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Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources: Issue #6 - February, 2001


Newsletter for Computer Education,
Training & Tutorial Resources

*** Issue #6 - February, 2001 ***

This Newsletter is only sent to its subscribers and
is available in early March, 2001 on the web at

Newsletter Archives are here:

Please forward this newsletter to all your friends
and associates who might be interested!


In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites

8)... I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning

9)... Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training

10)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission


1) Editor's Greeting:

Welcome to our 6th issue of our free monthly email newsletter for Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources. We are a non-profit web site and our mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective. For more information, please see the description of our computer mission near the end of this newsletter.

We want this newsletter to be the best one around. If you have suggestions, ideas, or feedback about this newsletter, feel free to email us at mailto:. Please feel free to send this newsletter to your friends and colleagues. It contains highly valuable information for anyone who is an I.T. professional or desiring to become one.

In this 6th edition of our free IT training and education newsletter we describe and link to a total of 60 computer IT education and learning web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

The number of subscribers for this IT Educational and Training newsletter has now reached well over 2,000 and we are adding many more every day. Here is one of the many encouraging comments I have received from our newsletter subscribers:

"I have just started using your newsletter, am excited about it because I needed a way to learn from home at a reasonable cost. Most schools are so high in cost it above my current means, but this allows me a beginner to go as far as I can and keep going and still keep my job in place until i become skilled enough to move on. thank you." cpj

Please help support our IT training mission by visiting any of our sponsors in this newsletter or on our site at .

Good luck with your computer studies and learning.


Newsletter Editor and Webmaster


"Learn New Skills and Increase Your Earning Power
- With FREE Computer Training!"

*** Become a Member of ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. For a short FAQ, please see the end of this newsletter.

The total price to join as a member is only $15.00 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months or $34.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up:


2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These web sites will be added to our Free IT Courses and Books page at and our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at in the coming weeks.

These first two sites are actually new additions to our web site for free training in Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver. I am making them available to you, as newsletter subscribers, first, before I link them from the web site itself. We have researched all the best free training and learning content on the web for these two popular tools and then added our own training material. Here are the pages, I hope you enjoy them:

Free Macromedia Flash Training:

Free Macromedia Dreamweaver Training:


Two excellent Photoshop tutorial sites:

Photoshop Tutorials:

This site has excellent Photoshop tutorials in these areas: New stuff - Photoshop 5.5, Miscellaneous Basics, Beveled Buttons, Backgrounds, and Text Effects with native Photoshop filters.

Using Adobe Photoshop 5.5 -A Tutorial:

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 is one of the most powerful software applications for image editing, touch up, color correction, and painting and drawing. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will create a poster that can be printed to paper, displayed on the desktop, or viewed on the Web. You'll learn how to work with a scanned image in Photoshop and how to incorporate this image into a graphic design that you will create from scratch in Photoshop. This site also has a Photoshop 5 Reference Guide:


Web Developers Virtual Library: WebWare:

WDVL is an free encyclopedia of Java, HTML, Javascript, CGI, DHTML, XML, Perl, Web Design and Domain Name tutorials and resources.


Introduction to Java Servlets and JSP:

A great introductory tutorial on Java Servlets and JSP containing 13 lessons. Servlets are Java technology's answer to CGI programming. They are programs that run on a Web server and build Web pages. Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology that lets you mix regular, static HTML with dynamically-generated HTML.


Java and Javascript Programming Tutorials:

Dick Baldwin's Online Java and JavaScript tutorial lessons designed to teach you how to program in Java and JavaScript. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced programming tutorials on Java are available, as are tutorials on XML and Python. Some of these are available as downloads.


Java Programming Resources:

This Java site at John Hopkins University has tons of Java programming resources: FAQs, tutorials, compiler and browser download sites, documentation, books lists, applet and class library collections, security, CGI in Java, etc. This site is excellent and has many free learning materials.


The Abbey Workshop:

The Abbey Workshop provides free technical training on web site building and links to additional free and low cost site building resources. The site is focused on Java Servlets and JavaServer Page (JSP) Technology. Also has information about MySQL and Apache, and includes other web resource links.


Basic Tutorial for JDBC:

This tutorial will walk you through examples of using JDBC to execute common SQL statements, letting you see for yourself how easy it is to use the basic JDBC API.


