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Please see our Student Financial Aid Resources page for our complete listing of all the places to get money for school.
Lots of Financial Aid guides are available at this site to help you.
Financial Aid Resource Center - Scholarships, Grants, Loans for College
Lists and describes scholarships offered by individual colleges and universities to all enrolled students meeting the specific criteria.
Student Financial Aid Resources
Nellie Mae - non-profit for student loans and services
Sallie Mae - educational financial service company
University Support Services, Inc. - provides educational loans
USA Group - source for educational loan and financial aid information
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators - financial aid guide for students
Project Easy Access for Students and Institutions (EASI) - funding resource for students
Electronic Financial Aid Library - financial aid information
International Students Scholarships
Cornell University Graduate Schools Online Graduate Fellowship Notebook - useful for graduate students interested in grants, scholarships and fellowships;
Exclusively dedicated to finding scholarships from a pool of more than 200,000 opportunities nationwide

For scholarship information, check out this extensive website with many links: Internet Student Loans
Apply online for private and government- issued student loans. Gather tips about financial aid and student credit. Indispensable college guide
College planning guide: online college search, test preparation, apply for financial, find scholarships & internships, purchase textbooks, view online campus tours & more

Jobs - Education - Courses - Scholarships & More
Free services for your career.
Financial Aid resources and links
This page lists over 100 scholarship funds, many of them international. There are no links, so you have to look them up on or another search engine. This page will give you a ot of good leads.
Offers students a chance to be recruited by, and perhaps be offered scholarships to attend, colleges, universities and graduate schools throughout the United States. This service is free.

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