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A general introduction to e-commerce and you'll hear some of the most common historical comparisons.

Managing the Digital Enterprise - A graduate level management course taught at North Carolina State University by Professor Michael Rappa. The site, which was launched in January 1999, is one of the first of its kind to use the web itself as the foundation for an introductory course in e-commerce. The course does not use a textbook in the traditional meaning of the word. Instead, the web is used as the source of the latest and most pertinent information to teach the principles of e-commerce. Each week thousands of individuals worldwide use the site to learn about e-commerce as the entire curriculum is available online and is open to the general public.

Networking Infrastructure for E-Commerce
- A large component of today's e-commerce driven economy is the networking infrastructure that supports the EC transactions. What is meant by a networked computing infrastructure? This course, freely available and viewable over the web, provides a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the infrastructure underlying networked computing. Nice powerpoint slides are provided, and are posted to the site as the course moves forward.

Electronic Commerce Tutorial by IBM - The objective of this tutorial is to provide an overview of how electronic commerce works, the challenges of hosting complex electronic commerce environments, and the importance of electronic commerce capabilities that enhance the services and core competencies of the service provider.

Electronic Commerce Tutorial from CNET - If you've already got a store, why not take the next step and offer your merchandise online? After the initial investment, keeping a virtual storefront open 24/7 costs a fraction of what it does to run its real-world counterpart. With ambition, a practical plan, and the right e-commerce software, your Internet cash cow can be good to go in a minimal timeframe.

Tutorial on E-commerce: What/Why/Where/How - Victor Hui, an alumni of the City University of Hong Kong and a Consultant of Sibel Incorporation, shares his in-depth eCommerce knowledge in these areas: definition, importance, consideration factors, businesses framework/model, related technologies and successful applications. This presentation is both non-technical and somewhat technical in scope.

E-Commerce Tutorial in 5 Lessons - This tutorial will show you how to generate a realistic e-business plan; create a site design that caters to your online customers; deal with things like credit cards, tax, shipping, and security; and decide whether you should build, buy, or rent an e-commerce solution to manage your site's transactions. You'll also learn how to attract new customers by refining your marketing programs.

Electronic Commerce Cookbook Part I: The Planning Stage - This online tutorial covers skill sets for what you need to know to be successful; provides some handy references; and gives you a general plan of action for design, development and deployment. Then it dives into core issues related to designing an e-commerce platform, which is developing the blue print for what you hope to build. It wraps up by walking through a design for a large-scale e-commerce platform. Also check out Microsoft's E-Commerce White Paper Series providing general, non-technical guidance addressing key issues in business-to-consumer solutions, as well as detailed technical information for developers and technical staff.

Tutorial: 'Secure Electronic Commerce' - This is an excellent online tutorial from IBM covering these topics: Cryptography, Secure end-to-end Transport, Public-Key Infrastructure, Notary Services, Payment Systems, Secure Transfer of Digital Originals, Frameworks for Secure Electronic Commerce, and Secure Devices.

Electronic Commerce Review - This course is subtitled 'Getting on the road to electronic commerce to compete in the Information Age' and consists of 78 well done slides making up a 1/2 day course on the business end of ecommerce. The agenda covers the Evolution of Electronic Commerce, Ecommerce Technology, and Evaluating Ecommerce.
Introduction to Electronic Commerce: A Handbook For Business
Electronic Commerce Technical Library
Electronic Commerce - Electronic Commerce Knowledge Center

Using XML for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Applications - This Free Book presents the emergence and the impacts of XML in the e-business world. Topics include:
- The e-business market: what is going on, trends, and directions.
- The added value of XML technology to help to solve issues, and some challenges that arise through e-business applications such as data exchange, portal services, and pervasive device support.
- How IBM cuts XML and related technologies down to size in its application Framework for e-business.

Ecademy Free Downloads:
Free membership is available from where you learn, network, and develop your E-business. Many Reports, White Papers and Case Studies are available. As a thank you for joining they will give you a free downloadable copy of the the book The Battle of the Portals.

::: Patterns for E-business Free Developer CD :::
This interactive business-card tutorial CD introduces you to the IBM Patterns for e-business and uses Macromedia Flash to walk you through the Patterns Development Kit. Patterns for e-business can help you reduce your e-business development risk and navigate to market quickly.