Cisco E-Learning Demos:

Cisco is the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. Products include routers, hubs, ethernet, LAN/ATM switches, dial-up access servers and software. Included on this page are seven free demonstration programs to help you learn more about their products.


A Cryptographic Compendium:

This site features an extensive description of a number of cryptographic systems. It is mostly concerned with the various kinds of ciphers people have used. Except where unavoidable, the use of mathematics has been kept to a strict minimum.

************************************************************ offers Free online Demo courses in Java and Powerbuilder. They are an innovator in the design and delivery of both Internet-based, and traditional classroom-style training.

************************************************************ PHP Tutorials:

PHP-related tutorials and articles Julie Meloni, the author of PHP Essentials, has written.


RAID: High-Performance, Reliable Secondary Storage:

This is THE classic RAID paper written by the inventors of RAID. This paper provides a strong background in disk terminology, data paths, and technology trends. Then it breaks into disk array basics including discussions on RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, and 6. The paper closes with sections on advanced topics, case studies, and opportunities for future research.


ACCC Seminar Materials:

Free documentation and training materials for all their computer related seminars. Technical subjects such as Unix and Perl are covered along with desktop, web, office, SAS, SPSS.


IT & Web Building Learning Resources from

Perl Tutorial:

Tcl/Tk Online Manual:


A Beginner's Guide to HTML:


A Perl Tutorial:

This is a "getting started" tutorial on the Perl programming language. Some time is spent on introducing most of the concepts of data and variables. More thorough examples of complete programs come later. In this tutorial, we by-and-large mention one way only, and we usually try to mention the way that is "simpler" and closer to other programming languages.


Visual Basic Tutorial:

This tutorial gets you started with Visual Basic programming. The author presumes you already have some basic knowledge in Basic programming and you have already installed your Visual Basic interpreter in your Hard Disk.


Windows 2000 Step-by-Step Guides:

Walk through the steps of setting up and configuring Windows 2000 in these dozens of user-friendly technical guides, covering everything from Active Directory to security. Be sure to complete the guides in the order shown. Prerequisites and any special requirements are identified in the introduction to each guide.


Microsoft Technet Support WebCasts:

Support WebCasts are a product support information service offered to all Online Support customers. Tune in and watch live presentations given by Microsoft Support professionals, and participate in live Q&A sessions following each presentation. If you are unable to attend a session, simply go to their archive and view an on-demand recording of it.


Microsoft Technet Events Archive and Related Information:

Watch a Windows Media presentation, or an Online Seminar. Check out the Power Point slides, or a white paper on a related subject. These are materials gathered from past TechNet Events - presented here for your reference or as training tools for your staff. Topics include: Windows, BackOffice, Exchange, IIS, Site Server/Commerce, Case Studies, Office, SMS, and SQL.


E-Business Network Technology:

This site always has free streaming learning content related to Oracle on it. To access it you need to register for free first. It now has the following: The Instructor's Showcase (mini-lesson on materialized views), PL/SQL Coding Techniques -Learn the basics of PL/SQL (all 4 parts are available), Dr. DBA, The Real Story, and the E-Learning Report.


Three Pages from

SQL Resources and learning material:

Click on Online References - SQL Syntax and Tips

XML Articles:

This page contains a list of XML resources that are helpful for both the beginning and veteran XML student.

Learn More about ASP.NET:

ASP.NET is the next generation of Active Server Pages. ASP.NET introduces a new paradigm to server-side Web development. On November 12th, 2000, ASP.NET Beta 1 was released.


Tootorial - An Interactive Object-Oriented Tutorial:

Tootorial is an interactive tutorial designed to help computer science students quickly and easily learn basic object-oriented programming concepts.You may view the lessons in any order you desire, but the lessons are numbered in the recommended order for completion. 1.) Object-Oriented Programming vs. Procedure-Oriented Programming; 2.) Classes and Objects; 3.) Inheritance and Polymorphism.


Internet Security Tutorial:

This tutorial from Sun Microsystems discusses the necessity of Internet security, with an emphasis on firewalls, passwords, encryption, authentication, integrity, and a site security policy.


Rational Rose Documentation, Guides and Help:

Rational has leading solutions to the problems of e-development and other software projects, with Rational Rose being their foremost product.

