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Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources: Issue #24 - August, 2002


Newsletter for Computer IT Education,
Training & Tutorial Resources

*** ISSUE #24 - August 2002 ***

This Newsletter is only sent to its subscribers and
is available in early September, 2002 on the web at

Newsletter Archives are here:

Subscribe and unsubscribe instructions are at the end.

Please forward this newsletter to all your friends
and associates who might be interested!


In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites

8)... I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning

9)... Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training

10)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission


1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello, everyone and welcome to our new subscribers! I apologize for the 'meeting notice' email that went out on 7/30/02 - I am sorry, it will not happen again, and I've securedd the access to this list. This is the 24th issue of our free monthly email newsletter for Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources, giving you the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs $10 for six months, for more information please see below 'Become a Member of'.

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your computer education and training and are tools to advance your IT career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective.

In this issue we describe and link to a total of 70 computer, IT and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

*** Current News ***

Here are 81 Free Web Seminars in August 2002 from Microsoft, Oracle and Rational:

Here are our latest free training pages for newsletter subscribers and site members only:

Database Design:

Oracle Applications and Financial Applications:


MFC and Visual C++:

I'd like to personally wish you the best of luck with your computer studies and learning.

Warm Regards,
Jeff Love
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

Please Visit Our Sponsor:

You can balance both career and education with the University of Phoenix degree program, which is 100% online! More working professionals attend the University of Phoenix than any other private university in the United States.

We thought you'd like to know.


"Learn New Skills and Increase Your Earning Power
- With FREE Computer Training!"

*** Become a Member of ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. For a short FAQ, please see the end of this newsletter.

The total price to join as a member is only $10 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months or $34.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up:


*** Free IT Training Materials and Books ***
This section of our site contains over 2,000 free IT, computer and programming training resource links

*** Our Newly Researched Free Online Computer Training ***
Containing over 13,000 free IT training and tutorial resources, this section of our site is available only to our newsletter subscribers and web site members

*** Free e-Book: "Understanding Computer Security" ***
Our new e-book contains the best information from U.S. government agency computer security papers and guides and presents it in a coherent and understandable manner. My hope is that this e-book will make computer security easier to learn. Click here to receive your Free Copy: (553 kb). When unzipped it is a windows executable.


2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT Training & Courses page at, our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at, or to our members' site.

An Interactive C Tutorial:

This thesis project is a C tutorial for novice programmers. The materials within the C Tutorial were developed to be used as a supplement to an introductory C course. They include animations, imagemaps, and interactive quizzes.


Free Online Courses from Hewlett Packard:

Courses included in their software & technology section are these: Adobe Photoshop 6 basics, Advanced Microsoft Word for Windows, Building your first web page, Digital photography for your business, Guide to practical desktop publishing, Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver Scanning basics, and Wireless networking solutions. Free registration is required.


TTS: Online Course Materials:

These freely available training materials cover Web Page Design, Authoring HTML, Advanced HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Dreamweaver, Ethernet, Managing Web Projects, Train the Trainer, and Windows Command Prompt.


Web Design Tutorials:

These excellent tutorials cover XHTML, Style Sheets, Javascript, DOM, Cookies, ActiveX & VBScript, Embedding Multimedia, E-Commerce & Security, Web Servers, Server Side Scripting, and XML.


A Crash Course in UML and Object Design:

C++ Mini-Course:

C++ Mini-Course, Part 2:


Advanced WWW Programming:

The lessons in this free online course include the Internet, WWW Architecture, WWW Page Preparation, Perl, and Java. These lessons are very well presented and coherent.


Online Course Lessons from Digital University:

Beginning SQL:

Database Design:

Programming Java, Part 1 & 2:


Oracle Applications Portal:

This site contains archives of articles and postings addressing problems and solutions of Oracle Application issues. These include Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resource Management System, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Self-Service Web Application, Project Accounting. Also DBA and Developer and Designer 2000 issues are covered.


Linux Kernel Analysis HOWTO:

This document tries to explain some things about the Linux Kernel, such as the most important components, how they work, and so on. This HOWTO should help prevent the reader from needing to browse all the kernel source files searching for the "right function," declaration, and definition, and then linking each to the other. Robert Arcomano (Author)


Bash Shell Tutorial:

This document is both a tutorial and a reference on shell scripting with Bash. It assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction. The exercises and heavily-commented examples invite active reader participation.


New Linux Documentation Project Documents:

Creating Integrated High Quality Linux Applications HOWTO:

Introduction to Backing Up and Restoring Data:

Introduction to Intrusion Protection and Network Security:

Introduction to Physical Security and Security of Services:

Introduction to Securing Data in Transit:

Introduction to Viruses & Virus Hoaxes:

Here are all of the Linux HOWTOs:


Introduction to PHP Objects, Part 1:

John Coggeshall shows how to do object-oriented scripting with PHP on O'Reilly. " In today's column, I'll be introducing one of the more interesting and useful methods of writing PHP scripts -- the object-oriented method.