Paying via PayPal ( is more of a hassle for non-PayPal users, since they're not only paying for your product but also have to sign up for PayPal. I am guessing that this could retard sales some. You can test to see if that is the problem by using DigiBuy (, ClickBank (, or Kagi ( to sell software; or CCNow ( or OrderButton ( to sell hard goods. All allow you to accept credit cards without the expenses of a merchant account. While each of these costs substantially more than PayPal's low 2.9% rate, they allow you to test to determine if your lack of sales is due to PayPal sign-up reluctance.

Free chapter. Put a chapter, "Defining a Unique E-Business Niche," on your website -- free. Just paste some JavaScript on your webpage template. <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

Here are more good E-Commerce and E-Business web resources:
E-Commerce Exam Study Sheet
E-Commerce Exam Practice Test and Answers
E-Commerce Test with answers
5 Lesson E-Commerce Tutorial
ECommerce Learning Links
E-Commerce Basics

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Electronic Commerce Plan
Free Tutorials
E-Business Building Tutorials from Webmonkey
E-Business Marketing Tutorials from Webmonkey
Web Hosting Tutorial - Learn about different types of web hosting in this online tutorial.
E-Commerce Tutorial Links
E-Commerce FAQs
E-Commerce Glossaries
E-Commerce Dictionaries
E-Commerce Encyclopedias
E-Commerce Technology References
Sites that link with
Good site
2 Slideshow XML tutorials run by IBS Consulting - Adopting XML: Tomorrow's Web and Electronic Commerce Review (Electronic Commerce Review is already in ebiz_learn.html)
E-Commerce Research Page: Primers and Tutorials, Publications, newsletters, E-commerce standards
New, updated e-comm resource page from Network World
The Electronic Commerce Issue
CNET : Web Building, Tips & How-Tos, Builder Buzz Discussions, E-Business Resources
Internet and E-Commerce: Tutorials and Guides
Various Categories
E-Commerce Tutorial - Coming Soon
E-Commerce Articles
IBM E-Business Resources
Internet Essentials Course for Small Businesses - A series of free online courses that provide everything you need to know to succeed in the new Internet economy. You'll learn how to market effectively on the Web, implement e-commerce and how to participate in the Internet economy and much more. Short courses include: Internet Economy, Internet Basics, E-Commerce Basics, E-Business Basics, Web Marketing, and Building a Plan.
Northern Light Special Edition: Electronic Commerce - This is a wonderful site with many eCommerce resources that are very helpful.
Links for E-Commerce
E-Commerce Articles
EBiz and Online E-Books
Mind Your Own E-BUSINESS - E-BUSINESS consultant Michelle Johnston wonders
why there's so much mystery surrounding E-BUSINESS, arguing that E-BUSINESS isn't so different from what we've all been doing for years. Read "A Methodology for e-Business"
As e-commerce continues to explode across the Web, many members have been
asking questions on how to sell goods and services from their own sites. To answer those questions, we have compiled a resource page on, which lists some of the options available to webmasters wanting to dive into e-commerce waters. In addition, we have compiled a short list of some terrific opportunities for e-commerce enabling your website: from our Free Online Storefront, to the best deal on proprietary online Merchant Accounts, have a look at our new e-commerce page to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.
E-Commerce Articles for the Enterprise
EBiz ITToolbox Portal
InTelligence Reading Room - Your resource for e-business information
This short sampler course consists of one module from the full-length DigitalThink E-Commerce Fundamentals course. Although this is not our full-length E-Commerce Fundamentals course, it will give you a good overview of e-commerce issues, elements and models.
E-Business: Roadmap for Success, Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series, chapters 1 and 4 (683 KB)
E-Business Zone
E-Commerce Publications
List of 32 Internet Marketing Techniques
Electronic Commerce Examples
CNet Web Building
Accept credit cards on your site without having a merchant account. Costs $0.99 per transaction plus 4.9% of the sale.
Marketing resources
ECommerce site from
Free Newsletters
Free tips to help you succeed online
Brought to you by the Internet Business Forum
Patterns for e-business
Electronic Commerce Glossary
The Complete Source for Search Engines and Databases
Download 30-day free trial software