Technical Notes for Rational Rose:

Rational Rose White Papers:

Rational Rose User Manuals:

Rational Product User Manuals:

Rational Software Installation Guides:

Note: For access to the Version 2001 release notes, documentation or the upgrade pages, you must create a free profile.


Tutorials and Tips from


After Effects:









Tips and Techniques from Adobe Magazine:


After Effects:











3) New Free I.T. Books, Publications & Book Sites

These web sites will be added to our Free IT Courses and Books page at

Concurrent Programming: The Java Programming Language:

This Free book is an introduction to using the Java programming language in concurrent or multithreaded applications. The context is the process synchronization material and related concurrent programming in operating systems courses as opposed to software engineering. Topics covered are race conditions when threads share data, critical sections, mutual exclusion, semaphores, monitors, message passing, the rendezvous, remote procedure calls, distributed or network programming, and parallel processing. By Stephen J. Hartley, the paperback version is available here:


Thinking in Patterns with Java:

Bruce Eckel has turned the 'Design Patterns' chapter of his Thinking in Java book into a new Free online book which is available at this site.


Learning Debian GNU/Linux:

This Free book will make your Linux journey easier, by giving you the big picture, providing you with step-by-step procedures, and getting you started doing useful or fun activities, such as word processing or games. This book focuses on the needs of the new Linux user and on desktop Linux applications. You'll learn about networks and servers, but the details of those topics are left for more advanced books.


KDE 2.0 Development:

This is a new, open content book that teaches KDE 2.0 programming to C++ programmers with or without KDE programming experience. It introduces KDE/Qt programming with topics such as creating custom widgets, efficiently drawing windows, designing dialog boxes, and following the KDE Style Reference. Also, new KDE 2.0 technologies: DCOP (Desktop COmmunications Protocol), KParts (a component embedding system), and aRts (KDE multimedia) are explained -- and by some of the people who designed and implemented them. The paperback version is available here:


Computer, Internet and Network Systems Security Manual:

This manual is an effort to assist computer crime investigators by providing a resource guide compiled from the vast pool of information on the Internet. It is intended to provide a general overview, which would assist in helping to developing a solution. This solution does not have to be hardware or software based. Today policy-based protection can also be incorporated into hardware and software systems. This Free manual is 325 pages long and 2.53 MB in size.


4) University Computer Science Course Sites.

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

Further Java:

This Cambridge University course has excellent notes freely available online teaching advanced programming techniques using advanced features of the Java programming language. On completing the course, students should be able to: 1) Understand and apply techniques for building applications, from classes, combined using inheritance, composition, nested classes, reflection and interfaces; 2) Describe and use multi-threaded applications with appropriate synchronisation; 3) Explain the role of abstraction and concurrency in a GUI toolkit, using the AWT as an example; 4) Explain the components of a distributed program and its implementation with RMI. An elementary familiarity with Java is assumed.


Introduction to Computer Programming CS100j (Java):

This Cornell University course has some very good notes on learning how to program in Java. It offers an introduction to elementary computer programming concepts and emphasizes techniques of problem analysis and the development of algorithms and programs


Computers and Programming ComS 211:

Topics in this Cornell University course include program structure and organization, modules (classes), program development, proofs of program correctness, recursion, data structures and types (lists, stacks, queues, trees), object-oriented and functional programming, and analysis of algorithms. Java is the principal programming language.


Unix Tools CS114:

This Cornell University course has some good notes on using the tools in Unix/Linux. Is assumes no previous knowledge of Unix or expertise in any particular programming language, but some programming experience would help.


Computer Networks CS 461:

This Princeton University course studies computer networks and the services built on top of them. Topics include packet-switch and multi-access networks, routing and flow control, congestion control and quality-of-service, Internet protocols (IP, TCP, BGP), the client-server model and RPC, elements of distributed computing (naming, security, caching, synchronization) and the design of network services (multimedia, file and web servers). Lecture notes are here:


Advanced Topics in Database Systems MIS696G:

A great resource site for Database Systems, these areas are covered by reports and presentations: Industry Overview, Knowledge Discovery and Transfer, Special Topics, and Projects.


