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Programming and computer tutorial downloads
Various texts on PC Hardware, Software, Internet etc. (left off on page 5)
Do a search for book and tutorial,10615,89498,00.html
Unix/Linux Tutorial (for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP) 3.0  - Learn about Linux
and Unix with this tutorial.
Gavin's guide to x86 assembly language programming. (16K)
Handy reference of all x86 assembler instructions. (20K)
ADO Tutorial For Absolute Beginners - This is an ADO DB tutorial for programmers who know nothing about ADO. It is a good template to following when making your own project.
Web Page Teacher v1.0 - 50 easy-to-follow HTML lessons (try it free for 30 days, size 674 kb)
FTP/Winsock Tutorial (104 KB)
Hypertext Guide is a tutorial that explains how to create a Web page using HTML,
ActiveX, Dynamic HTML, and cascading style sheets. Every topic includes a host of source-code examples and tables of the various tags, including explanations of what each tag does and why. Tips are found throughout the illustrated guide, complete with working examples. Registration provides additional topics, including Forms, Tables, and Multimedia in addition to hundreds of icons, textured buttons, and more. (Shareware, 413 KB)
The Electronic Computer Tutor - This program can help you learn about your computer, common computer terms and vocabulary, computer maintenance, the Internet, and Windows 95/98 basics.
Building a Java Applet - A full course on everything you ever wanted to know about Java applets. It takes you through the steps of Java development and applets, shows you how to load a display and image, and describes the Media Tracker class to synchronize image loading. It also covers offscreen image buffering, the image rotation algorithm using copyArea, threading and animation, graphic output methods, and applet parameters.
PageTutor: easy to use HTML tutorials - Easy to use web page authoring tutorials covering basic and advanced web page design. The tutorials are in HTML format so you can go through them with your web browser. If you have never created a web page before, the basic tutorial will guide you gently though basics of HTML. And, if you know the basics, the advanced tutorials (tables, forms @ frames) will show you how to add additional features to your page.
Web Tutorial Slides (200 Kb)    Homepage    Download
A quick introduction to the Web. Read through the pages at your leisure (following any links that look interesting), or use them as slides for a one-hour Web Introduction talk.
HTML 4.0 Reference  (314 Kb)    Homepage    Download
Covers HTML 4.0, the newest HTML standard. The reference describes all HTML 4.0 elements and their attributes while including examples and notes on usage.
Beginner's Guide to DHTML (39 Kb)  Homepage    Download
Beginner's Guide to DHTML. Learn DHTML with this easy to follow dhtml guide, at the comfort of your own home.
PWJava  (600 Kb)    Homepage    Download
JavaScript tutorial, is a simple web page that shows how to put JavaScript to work. Note: Requires a web browser that supports JavaScript (either Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later).
CSS References  (119 Kb)    Homepage    Download
Windows help file format covers Cascading Style Sheets, the newest HTML standard.
Really Basic BASIC v1.1 -  Step-by-step instructions for programming in BASIC. Suited to beginners of all ages. Great for hobbyists or those exploring career options. Includes on-screen editing and run-time support.
File Format Encyclopedia, rel. 2.0, by Salvatore Meschini. Files contained in this archive are in SWAG format. Over 300 format layouts are in this encyclopedia, including: graphics, sound, animation, mods, database, text, executables, communication and much more! (1963 kb). Download v3.13 of the SWAG READER program which contains Reader.exe needed to view SWAG files. (326 kb)
HTML learning guide for beginners. - tutorial is designed to guide you through the basics of designing and
creating your very own Web presence and make learning a lot easier. (739 kb)
HTML 2000: Learn about web page design. This free help file explains everything you need to know about
making a web page. It discusses HTML from the ground up.
The ProTipsIntroduction to Computers Course -  teaches the basics of the Windows operating system, the Internet and Internet Explorer. It will give you the confidence to explore your computer and experience its power. (2.88 mb)
PC Basic Training v3.0: PC Tutorial - An interactive tutorial explaining the very basics of a personal computer. Learn a little about your hardware and software including the operating system. File structures are explained, how to name files and how your computer stores and uses this information. (1.30 mb) - Home > Software > Development > Tutorials & Reference
C, C++, and Pascal tutorials and learning materials
Unix Sockets in C
An Introduction to TCP/IP Programming (in PDF format, 45kb)
Introduction to the Internet Protocols (30kb)
Doc on TCP/IP
C, assembly and interrupt reference, great for system programming.
The AMI BIOS Survival Guide v3.1
Info on AMI BIOS releases
Ralf Brown's files on interrupt calls, I/O ports, etc, - over 6MB of information in ascii text files! Here is a html-version mirror from Marc Perkel
Unix commands guide
JavaScript Reference Library
Free tutorial downloads for web development, beginner to advanced.
Educational Computer related software and downloads
Free Training Download for CORBA Programming with C++ (4.73 MB for windows version)
Several free computer training downloads
Lots of files to download for computer and programming tutorials, code examples, many are for developing computer games.
HTML 4.0 Reference in Windows Helpfile format. This archive contains a windows help file with the complete HTML 4.0 reference as published by WDG, the Web Design Group.
How To Identify PC Components - Now you can learn to recognize and install PC Parts like the pros from your own PC with video clips, photos, slideshows that instruct PC upgrade, diagnose and so much more.
Web Publishing Tutorial - A gold mine of information on everything you need to know about publishing simple and advanced web pages. This tutorial covers and web terminology and concepts, teaches web page design, and includes a glossary and quick reference guide. (1.27mb)
Security Tutorial - This piece of software provides data on several security-related areas. Basically it it covers areas related to helping the user in the secure use of your small computer. To get the most out of security-related products, you need to have a basic understanding of what data security is. (26kb)
REBOL/Core is a free network messaging language that cuts application development time & length. REBOL (pronounced "REB-ul") represents a powerful new domain of computer languages described as context-sensitive. Compared to programming languages like Java/C++ or scripting languages like PERL/Tcl, REBOL/Core is more simple, robust, and readable. REBOL/Core is 100% platform- and operating system-independent, and is available on over ten platforms. REBOL/Core is an Internet-native language, directly handling primary Internet protocols such as e-mail, Web and FTP. Typical REBOL applications include Web site building and maintenance, e-commerce, file transfer, list management, newsgroup processing, E-mail filtering and processing, and Web searches. (120kb)