e-business (e' biz' nis) The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies.
eScout Whitepapers: Building an e-Infrastructure
Business Week Online: Technology:
A gateway to technology tips, industry articles, and other resources from a variety of content providers.
EBiz Features and Tech Tips
Ebiz section of, an online news site.
Covers the strategic thinking and technological solutions--including supply chain management, customer relationship management and straight-through processing--that bring together disparate organizations and IT systems and allow them to successfully conduct e-sales transactions. Any company that sells any product will need to transform itself into an e-business in the not-too-distant future. eBIZQuadrant.Com is here to help you make the transition.
"E-business systems and programs improve the presentation, sale, delivery and support of the products and services behind e-commerce."
ITtoolbox Portal for E-Business
E-Commerce News
The eLibrary at the Institute for eCommerce at Carnegie Mellon University - The eLibrary is intended as a general on-line reference to support eCommerce research and the MSEC program. Please browse, explore and use it as you would a traditional library.
E-Commerce Resources: emagazines, associations, news, etc.
Companies that provide Payment Gateways for Online Transactions
Web Technology with E-Commerce- How To Tell Your Clients How They Can Use the Internet to Make Income
Electronic Commerce - We've assembled some articles and opinion pieces that should help you find your way though the electonic commerce maze to get the piece of cheese we hear is at the end.
ZDNet E-Commerce Site,10385,6011488,00.html
E-Commerce Strategy Whitepapers,10385,6008573,00.html
E-Commerce Downloads,10385,6012199,00.html
Get Help with E-Commerce,10385,6012209,00.html
Learn About E-Commerce
Techweb's NetBusiness site
E-Commerce Topic Center
e-business and Application Development - Your launch pad to all e-business training in the U.S.
IBM e-Business Home Page
IBM e-Business Certifications
WebSphere Commerce Curriculum - enrolling for FREE online and downloaded courses - For a limited time, you will be able to access these web books FREE as download and play or on-line self-paced offerings, from anywhere in the world.
THE ENTERPRISE NEWSLETTER - Issue No 10 THE ROLE OF E-BUSINESS IN THE INFORMATION ECONOMY. e-Commerce Vs e-Business, XML for Enterprise Application Integration and Growth of Trading Communities through EAI
Whitepapers and Articles
Xephon Library - This page lists 316 articles extracted from Xephon's Reports, including 132 that are free for anyone to download, in Acrobat format
WebSite101 Reading List Archive - Small Business Weekly newsletter for ecommerce entrepreneurs
Eight E-Business Essentials
E-Commerce Tutorial
Web Technology with E-Commerce- How To Tell Your Clients How They Can Use the Internet to Make Income
Online ecommerce courses, ecommerce education, tutorials and learning resources to help you succeed at online commerce.
MST580 - Strategies for Success in the Digital Economy
Articles, White Papers, Reports on the Digital Economy and E-Commerce
Connecting Online: Creating a Successful Image on the Internet - The author's bookmarks
Articles by the Authors

Many universities have "rolled their own" eBusiness tools using cgi-scripts. However, there are a few commercial products out there. Here's some names that have come up in the list:
Vignette: (
BroadVision: (
Inso's Dynabase: (
B2B and B2C Whitepaper
EBiz Special Report
E-Business Programming Tutorials
Electronic Commerce Resource Centers were established by Congress to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) transition from paper-intensive methods of doing business to highly automated integrated processes.
Infoshare E-Commerce Newsletters
EC/EDI Standards - Links
Electronic Commerce Links
Bremerton Electronic Commerce Resource Center
Free e-commerce assistance - Electronic Commerce Resource Centers help entrepreneurs get online
Small Business e-Business site from PNC Bank
Building, Marketing, Tracking
PerlShop Shopping Cart Software - A cgi shopping cart script written in perl that allows customers to place orders for merchandise, and pay for it, over the internet. It's free to use, works on both Unix and Windows using Perl 5.
Virtual Express - A freeware database and static html shopping cart which handles state tax, several choices for shipping calculations. If we install S-Mart for you we'll include a secure ordering module.
Business Plan Links
AdvisorZone: E-Business Technology
Beginners Guide to Electronic Commerce - So you're interested in moving your business onto the Net or you want to launch your own on-line business but don't know where to start? Find out the basics here.
E-Commerce 101
E-Commerce Research Room - The largest collection of articles, links and resources on e-commerce to be found at any single place on the planet
Special Edition - Global E-Commerce
Open your own free eCommerce store within hours without expert help or HTML programming. eCongo offers a simple, no-risk opportunity for small businesses to quickly set up and operate your own online store. Your free eCongo store comes complete with everything needed to successfully run your online business.
Commerce for everyone - You've got a great idea. We've got the products, the services, and the e-commerce savvy to make it profitable! It's fast. It's free.
An Online E-Business Reference - "Connecting the World to E-business Best Practices"
E-Business Plans
Open for E-Business
Total Merchant Services Referral Program
E-C Topics from Louisiana State University.
National Office of the Information Economy. A must visit for E-C students and professionals.
Commercial Developments of E-C
E-Commerce Guides - these provides ideas, facts, tools and resources to
stimulate your entrepreneurial mind for starting, managing and growing an
online business.
On-line WA
E-Commerce Conference
Westpac's On-line Shopping - Hints and Tips Site. Good for security, benefits and risks and sales tax.
A new service to help businesses take advantage of E-Commerce opportunities.
3.5.7 Model that claims to be able to advance your business on-line.
Sofcom - Internet Publisher/Shopping Mall
Electronic Commerce Resources
Measuring Electronic Business
Building an e-commerce website from open-source software

