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Here are more Free UML training tutorials

Here are the Best UML Books at
Basic UML Guide
Iconix UML Zone - Download for free 3 Powerpoint slide files about the UML
UML Central with free UML Tutorials
UML Tutorials and Documentation
This is the best site I have found for all kinds of articles and documentation, etc. on the UML. The page starts in German, but the links are written in English, and the links' contents are in English.
Links to UML Related Information
Object Modeling with OMG UML is a tutorial series that shows how the Unified Modeling Language can be effectively applied to model distributed object applications.
One page description of the UML with summary of UML diagrams
UML Poster: one-page visual reference of UML diagrams and notation; 686 kb pdf
Another UML reference card
UML Dictionary
Applying UML and Patterns: Sample Lectures
Online tutorials guide you through the creation of UML diagrams in C++ and Java; includes the following diagrams: use case, package, class, collaboration, sequence, state, activity, deployment, and component.
UML Cheat Sheet
UML Modeling - Take a Tour of the UML
Modeling Web Applications with UML
UML Resource Page
Free Online UML Tutorials for Java and C++
UML Forum - A virtual community and knowledge portal that provides current information for modelers interested in UML specifications, tools, methods, publications or other resources.
Good free online book about UML titled, "Techniques for Object Oriented Analysis and Design"

IBM Developerworks UML and Use Case Tutorials

::: Java Modeling: A UML Workbook :::
In this third chapter of his guide to UML, Granville Miller leads you into the gray zone between modeling and method, with a look at requirements gathering via use case modeling. In particular, he focuses on the relationship between user interfaces, system interfaces, and use case descriptions. While it is tempting to do so, he shows why it is generally considered bad form to include user interface logic in a use case.

::: Components -- The Case for CASE :::
Having already looked at simple modeling tools and when to use them, Scott Ambler explores the pluses and minuses of using CASE tools for modeling.
Simple modeling tools:
When to use them:

::: Java Modeling: A UML Workbook, Part 2 :::
Granville Miller continues his discussion of the UML with this examination of the role of conditional logic in sequence diagramming. You'll learn why you might choose to include or exclude conditions and loops from a diagram, what the two forms of sequence diagrams are, and how they are applied in the development cycle.

::: Deviations in Use Cases :::
Watch Scott Ambler as he models the logic of use cases when things don't flow perfectly. This introduction demonstrates using sequence diagrams to effectively model the alternate course of action within a use case.

** Face Your Systems Integration Issues with UML on Your Side Having design issues when integrating your software engineering
systems? Systems Architect Alan Gauld discusses how the UML (Unified Modeling Language) can be applied to systems integration
projects where very little code is written. Face your design issues and read "Using the UML in Systems Integration" at

** UML- A Good Thing or a Lost Opportunity?
According to Alan Gauld, UML is two-sided. It provides the basis of a common language for software engineers, but it needs to be
improved. Find out the bottom line by reading more of "Why the UML is a Very Good Thing and a Lost Opportunity" at
Argo/UML is a free open-source UML tool. Argo/UML provides some of the same automation features of a commercial CASE tool, but it focuses on features that support the cognitive needs of designers.
UML Reference Card, an excellent resource
Let us know who you are and what your interest are in software engineering; afterwards, we'll send you some FREE white papers on UML and OOAD.
UML Notes, good
Analysis and Design with UML (PowerPoint zip file - 999 Kb) - This presentation examines the benefits of visual modeling, explains the basic UML notational elements and shows how the UML may be used in an iterative and incremental lifecycle.
Architecture and Design: Unified Modeling Language, this is an excellent link and resource page for learning UML.
UML page from Computer Associates, this has articles and white pages, along with other resources.
The Object Constraint Language page from IBM. OCL is the expression language for the UML.
Techniques for Object Oriented Analysis and Design - By Martin Fowler, this tutorial is separated into three broad sections. The first looks at several general topics for analysis and design techniques: the elements of a technique, standardization and the UML, and case tools.
The UML Zone from Development Exchange is pretty good.
Martin Fowler's page contains articles, supplements to his UML books, links and other resources for UML.
A collection of OOAD documentation - This is a useful collection of tutorials by Object Mentor. The first section covers the UML.
The UML Design Center from Software Development Online, containing articles and resources about UML.
Using UML: software engineering with objects and components
Mastering UML with Rational Rose, this is a CD for sale by Iconix.
Unified Modelling Language - Introduction and References, The UML Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Object Diagrams, Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Statechart Diagrams .
Design Java Apps with UML - The case study in this article provides a feel for how UML is used in the real world.
Understanding Use Case Modeling

The True Value of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on the value of the UML: Knowledge Lost, The Unified Modeling Language, and Capitalizing on the UML.
Unified Modeling Language Extension Mechanisms - This paper elaborates on the value of the UMLs extension mechanisms: Intellectual Assets, The Architecture of the UML, Extension Mechanisms, Reuse: The Holy Grail, and The Future of the UML.
Understanding the Unified Modeling Language - This paper elaborates on understanding the UML: The Big Picture; Problems, Solutions, and Problem Solving; Problems and Solutions; Problem Solving; The Unified Modeling Language; The Architecture of the UML; Models; Architectural Views; Diagrams; and Modeling Mechanisms.
Understanding Use Case Modeling - This paper elaborates on understanding use case modeling: Use Case Diagrams; Actors; Use Cases; Relationships; Use Case Modeling; Actors; and Use Cases.
From the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to C++ - This paper provides an introductory tutorial on the UML and how various UML elements are translated to C++.
What is the Unified Modeling Language (UML)?  - This paper elaborates on the definition of the UML.
Applying the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on the application of the UML.
The Foundation of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on the foundation of the UML.
Succeeding with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on succeeding with the UML.
The Object-Oriented Paradigm  - This paper elaborates on the definition of the object-oriented paradigm.

Extending the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on extending the UML and explores the necessity, sufficiency, and consistency of the UMLs extension mechanisms.
Reuse and the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - This paper elaborates on reuse and the application of the UML.
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) - One Year After Adoption of the Standard - This paper is a reflection on the past, present, and future of the UML one year after adoption of the standard.
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) - Two Years After Adoption of the Standard

Extending Architectural Representation in UML with View Integration - This work describes a view integration framework and demonstrates how an architecture description language, which was previously only represented in UML, can now be fully integrated into UML.

Integrating Architectural Views in UML - This work describes causes of architectural mismatches in UML views and shows how integration techniques can be applied to identify and resolve them in a more automated fashion.
Using Patterns to Integrate UML Views - This paper investigates how knowledge about patterns may also be used for system analysis to verify the conceptual integrity of the system model.
Round-Trip Software Engineering Using UML - The paper assesses UMLs suitability for modeling architectural concepts and provides a framework for identifying and resolving mismatches within and across different UML views, both at the same level of abstraction and across levels of abstraction.

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