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Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources: Issue #5 - January, 2001


Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources

*** ISSUE #5 - January, 2001 ***

This Newsletter is only sent to its subscribers and
is available in early February, 2001 on the web at

Newsletter Archives are here:

Please forward this newsletter to all your friends
and co-workers who might be interested!


In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites

8)... I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning

9)... Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training

10)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission


1) Editor's Greeting:

Happy New Year and welcome to this fifth issue of our free monthly email newsletter for Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources. We are a non-profit web site and our mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective. For more information, please see the description of our computer mission near the end of this newsletter.

We want this newsletter to be the best one around. If you have suggestions, ideas, or feedback about this newsletter, feel free to "> email us. Please feel free to send this newsletter to your friends and colleagues. It contains highly valuable information for anyone who is an I.T. professional or desiring to become one.

In this fifth edition of our free IT training and education newsletter we describe and link to a total of 75 computer and IT education and learning web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

The number of subscribers for this IT Educational and Training newsletter has now reached well over 1,500 and we are adding from 10 to 20 more each day! Here are some of the heart warming and generous comments I have received from our newsletter subscribers:

"Thanks for a great learning resource-- the ability to browse various courses for info and good ideas. Keep up the good work!" C.K.

"Many thanks for the newsletter, some very good sites." J.R.

"Thank you very much for your valuable service. I find your monthly news letter very useful, because of which I can learn lot of things from various sites free of cost." M.C.

"The info you passed is excellent it has saved me a lot of time finding various sites for various tutorials...I am thankful to you, please continue the good work." H.K.

"...your email gave me a warm feeling as I know what it is like to study for certification in the IT industry before you can earn any real money to afford it. Its sites like yours that give some of us a chance to do this." S.F.

Please help support our IT training mission by visiting any of our sponsors in this newsletter or on our site at

Good luck with your computer studies and learning.

Jeff Love
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster


"Learn New Skills and Increase Your Earning Power
- With FREE Computer Training!"

*** Become a Member of ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. For a short FAQ, please see the end of this newsletter.

The total price to join as a member is only $15.00 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months or $34.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up:


2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. The first site listed is this issue's featured site,

Web Programming Tutorials:

This site teaches several in-house tutorials on web programming. Here are some of the most popular tutorials freely available here:

Introduction to The Web Application Development Environment:

Introduction to XML:

Introduction to Web Design, a three half-day course that deals with the basics of HTML, hyperlinks and images, and advanced formatting:

Perl 5 for Web Developers, introduces and teaches Object oriented design in Perl 5:

Introduction to Web Programming, a four half-day course which covers CGI scripting, Java clients and servlets:

Introduction to Web Security:

Introduction to Databases for Web Developers, covers all of the basics to do so from CGI to Java to SQL:


Five Free XML Courses from IBM:

The XML content zone on the IBM developerWorks Web site is designed for XML developers. You'll find tools, samples, standards information, education resources, news and events, and links to the major XML community forums. Here are the 5 free online XML Courses they offer: Introduction to XML, Transforming XML Documents, XML for Programmers, XML Programming in Java, and XML Tutorial.


Web Site Design Tutorial:

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you design an effective and usable site, based on these characteristics:

- Fast download times
- Easy and efficient to use interface
- Text which is clear and easy to read
- Easy to use navigational structure

These are four primary design features which users are most emphatic about wanting - regardless of site content:


These free lessons from will give you a good background on some of the material you need to know for the OCP certification. This site is a work in progress, so back later to see if more free lessons have been added.

Free Oracle DBA Lessons:

OCP Exam 1 Practice Questions:

Free PL/SQL Lessons:

Free SQL Plus Lessons:


Here are two sites that will teach you about Macromedia Flash and how to use it:

The Flash Academy:

Once you've gotten some of the basics down, this site is a good place to get acquainted with some of the more advanced and powerful abilities of Flash. Contains tutorials, source codes, and examples.


