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What you can do with Visual Basic
Visual Basic Tutorials
Visual Basic Tutorial , very good

Visual Basic 6.0 Self Study Guide
Visual Basic Tutorials - These tutorials provide step-by-step articles which help build your programming skills.
Visual Basic 6.0 course from Lifelong Learning on the Web
Visual Basic in 12 Easy Lessons
The VB Center - Here you will find many tips, tutorials , resources and downloads for Visual Basic. Be sure to look for updates in our sections every week (at least we'll try to update the site at this frequency).
Visual Basic Tutorials and Learning Downloads
Visual Basic Tutorial
Free Visual Basic Books, Chapters and Downloads
Visual Basic Programming Notes
Visual Basic 5 Tutorial and free code downloads
Microsoft's Visual Basic Start Page, this is excellent free VB documentation and tutorials
Good Visual Basic Tutorial
Creating ActiveX Server Components in Visual Basic

Debugging ActiveX Components in Visual Basic
Get VB Help - Ask your questions and get answers
Visual Basic Tutorial links
Free Visual Basic Skills Test
Visual Basic Learning Resources, links
Visual Basic Tutorial from, pretty good.

Source Code examples from

Visual Basic Tutorials
Visual Basic Tutorial Links
MS Visual Basic Notes
Visual Basic Programming Zone
Visual Basic Tutorial
Search VB
VB Tutorial
Visual Basic Info (32 bit)
VB Thunder
VB Tutorials
Links to many articles and tutorials about Visual Basic and VB.Net
VB Links
VB Links
VB Tutorial
Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6
VB Database Tutorial

Beginner Tutorials
Intermed Tutorials
Advanced Tutorials
VBA: Applications
VB Script: Codes
Learn VB Script
Visual Basic 6
VB Course
AndreaVB - If you're into Visual Basic coding and you're looking for sample code to illustrate some particularly tricky concepts, you're unlikely to find a better online resource than the Andrea VB site.  It's packed with some superbly useful demo code snippets as well as some full applications too. Highly recommended for anyone using Visual Basic.
Check out these links
Visual Basic Tutorial - You'll find that these tutorials provide you with a good foundation on which to learn even more about VB! I also provide several sample applications which implement many of the features that are discussed in my tutorial sections. Feel free to download the entire tutorial for offline viewing. Also has some good links to other VB sites.
VB Tutorial Links
VBScript User's Guide
Visual Basic Objects - Games to help you remember some of the many command objects in Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Courseware Samples -
Level 1, Programming Fundamentals of Visual Basic 6.0
Chapter 3: Understanding Events
Level 2, Programming Visual Basic 6.0 Applications
Chapter 14: Managing Data with ADO
Level 3, Advanced Visual Basic 6.0 Programming Concepts
Chapter 28: Building ActiveX Controls!openform
Visual Basic Developer Links!openform
Free Articles from Visual Basic Developer
Visual Basic Tutorial Links
Visual Basic Tutorial
VB Resources
MSDN Library Online offers many Visual Basic code samples at, then choose Visual Basic documentation
MSDN maintains a FAQ list and support questions sorted by product. You will find many of the commonly asked questions about Visual Basic there and a bulletin board for posting questions of your own.
Find out more about Internet development with Visual Basic 6.0 in this Windows media player session from the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 1998. Presented by Mike Willard. View TOOL02 at MSDN.
James Whittaker of Florida Tech created this Expandable/Collapsible Array ADT which he uses to teach Software Design with Visual Basic. His goal with this project is to help students develop good problem solving and program construction habits and he uses Visual Basic for this because it doesnt overwhelm students with low level programming tasks, but lets them directly translate good design into working VB code. Download this zip file to access a Word document explaining the project and the code example files youll need.
Training Resources for Visual Basic
VB Code
Visual Basic Links
VB Source code, controls, tons of tutorials, book reviews software, forums and much more.
VB Tutorials

There is a list of many Visual Basic tutorials at:
Over 3,000 Visual Basic web resources for source code, tutorials, vendors, etc
VB & VBA Online Resources
VB Articles and Tutorials

VB Project Management Journal

VB Web Development for Ebusiness

VB Web Magazine


Visual Basic Developer

Learn the latest Visual Basic techniques, features and capabilities from step by step tutorials and how-to articles:
Visual Basic Language Center

VB Tips & Tricks:

VB Tips & Tricks Archive:
Visual Basic Explorer - Learning aid for the novice VB Programmer with tutorials, source code, downloads, etc.
Free VB Courses
Visual Basic Tutorial Links
The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre
Goolge search for Visual Basic Tutorials


VB for Beginners:
Pricing for VB
Purchase VB

Do this google search:


Visual Basic White Papers and Tutorials:

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