Navigating E-commerce
Daily News & Discussion of eCommerce & Small Business
How to Set up an E-commerce Store
E-Commerce News
E-Commerce Planning Guide
E-Commerce & the Internet (for the Consumer)
E-commerce Guides and Directories
Intel E-Business Center
The first step to getting a Web Address (domain name) is to find out if it is available. If the Web Address is available, Network Solutions will walk you through a quick and easy registration process.
E-Commerce Business Development Online Lecture


All what you can read about E-Commerce ... Free


This site explains how to generate a realistic e-business plan; create a site design that caters to your online customers; deal with things like credit cards, tax, shipping, and security; and decide whether you should build, buy, or rent an e-commerce solution to manage your site's transactions. You'll also learn how to attract new customers by refining your marketing programs.


  1. R. Laubacher, T. Malone, et. al., " Two Scenarios for 21st Century Organizations: Shifting Networks of Small Firms or All-Encompaswsing Virtual Countries?" (See also the reference in the September-October 1998, Harvard Business Review, "The Dawn of the E-Lance Economy.")
  2. - "Commerce Model for Electronic Redesign," by M. Nissen. Short article inter-relating reengineering process elements and the potential for EC to enable in this activity.
  3. discusses the formation of networked and interlinked customers and suppliers. European in nature.
  4. contains about 20 articles relevant to e-Commerce, Knowledge Management and the Internet. See specifically:

    What risk managers should know about the Internet
    Dismantling the barriers to global electronic commerce
    The dramatic impact of e-business on your business
    The internet: Greatest trade route of all time
    Knowledge management in a competitive world
    Beyond 2000: From electronic commerce to virtual economy**

Electronic Commerce Models and Frameworks

  1.!mbloch/docs/roadtoec/ec.htm - Article "On the Road to Electronic Commerce: A Business Value Framework" well worth the read.
  2. - "A Framework for Analysis of the Use of the World Wide Web for Business," by R. Bento and A. Bento. Presents a simple framework for analyze EC using marketing, information dissemination, information access and control.

Electronic Commerce Chacteristics, Technologies

  1. - "EDI Is But One Element of Electronic Commerce," R. Clarke. Relates EDI and EC.

Knowledge Management


Electronic Commerce: Markets and Marketing

  1.    Internet Commerce: New Ways of Building Markets
  2. "Electronic Commerce: Effects on Electronic Markets," by R. Wigand and R. Benjamin at Note: Bob Benjamin was CIO are Xerox for many years, and is now at MIT.
  3. "Internet Commerce: New Ways of Building Markets," by D. Skyrme at
  4. "Commercial Scenarios for the Web: Opportunities and Challenges," by D. Hoffman, T. Novak and P. Chatterjee at This article hightlights different types of internet interactions.
  5. Offers a wide range of articles on electronic commerce and marketing. See especially P. Timmers, "Business Models for Electronic Markets;" A. Scharl and R. Brandtweiner, "Conceptual Research Framework for Analyzing the Evolution of Electronic Markets;" R. Josefek and R. Kauffman, "Dark Pockets and Decision Support: The IT Value Cycle in Efficient Markets;" and T. Fong, "Success and Failure Factors for Implementing Effective Electronic Markets." Most documents are downloaded and require a psf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.
  6. - "Structure and Macro-Level Impacts of Electronic Commerce: From Technological Infrastructure to Electronic Marketplaces," by V. Zwass. Discusses level and intensity of EC transactions, and discusses benefit streams.

Intermediaries and Cybermediaries

  1. "Intermediaries and Cybermediaries: A Continuing Role for Mediating Players in the Electronic Marketplace," by M. Sarkar, B. Butler and C. Steinfield at Explores new roles for potentially disintermediated channel players.