HTML & CSS Reference in a help file V1.1
Totally Free HTML 4 and CSS 2 Help file. Includes a short course for thase just starting out. No Nag screen but a little message if you copy and paste. | download | homepage | WEB Design Tools | 334Kb |
Search Winsite with keyword "Tutorial", 100 results returned
Hypertext Drive - Extensive HTML/CSS tutorial with 100's of features (404K)
Download Link: Download Now
Kihlman's SQL tutorial - This program helps you master SQL (11.35MB)
On Windows 95/98 DCOM must be installed for the program to run properly.
Download Link: Download Now
HTML and other web programming tutorial downloads

Need to obtain access key for download, free registration required
Learn Visual Basic Fast - Free Visual Basic lessons for beginners, step-by-step tutorials that teach you the art of Visual Basic programming fast.
Learn Visual C++ Fast - Free Visual C++ lessons for beginners, step-by-step tutorials that teach you the art of Visual C++ programming fast.
Visual Basic To SQL Server Client Shell Program 1.1
If your learning or programming SQL Server with Visual Basic front ends, this program is for you! Save a ton of hours programming the login and interfacing front end to SQL server, and concentrate on writing the application! This program is a complete front end for you to use with Visual Basic 6.0 to SQL server 7.0 or 2000, and is perfect if you are starting to program on SQL server, or write utility programs or projects. If your just learning to code VB programs, this program will help you get up to speed quickly, and learn by example. All the hard work is done, you have a MDI form project, login screen, Error display screen and also a demo query/grid output screen for a example on using ado connections to load flex grids, with a sql query!
Using HTML Help With Visual Basic: David Liske's tutorial takes you through the process of creating an HTML Help file using Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop, then gives code-based examples of calling these types of Help files from your Visual Basic applications. This tutorial is also available for download as a compiled HTML Help file:
The BIOS Optimization Guide. revision 5.7, Size : 263,676 bytes
Home page:
Free E-Book on PC Basics for the Beginner [572k]
New Free E-Book on Basic Network Setup [562k]
IT Training downloads - Tutorials and Reference <- Check these out periodically

Have everything on this page except the above 2.