WirelessDevNet Tutorials:

These wireless development tutorials are available free of charge. This material provides background information for the wireless development topics regularly discussed on this site. It also can be used as an excellent training aid for developers new to mobile computing devices. Also check out their WML Tutorial:


Introduction to PHP:

Joe Brockmeier presents a brief introduction to the PHP scripting language with a discussion of PHP's origins, capabilities and the platforms it's available on. The material is illustrated with a simple PHP script example highlighting basic syntax and usage.


Linux Fundamentals Course from

Fortuitous Technologies has recently made their Linux Fundamentals course curriculum available for Free to everyone . They hope their training material will be beneficial to trainers and companies alike who seek high quality course materials for Linux. You will need a postscript viewer for this course, go here to download Ghost Viewer to view and print .ps files:


Here are two sites to get you thinking about studying for either of the top two Linux certifications:

The Top 50 Things to Know to Pass the LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) Exam 101:

The Linux Professional Institute offers three levels of certification, with each level consisting of two exams that you must pass. The upper two levels are still in development, but the first level is now available. The two exams at the first level are 101 and 102. This list of fifty key points to know is excerpted from the upcoming book, LPI General Linux 1 Exam Cram (Exam 101), to be published in March 2001 by The Coriolis Group

Red Hat Certification Exam (RHCE) Linux Practice Test Control Form:

Free Red Hat Linux Practice Test for certification. Pick a number of test questions and have a test randomly generated or enter a keyword, and have a test generated of all questions containing that keyword. Here is the whole RHCE Practice Test, with a total of 105 questions:


Here are two sites with free Java online training courses and lessons:

jGuru Self-Paced Courses:

jGuru presents in-depth online courses on Java software development. Each course takes you step-by-step through developing your own software and includes course notes and exercises with sample code.

Free Java Lessons:

18 free Java lessons in areas such as Applets, Variables and strings, Conditional tests, Using arrays, Creating and describing objects, Inheritance, Multitasking, Using graphics, Animation, User interface and User events. Also look a their Java Tips:


JavaBeans are very hot right now in the IT development environment, here we give you five sites where you can learn more about this exciting technology:

JavaBeans: An Architecture for Reusable Software Components:

Advanced JavaBeans:

JavaBean Tutorial from Sun:

JavaBeans: The Perfect Roast?:

A Walking Tour of JavaBeans:


Java Performance Tuning Strategy:

By Jack Shirazi, this article summarizes tuning experiences he has had in his IT career. These summaries may help provide you with a broad outline for creating your own tuning strategy. A free Chapter 4, "Object Creation," from his book, "Java Performance Tuning", is available online:


Here are two sites with free Javascript online training content:

Ken Ward's Javascript Tutorial:

This JavaScript tutorial is called Achieving Results with JavaScript - with it you will learn to use JavaScript with some knowledge. The tutorial is something between learning about Java Script and Cut and Paste. The information is useful to both the beginner and the more experienced too.

Free Javascript Lessons:

22 Free Javascript lessons in areas such as Writing output, Creating Alerts, Assignments and Comparisons, Detecting Browser Type, The FOR and WHILE loops, Javascript Functions, Opening and closing windows, and Cookies. Also look at their Javascript tips:


Here are two free learning and study sites for A+ and MCSE Certifications:

Computer Certification Study Center:

This site contains study help, suggestions and many links that have been useful in the author's quest for A+ and MCSE certification. It is separated into two parts. Part I contains: Study Hints & Test Pointers, Introduction to Networking, Guide to Intel Microprocessors, Fault Tolerance Overview, A+ Quick Facts, Windows 95 Quick Facts, and Glossary of Computer Acronyms. Part II contains: A+ Links, MCP/MCSE Links, and Other Computer Links.

The New MCSE WebZone:

This site has study material for the MCSE certification and also a 2-page A+ Study Guide, one page each for Core and Dos/Win.


Here are three free training and tutorial sites for learning about Databases:

Introduction to Databases for the Web:

This tutorial contains four parts: Part One: Database Basics, Part Two: Retrieving and Manipulating Data, Part Three: CGI Interfaces to SQL Databases, Part Four: Java Database Connectivity. Introduction to Databases for the Web is a four-part course designed by Selena Sol


Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Courseware Samples:

Three free SQL Server 7.0 coursewares:

- Level 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Chapter 3: Setting up a Database
- Level 2, Developing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Chapter 13: Transaction Processing
- Level 3, Building Applications with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Visual Basic 6.0: Chapter 21: Using Stored Procedures with ADO


SQL Server Tips and Techniques:

These free SQL Server tips and techniques are brought to you by the Microsoft TechNet SQL Server Technology Center.


