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Please see our University Computer Science Courses - All Free to Browse & Study page for the complete listing of all our free online computer science courses and class that you can read and study.
EE345S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Computer Science courses at Univ. of California, Berkeley
Various Online Courses with lecture notes, etc.
Topics in Databases -- Information Integration
Advanced Internet Services
Operating Systems
Distributed Computer Systems Lecture Notes (text format)

EE 4720, Computer Architecture:
More Lecture Notes coming, new semester
Real Time Systems, with course lecture slides and video (more of these courses:

The Northeast Parallel Architecture at Syracuse University:
These online courses in Java, JavaScript, Perl, Multimedia, and Database  provide students with online presentations, demonstrations of new computing technologies, and hyperlinks to related learning materials.
Course Materials for CPS-615: Introduction to Computational Science
Software engineering course notes
These pages have links to course material
CS3351RWL - PowerPoint Slides from David Smith's Lectures
ICS 121 Introduction to Software Engineering Software Methods and Tools - good lecture slides
More classes
CSci 5802 Software Engineering II -  good lecture slides
CS 305  Software Models and User Interfaces

Other courses
Links to Online Courses and Lecture Notes covering many areas such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, algorithms, operating systems, databases, networks.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Class Websites, undergraduate and graduate classes from the University of Florida
Computer Networks and Internets - Course materials from several universities are available through the Internet, including lecture notes, homework problems, quizzes, and laboratory assignments.
CPSC 410 : Operating System - Course Lecture Slides in pdf and ps format
CS422S: Operating Systems Organization
Algorithm Library Design Lecture Notes - Learn how to implement software libraries, such as STL, CGAL, LEDA, ..., that have a focus on algorithms and data structures. Learn advanced programming techniques in C++, such as templates, generic programming, object-oriented design, design patterns, and large-scale C++ software design.
Artificial Intelligence tutorials, lecture notes and practical handouts
Lecture notes for various classes in powerpoint
Computer Security Lecture Slides
Cryptography and Computer Security - ACSC.2010
The OSI Model - A Layman's View of the Internet
School of Information Technology, many online courses with notes, etc. freely available here.
More courses
Visual Basic lecture slides in PowerPoint
Good Search for C++ Classes
MS Visual C++ Course with PowerPoint slide notes
High Performance Computing - Parallel computer with MPI
Some good IT Courses with notes
SE 430 Section 20: Object Oriented Modeling (1.8 mb) - The course objective is to show how produce analysis and design documents that can be used to develop object-oriented software systems. This course will cover:
Online Courses and Lecture Notes - pretty good collection of links to computer science courses in several areas.
Study Guides available on this site
Computer Science classes on the web from University of Arizona
Computer Science classes on the web from UMKC
Good notes, for example, Object Oriented slides here:
Introduction to Computer Science Using the Web - notes to supplement lectures
CS 320: Principles of Programming Languages
- notes to supplement lectures (ppt format)
CS 530: Operating Systems - notes to supplement lectures (ps format)
Undergraduate Educational Resources from ACM Crossroads
CSCI E-256, Oracle Database Administration - This course presents a structured approach to planning, building, tuning, and monitoring an Oracle8 database.
CSCI E-225 Object Oriented Programming in C++ - Excellent and detailed lecture notes are available from this class in pdf format.
CSCI E-12 Fundamentals of Web Site Development - Great Web Development Lecture Notes
Communications Protocols and Internet Architectures
Harvard Computer Science Extension Courses
Computer Science classes on the web
Electrical and Computer Engineering classes on the web
Management Information Systems classes on the web
OOPSLA Workshops - Reuse in the Classroom - contains links to online courses
Links to many IT classes
Computer Science Departments Across The Web
Computer Science Academic Departments
Advanced Introduction to Database Systems course.

Files and Databases
Client Server Computing
Computer Engineering 2A
Computer Structures and Networking
Computers and Programming - Java
Issues in Information Technology
Signals and Telecommunications - Good pdf book available
Software Engineering
Software Technology
Software Development Research Resources
New Site, check back later
Many Courses

Object-Oriented Programming - check back for any others after Spring 2001, which is in 02/02 newsletter
General Internet Education - 8 Online Courses - check for available notes, etc.

Software Engineering Tutorial (some of these are a work in progress, check back later):

Architecture Patterns
Design Patterns
Software Processes (ISO 9000)>,
Object Oriented Tutorial ( Rational Rose):


Michigan U (US), Introduction to Programming - schedule, syllabus, reference, exams, labs, projects, examples

Michigan-Dearborn U (US), Artificial Intelligence - introduces students to basic concepts and methods of artificial intelligence from a computer science perspective: assignments, code examples, lecture notes, tutorials, projects, resources

Michigan-Dearborn U (US), Programming Languages - assignments, labs, lecture notes, resources, student projects

Monash U (AU), Object-Oriented Software Engineering - sample exam questions
Queen's U (CA), Introduction to Computer Programming For Engineers - winter term 1999 sample exam questions

Southwest Texas State U (US), Foundations of Computer Science - course description, simple computer, practice questions, c++ examples, in class examples

Ulster U (UK), CTI - algorithms & data structures: syllabus material, teaching materials, textbooks, book reviews, reading materials, case studies, sample assignments, exam questions, notes & slides, computing resources

Waterloo U (CA), Introduction to Computer Graphics - FAQ, course overview, lecture notes, assignments, exam questions, glossary, references


UML University Courses Online with freely available notes and lecture materials:


Unix Courses:

Introductory Unix (Unix I)

Advanced Unix (Unix II)

Unix System Administration

Other Unix Classes


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