Many (146) Tutorial Downloads

Here are some more tutorials from an archive at Cambridge:
Christopher Sawtell's tutorials
Tim Love's 'C for Programmers'

Check these out:
1001 Free Files - Computer Tutorials - Covering your bases an explanation of how to convert from base 10 to base 2, 8, or 16 - Client/Server crash course in WinHelp format (20kb) - Big endian and little endian explained (14kb)
L-Basic v.1.2 - (898kb) Change this download link, maybe keep other one as v.1.1 link at end of description. - What is postscript? tutorial (13kb) - SQL Lecture Notes (4kb) - Lionel's trigonometry tutorial for programmers - part 1 v1.0
The first in a series of trigonometry tutorials for programmers with no previous experience in trigonometry. Trigonometry is
essential for 3D programming. (3kb) - Lionel's trigonometry tutorial for programmers - part 2 v1.0
This is the second of a series of tutorials on trigonometry. This part covers the three basic ratios, sine, cosine and
tangent. (3kb) - Unix Tutorial (109kb)
C Lesson

FREE Computer Tools
Completely Free Software: Computer Utilities like RAMBooster, FreeMEM, Disk Diagnostics, Chatting tools, Free Macintosh software and more.
Tutorial downloads
CMATH for Borland C/C++ (32-bit) - Comprehensive, Assembler-written library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics, as a high-quality replacement for the usual C++ complex class libraries. All functions may be called from C or C++. Superior speed, accuracy and safety are achieved through the implementation in Assembly language. (125 Kbytes)
BugCollector Pro 3.0 is a powerful, multi-user database specifically designed for keeping track of software bugs and feature requests. With it, you can track bugs from first report through resolution and feature requests from initial contact through implementation. BugCollector Pro 3.0 includes many powerful features, including a built-in report designer, customizable charts, user-definable filters, a multi-level project tree, and much more. (4560 Kbytes)
NTSet, v1.07 - NTSet includes 7 powerful Windows NT specific components for Delphi/C++ Builder programmers. TNTService: to add, delete, control and configure WindowsNT services.TEventLog: to work with event log as simple as with TString List. TUserMan: to add, delete, get information about users and groups. TShare: to manage share devices, monitor connected users, used recources. TFileSecurity: to assign access rights for files on NTFS. TNTRegSecurity: this component deals with registry's security. TNTPrivilege: to control privileges given to the users. Please visit our WebSite for more details. The current version works with Delphi 4. You can download NTSet for D2, D3, C++ B1 and C++ B3 from our WebSite. Minimum Requirements: Delphi or C++ Builder. (501 Kbytes)
Project Analyzer - Visual Basic Code optimizer and documentor
Several other VB tools are also available.
VBTools (95/NT) - Tools That VB forgot. Encryption Control, String Control, WEB Tools Control, Files Contro, GButton Controll, SnapScreen Control and more. (990 Kbytes)
VoodooCoder II - Not only does this latest version Setup error-handler templates, add AutoSave features to VB as well as give you a code repository. But it also add's a host of other neat futures, such as full logging into your application. Get it now, or spend hours bug-fixing! (6000 Kbytes)
CGI Expert Free (Delphi) - CGI Expert is a freeware components suite for Delphi & C++ Builder that makes CGI as easy as dropping a component into a form. Compatible with all windows based webservers. Live debugging and many other features. Check out the quick guide at: (430 Kbytes)
EasyStruct - It generates HTML output which documents the structures of tables and queries as well as details about various modules, macros, forms and reports. (4635 Kbytes)
Fireworks 2 (95/98) - Quickly develop Web page comps using images from your digital camera, scanner, or favorite graphics tool. Then add Live Effects and styles to create Web graphics that really pop! Automate the Web graphics workflow by rapidly making updates and changes across your entire site with batch processing and Find and Replace. Easily batch optimize Web graphics in Fireworks 2 for the smallest, highest-quality images for fast-loading pages. Slice images, build HTML tables, and produce interactive rollovers with ease because Fireworks automatically generates the HTML and JavaScript for you. Fireworks’ accurate, cross-browser code integrates with Dreamweaver and other HTML editors.

Free software for graphics, video, audio, web design, and utilities


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