This is an excellent site for learning ASP, one of the best free training sites around for this MS technology.


C++ Course from Thinkquest:

This tutorial is targeted primarily at people who already have a decent knowledge of Pascal, a simple language designed to teach computer programming concepts. We're going to go over everything you'll need to transfer all of your skills in Pascal (or any similar language) right over to C++. We want this to be fun for you, so the tutorial will be filled with light humor.


An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in C++:

This tutorial is all about OOP in the computer language C++. The mission of the author, Mike Williams, is to teach novice programmers about the art of programming. Through the months, he's hoping to take you through a variety of programming techniques, starting with C++.


Here are two Good PDF Documents about C++ from

A Tour of C++:

A Tour of the Standard Library:


Free Dreamweaver Training:

This is the place to get started using Dreamweaver. This page contains the Using Dreamweaver 4 Manual, an excellent Dreamweaver 4 Tutorial, and the Dreamweaver 4 Quick Reference that will decrease your production time and increase your efficiency.


Here are two excellent free sites for learning about and getting familiar with ColdFusion:

ColdFusion 4.5 Documentation:

This is a complete set of ColdFusion 4.5 Documentation., including Installation Support, Release Notes, and Product Documentation.

CNET Cold Fusion Help Center:

This site contains online tutorials, how tos, tips, message boards, and a download area.


Free on-line tutorials from Teracom:

Free online telecommunications training tutorials covering telecommunications, data communications, and IP and networking fundamentals. They are based on Teracom's course and seminar materials.


Building Solutions for MS Windows 2000 with Visual Basic:

This MSDN Online tutorial is designed to teach developers how to take advantage of new technologies in Windows 2000. Developers will learn how to build applications that integrate with Active Directory, improve manageability by using Group Policies, maintain user preferences and computer settings, respond appropriately to system events, install/uninstall cleanly and correctly, and an architectural overview of COM+. This course contains a variety of building blocks and tools to assist you in creating solutions for Windows 2000.


3) New Free I.T. Books, Publications & Book Sites:

A+ Certification: How to Pass Your Exams:

This free book walks you through all the skills tested in the A+ Certification exam -- both the Core exam and the DOS/Windows exam.


Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java, by Bruno R. Preiss:

The goal of this free book is to promote object-oriented design using Java and to illustrate the use of the emerging object-oriented design patterns. Experienced o-o programmers find that certain ways of doing things work best and that these ways occur over and over again. The book shows how these patterns are used to create good software designs. The hardcover version is available here:


Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++, by Bruno R. Preiss:

The goal of this free book is to promote object-oriented design using C++ and to illustrate the use of the emerging object-oriented design patterns. Experienced o-o programmers find that certain ways of doing things work best and that these ways occur over and over again. The book shows how these patterns are used to create good software designs. the hardcover version is available here:


Java an Object First Approach:

This free book is concerned with the production of software artifacts using the programming language Java, a process known as software development. Software artifacts include programs which enable a user to perform some specified task and components which are intended to be used in their construction. Software development is an engineering process which ensures that the artifacts are produced with due regard to their required quality. The paperback version available here:


Object-Oriented System Development, by Dennis de Champeaux, Douglas Lea, Penelope Faure:

This free book concentrates on the software side and limits itself to the ``middle'' phases of OO system development. Discusses the initial collection of system requirements and scheduling of efforts only to the extent to which they impact analysis. Similarly, situation-dependent implementation matters are discussed, such as programming in particular languages and porting to different systems. The hardcover version is available here:


Internetworking Design Guide:

This free publication was developed to assist professionals preparing for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) candidacy, though it is a valuable resource for all internetworking professionals. It is designed for use in conjunction with other Cisco manuals or as a standalone reference. You may find it helpful to refer to the Cisco CCIE Fundamentals: Case Studies <>, which provides case studies and examples of the network design strategies described in this book.