Secrets of the XML developer elite: Derrick Bell

Software architect Derrick Bell advises XML developers to mind their XML vocabulary and syntax when designing XML solutions. In this second of a series of articles that share advice from experienced XML developers, Bell gives his opinion of XML Schema, XML patterns, and the importance of remembering the XML basics.


Training Paths for Career Growth:
This archived site has some good training material to help you learn what you need (some graphics are missing).

Apache for WebMasters:

Thinking In Objects:

CGI Scripting with Perl:

Javascript for Programmers:

Using Databases on the Web:

Java Jumpstart:

Hands On XML:


Novell Connection:

You can access all of the current and past articles of this magazine online in pdf format. This is a must have for anyone interested in or actively learning Novell technology. Another great Novell learning resource is Appnotes at, giving you tips and tricks on using the products and solving real problems.


Hacking and Network Defense Guide:

Fortify your network with VeriSign Security Training - get your free, comprehensive guide detailing:
- The Hacker Profile
- Anatomy of an Attack
- Top Ten Ways to Secure Against Attack
- Seven Questions to Test Your Security
- The Future of Hacking


Free Windows 2000 test engine with all the practice questions for exam 70-215. Their COMPLETE 70-215 test engine absolutely Free - all you need to pass the 70-215 exam. As well as samples of all our other test engines (70-210, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 224, 228, 229, 270).

************************************************************ now has study guides available for free for most of the major IT certification exams. You need to register first.


Fred's Fast Cram:

Study notes for the following certification exams:

CompTIA i-Net+:

CompTIA A+ Operating System Technologies:

CompTIA A+ Core Hardware:

CIW Foundations:


Dave's IT Certification Helps:

The 2 best study pages here are these:

Dave's Study Tips for the Cisco CCNA 640-607 Exam:

Dave's Notes on MCSE Exam 70-219, Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure:


Database Systems: The Complete Book:

The home page for this book includes 2 chapters and many notes and slides. An online guide is also available as a first course for the Oracle Database here:


Software Development Online: Articles:

Search for articles in past issues of Software Development Magazine. These include some very good technical and helpful articles to learn software development.

************************************************************ - Magazine Back Issue Archives:

Now, for the first time, all 17,000+ back issue archives from the leading technical magazines for developers and IT management are available for free in one place!

JavaPro Online Magazine Articles:

.NET Online Magazine Articles:

Visual Studio Online Articles:

XML Online Magazine Articles:


Harvard Manage Mentor:

Here you'll get 24 online courses for learning soft skills such as coaching, delegating, leading and motivating, project management, running a meeting, setting goals, solving business problems, and writing for business.


Digital Photography: A Free Online Course:

A new approach to teaching and learning digital photography on the Internet. This site teaches digital photography, and shows you all the various ways and technologies that are used.


Rational Rose Tutorial:

This tutorial is distributed as a self extracting archive file that is meant to be placed on the hard drive of the machine that Rose 2000 is installed on. It contains a complete working application. Working with the source code requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ 6. It guides you through the steps to develop a real world solution to a complex business problem using Rose 2000 and Rose 2001. (File download size is 5.6MB). Here are some more free learning materials for Rational Rose:
UML Quick Reference for Rational Rose:

Rational Rose User Manuals:
15 Day Free Rational Rose 2000e Evaluation Edition:


3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books page at and some will be added to our members site.

Free Chapters from the book, UML Distilled:

Chapter 1: Introduction:

Chapter 3: Use Cases:

Chapter 6: Interaction Diagrams:

Further Material:


Free Chapters from the book, Visual Modeling with Rational Rose and UML:

Chapter 3: Creating use Cases - Discusses the techniques used to examine system behavior from a use case approach.

Chapter 11: Designing the System Architecture - An introduction to the concepts and notation needed to specify and document the system architecture.


Oracle Documentation:

This site has manuals and books for the following: Oracle Applications, Oracle 8.1.6, Oracle, Oracle Forms Developer, Deploying Forms Applications to the Web (Oracle9i Application Server), Guidelines for Building Applications (Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer Release 6i), Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle9i Application Server, and Solaris 7 and 8.


Oracle Applications Release 11i Documentation:

Lots and lots of manuals covering all of the Oracle Applications, including Financials, Business Intelligence, HRMS/Payroll, Internet Business, Manufacturing and Service Applications. (free registration required)


The Definitive Guide to SQL Server Performance Optimization:

This is Realtimepublishers’ new free resource for SQL Server. Written by industry expert Don Jones, this eBook will provide guidance and examples to illustrate the different performance optimization tactics for SQL Server. It is posted chapter by chapter as it is written in order to provide the most up-to-date information. Free registration is required.