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users - Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials:

Completely Free web based e-learning. At W3Schools, you can study at your own speed, everything you need to learn, in a short and handy format. Inside you will find step-by-step tutorials with lots of cut-and-paste examples. With their on-line html editor you can test your skills, and prepare yourself for professional work. Areas covered include Flash, XML, XSL, DTYD, DOM, SOAP, DHTML, HTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, WMLScript, ASP, ADO, SQL, and Graphics.


Cisco and CCIE Stuff by Heinz Ulm:

Cisco CCIE candidate information, tools, practice tests, resources, and links. The CCIE is the elite of all internetworking industry certifications. It designates the holder as having an "expert level of technical knowledge and skill".


Network Designer:

This site provides resources, notes, practice exams, tools, chat rooms, forums, and news for all Cisco certification exams. They will be adding even more content next month when they unveil their new site look.


Free practice tests and tutorials for the Microsoft MCSE and MCSD certification examinations.


6) New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at

Java and Javascript Resources:

Many Java and Javascript Tutorials and Learning resources on the web.


The Trainer's Guild Developer:

Resource and Tutorial Links in these areas: Internet, Java, Javascript, Perl, General Resources, VBScript, and Visual Basic. This Cool Links page has 420 web sites, some of which are pretty good:


Learning Resources on Data Warehouse Design:

11 resource and learning web site links for Data Warehouse Design.


Cetus Links:

Cetus Links is an index to Internet addresses (http, ftp and mailto) about object-orientation. A great link and resource site for Object Oriented documentation and learning materials. "Tens of thousands of interesting pages about object-orientation exist on the Internet. Searching for a particular aspect or a certain page is often very difficult. Search engines offer support, but they frequently show too many unsorted pages with regard to the content. This is where the Cetus Links come in: They help to organise and structure the variety of interesting information about object-orientation, offer quick access and a comprehensive overview of each subject."


7) New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites

These web sites will be added to of Free Office and Desktop Training page at . Also, check out our new MS Office 2000 Free Training page here:

Introduction to Information Technology:

Various Free Microsoft Office Tutorials at Louisiana State University on these applications: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Microsoft Access.


Tip Gallery:

Tips for Windows 98/NT/2000, MS Word 2000, Excel 2000, and Access 2000


Desktop Services Software from California State University, LA:

Free Premium Tutorials in pdf format for Free MS Office 2000 applications, Utilities/Tools, Streaming Media Tools, and Internet Tools.


Chalksoft Academy:

Study online for free. No ifs, no buts, no small print. Just enjoy - and join the others. Learn how to effectively use these applications: FrontPage, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Publisher.


The Atomic Learning Library:

Free demo training courses are available in .mov format for Quick Time. They offer online software training for school, home, and business. These applications are included: MS Word 2000 PC, Word Mac 2001, Word 98 Mac, Excel 2000 PC, Excel:Mac 2001, PowerPoint 2000 PC, PowerPoint Mac 2001, Dreamweaver 3, and Fireworks 3.


8) I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning:

Free web site design templates to jump start your new web site or give your current one a new look. Free video training is also now offered for Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Frontpage, Frontpage 2000, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and General Site Building Skills.


Oracle on Linux:

Software Downloads, Support, Technical Info, White Papers. The availability of Oracle8i on Linux enables current Linux users to deploy enterprise-class applications with unparalleled performance at the lowest possible cost. In addition, users reap the scalability and flexibility benefits of Oracle8i in Linux's open environment.


The Search Engine for Developers, free registration required. Free Code, forums, white papers, etc. covering Java programming and applets, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming, and Perl.


Chip Directory:

This site contains numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, web site resources and more.


9) Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer one of the frequently asked questions we receive about computer and technical training and career development. They will be archived on a separate FAQ page on our website after several months.

Feb. 2001 FAQ:

I'd like to find some really good world recognized, accredited, online IT course and degree providers, which ones are the stand-outs?


Here are, what I think, are the better, world recognized, accredited, online IT course and degree providers:

Nova Southeastern University, School of Computer and Information Sciences - Ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the nation's top 20 cyber-universities, offers programs leading to the B.S. in computer science and computer information systems; the M.S. in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems, and computing technology in education; the Ph.D. in computer science, information systems, computer information systems, information science; and the Ph.D. or Ed.D. in computing technology in education.

Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science -Distance education in software engineering, delivering at a distance world-class software engineering courses in these areas: graduate and undergraduate-level credit classes; noncredit, continuing-education classes; and Certificate in Software Engineering.