You may also want to review these free documents:

Internetworking Technology Overview:

Internetworking Terms and Acronyms:


Javascript Goodies Book:

The book is not available for free, but the javascript code and assignments are. This index page offers links to all of the scripts and assignments offered in the book. In each lesson, you'll be told when to click to see the JavaScript's effect and when to click to see a possible answer to the lesson's assignment. This page lists the scripts by category:



4) University Computer Science Course Sites:

SAP Course:

This is an online course published by the Central Michigan University. It is by far the best free learning information available on the web for SAP. It contains material for an entire university course, and even runs through demonstrations of the SAP software. It is the best starting point for someone new to SAP.


Introduction to Cryptography Math 187:

If you are interested in cryptography, you should take a look at the class notes for this course, they are very good. The handouts are in pdf format and are freely available at this site.


CIS 4710 Information Systems Management:

Many presentations and handouts in several areas of Information Technology are available on this course site. This course deals with the management of information systems and technology as it is being practiced in organizations today. It strives to prepare the student to understand and implement change in the information systems environment in order to be more effective information managers.


University of Minnesota Classes:

Five internet related IT courses are available at this site with class notes and materials freely available. Here are the titles and descriptions of four of them:

- Object Oriented Programming Using C++, an introduction to the fundamentals of C++ and object oriented programming.
- Intermediate WWW, this course uses HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to create a complex web site.
- Javascript Programming, the goal is to enable student to create interactive Web site with JavaScript.
- Introduction to Java, how to write Java applets and applications.


NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists:

All notes for six lectures plus programming and scientific library examples are available at this site for their course on C++ Programming for Scientists.


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users

Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:

Router University:

Five Free online courses for candidates aspiring for their Cisco certifications, including great practice labs and an amazing Router Simulator to help you learn. Free Courses include: Interconnecting Network Devices (CCNA Exam), Building Scalable Networks (Routing 2.0 Exam), Expert Router Configuration (CCIE Lab), Expert ISP Router Config (CCIE ISP), and Router Racks for routers to practice on.


Boson Software:

Boson Software offers 22 free study guides for many of the Cisco certifications. They also give you free utilities, practice labs, and free demos of their practice tests with 12 questions each for many of the major IT certifications, including Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Lotus, and Oracle.


HTML Tutorials:

By the time you have reached the end of this tutorial you will be able to construct a series of linked web pages for any subject that includes formatted text, pictures, and hypertext links to other web pages on the Internet. Contains 14 basic level lessons and 15 advanced level lessons.


101 Information Hub - Computers:

Free online computer and internet links to tutorials, books, tips, etc. How to topics: software, hardware, web site design, browsing, html, java, scanning, and more.


CS 151 Introduction to Computer Science:

This site contains good lecture notes (and other stuff) for various IT courses at Central Connecticut State University. Courses include: Introduction to Computer Science using Java, C Programming, Introduction to Systems Programming, Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Computer Graphics, and Simulation.


Java FAQ Daily Tips:

Free daily Java tips, you get their e-book of "100 Java Tips" for free if you subscribe of their newsletter. At this site you can also view and read free Java books and tutorials, and link to many other free books and learning material for Java on the web.


Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes:

Links to free books and notes about computers and IT covering these areas: Unix, Linux, X-Windows, Internet & Intranet, Computer Science, Networking, Languages, Java, Databases, Web Programming, Web Publish, HTML, Microsoft Programming, System, and Applications.



TestMaster Question DataBase - Free TestMaster tests for Microsoft (MCP, MCSE), CompTIA (A+, Network+, i-Net+) and upcoming Cisco (CCNA) and more. This site gives you many, many free questions and answers for these important certification exams. You need to download for free the TestMaster program:



6) New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

Bradapp Links:

Tons of learning resource links are available here.


Good link site for resources and tutorials.


This is a very good and exhaustive link site for technical and I.T. tutorials.



7) New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites:

ITrain Internet Training Materials:

Free, Open Content office and internet application training. The course materials are available in both Microsoft Word form (*.doc) and in Adobe Acrobat form (*.pdf).