Brian and Tom's Linux Book:

This 27 chapter, free online book about Linux is very thorough. Chapter categories include Installation, The OpenLinux GUI, Knowing the Command Line, System Security, and Working with Linux Servers.


Writing Bug-Free C Code:

This book describes an alternate class methodology that provides complete data hiding and fault-tolerant run-time type checking of objects in C programs. With it, you will produce code that contains fewer bugs.


GUI Programming with Python: QT Edition:
This is the first book on Python and Qt. It is for beginning software developers who have chosen Python because it allows them to become productive quickly and also for experienced developers who have been coding in Visual Basic, Delphi or Java, and who now need something more productive and portable.


Practical PostgreSQL:

This book is about PostgreSQL, one of the most successful open source databases available. It is intended to be a practical guide and is focused on getting you comfortable with PostgreSQL in the most expedient fashion possible. The focus is on getting you comfortable with PostgreSQL and to provide you with enough understanding to manage a fully operational PostgreSQL database.


Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide:

This 320-page book treats parsing in its own right, in greater depth than is found in most computer science and linguistics books. It offers a clear, accessible, and thorough discussion of many different parsing techniques with their interrelations and applicabilities, including error recovery techniques.


Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition:

Getr your free copy of this bestselling book, now completely revised and updated. Renowned authorities on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Ed Roman and his team deliver an indispensable developer's perspective on what is fast becoming the dominant technology for building server-side applications.


EJB Design Patterns:

This book goes beyond high-level design pattern descriptions into critical EJB-specific implementation issues, illustrated with source code implementations. The book contains a catalog of twenty advanced EJB patterns and provides strategies for mapping application requirements to patterns-driven design


Thinking In Python:

You can download the current version of this book. Note that this is not an introductory Python book. This book assumes you've learned the basics of Python elsewhere.


Thinking In C#:

This free download is a preliminary release of this new book. It is expressly written to emphasize the use of a command-line compiler, which is available for free from The .NET Framework SDK <> or from Mono <> for Linux programmers.


An Introduction to Cryptography:

This is an excellent 88 page guide giving you the basics of cryptography and also an introduction to PGP.


Software Development Guidelines:

This is a guide for software source code quality. These guidelines apply to anyone who creates, modifies, or reads software source code. addresses general and language-specific topics. The general concepts apply on any project regardless of any implementation details. The language specific topics will apply to a project once a given programming language has been chosen for the project.


The CVS Book:

Access for free chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 from the book, Open Source Development with CVS. These chapters are a complete introduction, tutorial and reference to CVS, containing 225 pages.


The Psychology of Menu Selection: Designing Cognitive Control at the Human/Computer Interface:

This book, the first entirely devoted to this important form of human/computer interaction, provides detailed theoretical and empirical information of interest to software designers and human/computer interaction specialists and researchers.


4) University Computer Science Course Sites
Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

Course Home Pages for UNC-CH Computer Science:

Some of these courses have very good slides presentations you can study and learn from. Courses with slides cover Computer Organization, Algorithms and Analysis, Programming Language Concepts, Multimedia Networking, Enterprise Computing, and Computer Vision, .


Systematic Programming (Java):

This is the textbook for COMP114: Foundations of Programming, written by Donald F. Stanat and Stephen F. Weiss. It covers all the important aspects of learning Java.


Systems Analysis I -- Lectures:

These are excellent slides to learn and study systems analysis. Many topics are covered, including data, object, process and networking modeling, system design and construction, and application architecture and process design.


CT20402E Storage and Retrieval Module Study Guide:

These are the freely available learning sessions for this online database course. It covers relational databases, SQL, storage schemes, and introduction to OODB.

These pages have more free online courses with notes and reference materials from Thames Valley University:

Module Web Pages/Study Guides:

Course Web Pages:


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users - Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:

Keres Manuals - Learn Easily Any Computer Subject

Free Books and Tutorials covering many computer subjects - all files are zipped, just download them. Many areas are covered, including ASP, Database, C/C++, Graphics, Java, LInux, MCSE, PHP, Networking and Visual Basic. A lot of books here.



Free Books: Perl 5 Unleashed, Special Edition Using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Second Edition, Special Edition
Using CGI, Web Programming Unleashed. Networking tutorials are linked from the home page at


Winning Systems - Freebee VB Enrolment:

This free offer is not the typical ‘sampler’, but a full Visual Basic project on which you’ll be fully supported by a professional VB/ VBA consultant. Provides all the knowledge you’ll need to carry out a practical project. At the end you'll have created working applications in both VB and VBA. The set includes all the supporting resources such as demo programs and movies and you can even request a CDR with a working copy of Visual Basic v6 if you don’t have the program.