Capitol College Online Learning Program - The following degrees are available in their entirety online: Bachelor of Science: Software & Internet Applications, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Engineering Technology. Also offers a Master of Science in Information & Telecommunications Systems, Management; and a Master of Science in Electronic Commerce Management.

University of California, UCLA Extension - Offers the largest selection of continuing education courses in the United States. Departments with online courses: Computers and Information Systems, Computer Graphics and Graphic Design, Business and Management, and Engineering. Each department has many online courses and certificates.

Vatterott Global Online - Computer Programming & Network Management, from the convenience of your own home, totally Online via the Internet. Their mission is to provide superior quality technical training and education anywhere in the world at a fair cost. Lectures and course materials are recorded on multi-media interactive CDs, which students can view at their own convenience. In addition to a daily interactive audio lectures, you can interact with your instructor also using their toll free fax and phone.

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Continuing Studies and Corporate Education- Their CyberEd program offers a variety of courses which can be applied towards an Online Associates or Bachelor Degree or an online Certificate in Fundamentals of Information Technology, Unix, or Intranet Development.

University of Maryland University College, Office of Distance Education and Lifelong Learning - Earn a distance Bachelor's Degree in computer and information science, computer studies, or information systems management. You can also take any of their computer related or programming distance education courses without planning to earn a degree. Their Graduate Distance Education program offers a Masters of Science in Computer Systems Management.

Grantham University - An accredited, specialized distance education school founded in 1951 teaching electronics, computers, and computer science via online independent study. Offers 4 new Associate Degree programs. These include: AS Internet Engineering leading to Microsoft Certified Professional Plus Internet, AS Web Designer, AS Management Information Systems, and AS Computer Programming. Also offers B.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Engineering Technology (Computers).

University of Phoenix - Offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: Database Management, Networks and Telecommunications, Programming and Operating Systems, Systems Analysis, and Web Management. Also offers Bachelor of Science in Business: E-Business and Information Systems. Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Master of Business Administration/Technology Management are also available online.

I hope this helps you.

intelinfo - Jeff Love
Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources


10) Please Support Our Training Mission:

How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

By purchasing quality products through the links on the page on our Non-Profit Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Web Site you can help support our IT Training Mission. When you purchase products there and also click on the advertising links on our site and in this free newsletter, you will be helping people who want to learn to use computers in an Information Technology career. 


Techmindworks Cisco CCNA

Online Cisco CCNA 640-507 Exam Preparation. They offer three convenient access options for the CCNA Studio: 14-day subscription for $15, 30-day subscription for $20, and 60-day subscription for $25. Whether you are new to the CCNA course material or just need a quick refresher a week or two before the exam, Techmindworks has a plan that's right for you. Try their FREE evaluation today and consider signing up for one of the above access options.


Get $20 - Apply for the Discover Platinum Card!

Right now, you can get $20 with approval for the Discover Platinum Card and make a purchase, balance transfer or cash advance. This premier card gives you: 0% Introductory APR, No Annual Fee, Up to 2% Cashback Bonus award, Up to $50,000 credit line, 100% On-line Fraud Protection. So, what are you waiting for? Click below to apply for your Discover Platinum Card. Get approved and make a purchase, balance transfer or cash advance. You'll get these great features and $20 from


Surf the Web worry-free With Pagoo Call Catcher

Get instant notification right on your desktop of incoming phone calls. Get a personal Internet Voice Mailbox. Play back your voice messages on your PC without disconnecting from the Internet. Save unlimited voice messages, organize them just like email. Download it today FREE.


Choose any Star Wars Book for FREE!

Plus when you receive your FREE book you get to choose 5 more for just $1! Don't miss out on this offer, signup today.

*********************************************************** - It's your internet, profit from it.

Get FREE ISP service with No banners or bars! Join a new cooperative online community that PAYS YOU. Join GoingPlatinum today and click here:


Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources:

Free I.T. Training Now! - Free Training Courses available immediately:

A new, free, non-profit I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked over 1250 sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. Visitors can learn and study for free how to program in Java, how to develop and maintain a simple or complex website, how to network an intranet, how to use MS Excel or FrontPage and many more computer related learning activities. They are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Also offered are free technical and user training courses co-branded with Check us out today.


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