and Architecture

Run Expert COCOMO II with Risk Assessment - Developed by Dr. Ray Madachy, this is an innovative COCOMO II implementation that uses heuristics to flag potential risks found in specified project development conditions
COCOMO II Downloads (Software and Documentation) - The COCOMO II model is an update of COCOMO 1981 to address software development practices in the 1990s and 2000s. It is being developed by USC-CSE, UC Irvine, and 29 affiliate organizations. A public version of COCOMO II is available, including a Java implementation.
Construx Software Builders Construx Software Builders provide Construx Estimation Software, a free estimation tool that includes both COCOMO II and SLIM functionality.
Cost Estimation: Cost Estimating Software Tools
Software Risk Management:Software Risk Management Tools and Methods
Earned Value Management - Integrating Cost, Schedule and Technical Performance for Project Management Information on earned value project management for government, industry and academic users. (Username: intel Password: st1016)
Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR) Maintained by the Software Engineering Institute, the Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR) is designed to serve the software engineering community in the role of gathering, coordinating, analyzing, and disseminating data and information on the impact of software engineering practices as well as practices and innovations leading to improvement. (Free Registration Required)
Software, Systems Engineering, and Product Development Capability Maturity Models (CMMs) - The SW-CMM, SE-CMM, and IPD-CMM are among several existing, widely-known models. The content and characteristics of these three models provide the basis for the initial CMM IntegrationSM product suite. The direction is to integrate the development characteristics and delivery methods of these and future capability models (CMs), which will enable users to reduce the cost of performing assessments and implementing improvements.
Software Engineering Management Practices
Software Engineering Technical Practices
Complete Technical Project List
Information Repositories: The Software Engineering Information Repository offers data and customized analyses of the software engineering practices that lead to improvement.
The Software Technology Review provides overviews of more than 60 software technologies.
The Software Engineering Risk Repository provides overviews from over 15,000 findings from past software risk evaluations.
STSC Technical Documents
CrossTalk Home Page

Here is a good article on MSDN Web Workshop describing how to load test your asp application. The techniques here can apply to other types of web sites also.
Links to Software Test Plans - this is a list of software test plans on the web.
Project Management Resources and Templates
Q.A. Resources and Templates
International Software Engineering Research Network
WEBLIOGRAPHY Software Engineering
The Software Engineering Laboratory has produced a rich collection of experience reports, data analyses, guidebooks for software engineers, and Proceedings of our annual Software Engineering Workshop. Based on project data, research results, and local experience, we've identified key practices and technologies and how best to apply them in the software production environment. (pdf format)
What is Project Management? Overview, Project Management Summary, Risk Management Summary, Negotiation Summary, Performance Measure Summary, Control and Coordination Summary.
Managing Software Development
Waterfall Development Model
Rapid Prototyping Model
Iterative Model
Evolutionary Model
Software Management Bibliography of Readings

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