Learning JavaScript for Beginners

This is a nice tutorial training site for JavaScript containing 14 lessons with 4 appendices.



Online Notes & Presentations about IT topics such as Networking, Oracle, Multi-Media, Software Engineering, and E-Commerce.


Introduction to Information Technology covering, at a high level, Computer History, Adobe Photoshop, Data Structures, Systems Analysis, Systems Design.


6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at

White Paper Collection:

This site contains links to useful technical vendor articles as free "white papers". There are hundreds here, covering topics such as Web development, network admin, security, .NET and much more too. It's worth a minute to check out.


NETWORK.US : Top > General Networking:

Links to several good Networking Tutorials.


Advanced Placement Computer Science:

These are mostly C++ tutorials and training materials.


SecurityFocus ONLINE Library Archive:

SecurityFocus provides a comprehensive free database of security knowledge and resources. These resources cover security categories such as access control, authentication, computer crime, cryptography, e-commerce, incident handling, operating systems, standards, and vulnerabilities.


Daypop search - computer tutorial:

This site searches 7500 news sites for current events. The above search returns 64 results for computer tutorials. You can try other search terms, such as "howto program".


7) New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites:

These web sites will be added to of Free Office and Desktop Training page at . Also, check out our expanded MS Office 2000 Free Training page here:

BowNET Support Tutorials:

Tutorials covering MS Office, FrontPage, Video, Photoshop, Windows, and more.


MS Office Tutorials:

Excel 2000 (780k):

Frontpage 2000 (2700k):

PowerPoint 2000 (1380k)

Word 2000 (1167k):

PC Basics (179k):


Help Sheets:

These 3-page help sheets are a great reference tool to assist you in learning MS Office applications. Also covered are FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Netscape, and PC Troubleshooting.


Creating Presentations:

This is a link resources page to many good tutorials and articles about using PowerPoint to create well designed presentations.


Carol's Access Lessons:

These lessons cover Introduction to Database & Database Design, Introduction to Access, Database & Tables, Forms, Reports, and Queries.


These Office XP Guides are designed to assist in evaluating Microsoft Office XP applications. They contain information on the new and improved capabilities of the application, examples of how you can access them, and in some instances screenshots.







8) I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning:

Lecture Gives Unique Insight Into Linux:

Video of a lecture by Alan Cox and Dick Porter. It includes a view of the history of the Linux operating system, and the free software movement behind it, plus an assessment of where Linux is now, and a look at the future needs and challenges of the operating system.


Wireless Security Blackpaper:

While many people don't know exactly what the weaknesses are, most have accepted the prevailing wisdom that wireless networks are inherently insecure and nothing can be done about it. Can wireless networks be deployed securely today? What exactly are the security holes in the current standard, and how do they work? Where is wireless security headed in the future? This article attempts to shed light on these questions and others about wireless networking security in an enterprise environment.


Osborne McGraw-Hill Free Downloads - Samples and Code:

At this site you can freely access all of the samples and code of Osborne McGraw-Hill's IT books. Also, download Oracle Press related source code from the Oracle Press Books Online Downloads here:


9) Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer one of the frequently asked questions we receive about computer and IT training and career development.

There is no FAQ this month.


10) Please Support Our Training Mission

How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

Please help support's Computer and IT Education and Training Mission. By doing so, you will be helping people who want to learn to use computers in an Information Technology career.


DeVry: Online degrees for working adults…

University of Phoenix Online: Advance your career

ITT Technical Institute: Choose from their many programs

House of Education: Prestigious Technology Training


Computer Liquidation Sale: Click here:


Animated Tour of


Online Courses - is your key to online distance learning courses, degrees. Search 27,000+ online & distance learning courses, degrees, training programs and colleges.


Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional Edition

This featured-packed suite of 6 full-version products includes: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Norton CleanSweep, Norton Ghost, GoBack? WinFax Basic.
$300 Retail Value for Only...$28.99
**ORDER NOW with FREE SHIPPING, before supplies run out**


Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources
Free I.T. Training Now!

A free and member-based I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked many, many sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. You are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Check us out today.

Copyright Notice: Please note that all of the items hyperlinked are copyrighted by their authors and/or publishers. You are expected to look for, read, and adhere to such notices when present.


***'s Member Site ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training.

The total price to join our member's site is only $15.00 total for 2 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up: <>. You can email Jeff Love with questions.


To Subscribe to this Free monthly Newsletter of Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources simply send a blank email to this address:
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To Unsubscribe from this Free monthly Newsletter of Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources simply send a blank email to this address:
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Thank You!

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