NC Basic Technology Compentencies:

Excellent free tutorials covering MS Office applications, networking, and more.


Training Guides:

Training Guides in pdf format for MS Word 2000, Excel, Outlook and Web page tools.


8) I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning:


The Complete Code Reference Guide to HTML. HTML Alphabetical Reference List by Name or search by HTML tag.


A brand-new site that will help to prepare you for your Windows 2000 MCSE exams. All the exams on are 100% FREE and will assist you in learning the product while getting ready for Test Day.


Provides the single largest independent resource for Microsoft-related BackOffice and Windows DNA Server technologies. Here you'll find information on SQL Server, Exchange, SMS, Windows 2000 and more.


Oracle Documentation Library, Release 8.1.7:

This page contains the links to the online Oracle documentation available in HTML format on Technet. Documents include the Administrator's Guide, Concepts Guide, Migration, and Utilities guides. Here is the Documentation Library for Oracle 8.1.7 Server and SQL*Plus:



9) Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer one of the frequently asked questions we receive about computer and technical training and career development. They will be archived on a separate FAQ page on our website after several months.

Jan. 2001 FAQ:

I am a jack of all I.T. trades, but master of none. I want to have either the MCSE or a college degree to combine with my experience, and I really want to start freelancing building webpages. I already have one year of college. I narrowed the whole issue down to this: 1. MCSE is ridiculously expensive, but it is the fastest method. MCSE allows me to stay in the field (my employer will let me go to the classes). 2. Getting a B.S. degree is slow, and I can't work full time too. I read job postings all the time that request a college degree and x number of years experience, but how important could a college degree be? I mean, really doesn't it show more about a person's character, ability to follow something through to completion than it says about their computer knowledge? I realize I need some sort of certification and I'm not even sure MCSE is the way to go. I don't think college will be the way to go, but I need some hiring level opinion on the whole matter.


I recommend you get your IT/computer degree. It does say a lot to your potential employer both about your character AND your computer knowledge. You may want to consider distance learning options for your degree. If you do want to earn your degree this way, go to this IT Distance Learning providers page: <>. There are many options available there to look at and review. Also, use the Course and Degree Locator page here to search for degree programs in the IT field: <>.

If you really want it, then go ahead and get your MCSE certification. Please remember though, that you may need more than this certification to get a decent job in the IT field. If you feel you must earn a certification, then I recommend one that is more valuable, such as the iGeneration certification, the i-Net+ certification, or the Java Programmer cert from Sun. You don't necessarily have to spend a ton of money studying for one of these. Here are some excellent sites to study for this and other certifications:


The iGeneration certification is an excellent choice if you want to get into a web development career. Check our their site here: The i-Net+ certification page from CompTIA is here: The Sun Java Certification site is here:

I hope this helps you.

intelinfo - Jeff Love
Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources


10) Please Support Our Training Mission:

How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission:

By purchasing quality products through the links on the page on our Non-Profit Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Web Site you can help support our IT Training Mission. When you purchase products there and also click on the advertising links on our site and in this free newsletter, you will be helping people who want to learn to use computers in an Information Technology career. 


Techmindworks Cisco CCNA:

Online Cisco CCNA 640-507 Exam Preparation. They offer three convenient access options for the CCNA Studio: 14-day subscription for $15, 30-day subscription for $20, and 60-day subscription for $25. Whether you are new to the CCNA course material or just need a quick refresher a week or two before the exam, Techmindworks has a plan that's right for you. Try their FREE evaluation today and consider signing up for one of the above access options.

*********************************************************** - It's your internet, profit from it.

Get FREE ISP service with No banners or bars! Join a new cooperative online community that PAYS YOU. Join GoingPlatinum today and click here:


Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources:

Free I.T. Training Now! - Free Training Courses available immediately:

A new, free, non-profit I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked over 1250 sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. Visitors can learn and study for free how to program in Java, how to develop and maintain a simple or complex website, how to network an intranet, how to use MS Excel or FrontPage and many more computer related learning activities. They are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Also offered are free technical and user training courses co-branded with Check us out today.


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