Online Case Studies

  1. - B. Ives and S. Jarvenpaa have put this case study on the web several years ago. Much of the site is still valid. The key article is entitled "Electronic Commerce on the World Wide Web." The Customer Resource Life Cycle is also part of the case study.
  2. Good links to e-commerce case studies and articles, as well a number of representative sites.
  3. R. OKeefe, "Nine Lifes Clothing Store: A Case." Raises some of the issues facing a small business in e-commerce. Somewhat out of date but still instructive.

Start Accepting Credit Cards "on line" within 24 hours!!! NO Merchant Account Required. Unlike other credit card billing companies The Bag Boy provides its service to commercial web sites based in the U.S., and most other countries worldwide, selling "Hard Goods" or Digital services. It's so easy you'll wonder why everyone makes such a fuss!
Accept credit card processing and expand your business with Quick Commerce. A merchant account increases sales and profits, enhances advertising, and adds credibility to your business.
Download Storefront Software/Catalog Builders,,000Y8P,.html
GS ShopBuilder v1.1 - Create your own online shop. Shareware: Free to try, $199 if you decide to keep it. 7.78 MB,,000QMP,.html
WebGenie Shopping Cart Pro v2.07 - Create an online catalog. : Shareware: Free to try, $495 if you decide to keep it. 3.71 MB,,000OHY,.html
Impulse v4.2.11 - Create a Web based store. : Shareware: Free to try, $295 if you decide to keep it. 10.10 MB,,001B3M,.html
FreeCommerce v1.0 - Build e-commerse sites. Free or $20.00 registration fee for automatic shopping cart enhancement. 3.66 MB,,0017I7,.html
eComm Pro v1.07 - Easily create an attractive online store. Demo: $195 for retail version. 2.05 MB,,0017I4,.html
Shop@Home.Pro - Add a shopping cart to your Website. Shareware: Free to try, 38.50 if you decide to keep it. 1.19 MB,,001332,.html
VirtualShop v1.2.4 - Sell goods on the Web in a snap. : Shareware: Free to try, 49.99 if you decide to keep it. 3.49 MB,,000WVF,.html
Merchant Helper v4.0 - Create ecommerce on your Website. Shareware: Free to try, $149.95 if you decide to keep it. 7.60 MB,,000WY3,.html
FastCatz v1.5 - Create a Web-based catalog. Shareware: Free to try, $49.95 if you decide to keep it. 1.07 MB,,0012MX,.html
e-Bridge Server - Set up a complete e-Commerce server. Shareware: Free to try, $599-$2995 if you decide to keep it. 2.86 MB,,000RFN,.html
JustAddCommerce Demo v3.0f - Add a shopping cart to your Web site. : Demo: $139 for retail version. 1.04 MB

Do Search on for "E-Commerce Ecommerce E-Business EBusiness" and start on the 2nd search results page. 53-78

LIVE e-businessREADY! is a powerful FREE instant messaging communication and collaboration tool. LIVE e-businessREADY! integrates the entire range of Internet communication, digital visual media and voice to provide an on-line forum that matches the productivity of face-to-face meetings. As the only instant messaging communication tool that integrates a proprietary browser, sales lead generation, voice, push and conferencing technology.


Put Free Articles on Site:
ECommerce Articles
(Feel free to use the information as long as the source is cited)
The global Internet and World Wide Web have dramatically changed the way individuals and firms interact. It has flattened organizations, made suppliers and customers part of the company's decision-making process and opened new opportunities for large and small firms to sell products and services to customers around the world. These articles will provide information and assistance for novice and seasoned Netizens.
UNIX/NT in business-to-business e-commerce - Discussion of the advanatges of combining environments in e-business. While analysts continue to debate whether UNIX or NT will become the operating system of choice in corporate America, the users are making it clear that they want mixed environments with NT and UNIX running side by side for their Internet/Web strategy. This is because most corporations today are taking a broader view of their Internet/Web strategy as an integral part of their electronic commerce activities.
Free to use Business Building Articles
Free articles to use on my website.
Free articles to use on my website.
Submit an article, need autoresponder for my article, also limited categories.
Free Autoresponers
Free ebooks to download
50 Most Recent Articles I can use on my website
All free artices to use on my website listed by author's name
Submit my articles to be viewed on their site.
Free Articles and sign-up to be a writer. I Signed-up to be a writer.
Free articles to use on my website, listed by author's name
Last 50 Free articles to use on my website

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