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Wireless Networking Handbook - free book
Wireless Networking Tutorial
WAP Tutorials
Network Layout - free chapter from the book, Building Wireless Community Networks
Tutorial: Wireless Security
WML Tasks and Events chapter from Learning WML & WMLScript
Internet World Wireless Resource Center - Free Articles
Get Wireless Development Help - Ask your questions and get answers
Wireless Networking White Papers
Wireless Security - This excerpt from Security Architecture addresses differences between wireless and wired communications and includes an overview of Bluetooth, WAP, and the 802.11b wireless LAN standard.

** Create Your Own Wireless Web Applications- Tips Included!
Learn how to create your own wireless Web application with Java Server Pages and Servlets. Specifically, this article teaches you how to use JSP and servlets to create WML content that is accessed through a WAP gateway. Get the details and plenty of tips in "Creating a Wireless Web Application" at
Bluetooth Specification
Bluetooth White Papers

Questions about BLUETOOTH? We have answers for you. Read these FAQs on BLUETOOTH at

Bluetooth (TM): Why All the Hype?

Bluetooth (TM) Resources: Where to Begin
Is There a Bluetooth (TM) "Killer App"?

Understanding Bluetooth - Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that can actually be used for connecting any two devices that would otherwise have required a cable connection.
Understanding WAP
WAP Tutorial (Suggested Web Site)
WML (Wireless Markup Language) : An Introduction
Developer's Resource Site for WML and WAP
Many Good Wap Tutorials
Creating a Dynamic WAP Application
The Future of WAP: v1.2 and Beyond
WAP Web Ring
The XML Cover Pages - WAP Wireless Markup Language Specification (WML)
WAP Tutorial Links
The following slide presentations were recently given at the WAP Forum Open Meeting, held in Ft. Worth Texas. They provide an overview of the WAP Forum, and the WAP Specifications & Technologies.
WAP Forum Specifications - Download approved, proposed or prototype specifications from this archive. Provide comments on the documents.
WAP FAQ,6668,1_1,00.html
Nokia WAP Forum
GSM World - An Overview of Wireless Application Protocol
GSM World - An Overview of SMS
GSM World - An Overview of GPRS - WAP Open Source Project - Keep a finger on the pulse of the rapidly developing world of wireless application protocol. Features news, a FAQ and a mailing list.
Many Good WAP Tutorials
Five Steps to WAP Development
WAP Development
WAP Portal
Web ProForums Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Tutorial

IBM Developerworks Web Development Tutorials:

::: Out of the sky -- Will we see 3G? :::
How should we proceed with development for the burgeoning 3G connection? Thom Stark says "hold the phone..."

::: Sharing with confidence :::
We've all heard the reminders and reprimands on security-shortchanged wireless transmissions.  Anne Zieger shares others' wake-up calls, and helps developers find the security standards that support their work environments -- so no more excuses.

::: Relating Peer-to-Peer :::
As a wireless developer, you might consider peer-to-peer capabilities, but then just blow them off. True, they do add
to the task and can even bring extra problems. But let's troubleshoot, because the benefits of P2P are worth it.

::: WAP Bashing :::
WAP's taking a beating - with good reason -- but there's more to consider about this technology.  Scott Stemberger talks about the ways in which WAP could reinvent itself.

::: Operation Disruption -- Doing it the Wireless Way :::
Back that thing up! Are you prepared for dastardly circumstances that could take out your entire system?  Longtime developerWorks contributor Larry Loeb suggests we'd better talk about it.

::: Wireless -- 3G: 2B or not 2B? :::
How excited should we get about 3G at this point? Rod Ghani points out what it is, and is not, at the moment.

::: Wireless -- Middleware Architecting  :::
Are you working with a plethora of processes and data that seem beyond the capabilities of wireless apps? Then this is a good time to learn about middleware -- its benefits, your options, and what to expect.

::: Wireless Application Protocol Builds Java Applications :::
Get instruction and examples for integrating WAP services with an existing Java Enterprise Architecture. Learn practical issues in developing a Wireless Application Protocol, including security for mCommerce and implementation of a WAP gateway, along with the J2EE / WAP integration process.

::: Develop for Palm OS with Web Clippings :::
Get a lesson on developing applications for Palm devices using Web clippings -- the architecture for building multitiered
wireless apps. We'll tell you what tools you need, provide an overview of the syntax, and look at sample programs.

::: A Bluetooth FAQ :::
Still have questions on Bluetooth technology? Dig in to our Bluetooth FAQ column and you'll surely find at least a handful of answers that will satisfy your curiosity.

::: The Future of Wireless Banking :::
By this point, we've all come to expect that when we snap our fingers, we should get quick access to our money and bank account information. Here's what's happening in wireless development to help financial institutions meet our demands.

::: Discussion on Wireless Java Programming :::
Wireless programming using the Java platform is hotter than ever, but because the software is still evolving, application development can be a bit tricky. We've convinced J2ME expert Wes Biggs to moderate this new discussion forum and shed some light on this moving target.

::: Short Message Sending for Wireless :::
The wireless world requires a special kind of shorthand.  Try your hand at writing and testing a Short Message Sending (SMS) application, guided by this free tutorial. Starting with a high-level overview, you'll also learn the concepts and specifications for this easy and useful service.

::: Wireless -- Bluetooth Revealed :::
The Bluetooth technology is a much-discussed and debated wireless communication technology. In this biweekly column, Brent A. Miller explores the working of this technology and addresses the questions it has raised, borrowing in part from his recently published book, Bluetooth Revealed. The first installment in this column is particularly for those of you who are new to working with the technology, but more experienced users may also benefit from the information resources found here.

DotWAP 2.0 is a visual off-line tool for building simple WAP sites. DotWAP is first of its kind utilities, which allows fast WAP site construction without any WAP or WML knowledge. DotWAP works in conjunction with, which will host your WAP based site for free, and even let you check your email via your mobile phone.
Program Name: DotWAP (Free)

Wireless White Papers and Tutorials:

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