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VBScript and ActiveX Course
VBA Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and Techniques
VBA for Microsoft Office Courseware Sample from - Chapter 8: Creating User Forms and Chapter 16: Using Another Application's Features with Automation.
VBA Tutor - VBA tutorials for Word, Excel and Access
This five part tutorial start at a very basic level in part one, progressing through to fairly complex automatic e-mail sending in Office 97 using API calls in part five.
Free VBA Courses offered: Access97 for Windows95 VBA Programming, Excel97 Visual Basic for Applications, and Word97 Visual Basic for Applications.
VBA Technical Articles - Many technical articles teaching you how to effectively use VBA.
Code Samples - The code samples on this page demonstrate using VBA to automate Microsoft Office products.
VBA Tips
VBA Tips and Turtorials
VBA Code Samples
VBA Articles from the Developer Network Journal
VBA Articles from Dr. Dobbs Journal
Introducing Microsolf Visual Basic For Application - This site features VBA topics as : "A brief history of Visual Basic and its outstanding features, Visual Basic For Application, How to use Visual Basic in Microsoft Access"
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - Programming - First step for VBA programmings, useful for VBA beginners.
Getting to Know VBA - these are excellent articles and examples about VBA.
Microsoft Takes New Direction With VBA 6 - Microsoft's latest release of Visual Basic for Applications, version 6.0, should make it easier for third-party developers to enhance Windows applications--both from a technical and business perspective. Information Week's Don Kiely reports.
3 Beginner Tutorials for VBA
Index of MS Access Tips including VBA stuff
Discussion Board for VBA/Office Development
Ask the Visual Basic Pro - has some VBA related material.
Tips on How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Access Macros
Sending the Current Record to Word 97 with Automation
How to Parse Comma-Separated Text into Multiple Fields
How to call a VB ActiveX Server from a VBA Application
Creating Reusable Class Modules - Microsoft tech champ explains why, how, and when to create reusable class modules to use in your Visual Basic and custom Office applications.
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications and Windows DNA 2000
Sample Application: VBA-Enabled Duwamish Books
Corporate Developer Frequently Asked Questions for VBA
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6.0 Features,7212,6003254,00.html
ZDNet VBA Help and How-Tos
Microsoft Office 97/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide
VBA Tutorial and Learning Links

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