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Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources: Issue #25 - Sept., 2002


Newsletter for Computer IT Education,
Training & Tutorial Resources

*** ISSUE #25 - September 2002 ***

This Newsletter is only sent to its subscribers and
is available in early October, 2002 on the web at

Newsletter Archives are here:

Subscribe and unsubscribe instructions are at the end.

Please forward this newsletter to all your friends
and associates who might be interested!


In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites

8)... I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning

9)... Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training

10)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission


1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello, everyone and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is the 25th issue of our free monthly email newsletter for Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources, giving you the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs $10 for six months, for more information please see below 'Become a Member of'.

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your computer education and training and are tools to advance your IT career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective.

In this issue we describe and link to a total of 68 computer, IT and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

*** Current News ***

Here are our latest free training pages for newsletter subscribers and site members only:

Free Knowledge Management:


Microsoft Publisher:

I'd like to personally wish you the best with your computer studies and learning.

Warm Regards,
Jeff Love
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster


Please Visit One of Our Sponsors and request more information:

Search for IT Training:

Computer Colleges:

University of Phoenix Online: Advance your career:

DeVry: Online degrees for working adults.

Westwood College of Technology - Online:

Find Computer Programming Training:

ITT Technical Institute: Choose from their many programs:

American InterContinental University Online:

Regis University Online (MBA Programs):

University Alliance Schools:
Accelerated degrees and flexible online courses with streaming video lectures

American Sentinel University:
Get the degree you need to advance your at your convenience

Saint Leo University Online:
Accelerated Online Degree Programs: Business and Accounting, Computer Information, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts.


"Learn New Skills and Increase Your Earning Power
- With FREE Computer Training!"

*** Become a Member of ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. For a short FAQ, please see the end of this newsletter.

The total price to join as a member is only $15.00 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months or $34.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up:


*** Free IT Training Materials and Books ***
This section of our site contains over 2,000 free IT, computer and programming training resource links

*** Our Newly Researched Free Online Computer Training ***
Containing over 12,000 free IT training and tutorial resources, this section of our site is available only to our newsletter subscribers and web site members

*** Free e-Book: "Understanding Computer Security" ***
Our new e-book contains the best information from U.S. government agency computer security papers and guides and presents it in a coherent and understandable manner. My hope is that this e-book will make computer security easier to learn. Click here to receive your Free Copy: (553 kb). When unzipped it is a windows executable.


2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT Training & Courses page at, our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at, or to our members' site.

By using the Internet and some freely available programming tools this site delivers four facilitated online computer programming courses that are now Free: Introduction to Linux Programming, Linux Programming the SIMPL way, Introduction to GUI Programming with Tcl/Tk, Beginner Programming, Network Programming the SIMPL way (coming soon). Courses start every month on demand and each week a new lesson is posted and online for 8 weeks.


Learn Express:

This site hosts free online learning modules for Java, C#, ASP, and other subjects.


Programming tutorials, articles and code for C#, SOAP, COM+, Internet Programming, Win32 Programming, and C++.


A Component Engineering Cornucopia:

Study and learn about COM, ActiveX, OLE, COM+, CORBA, JDO, PE:J, Visual C++, MFC, Java and related technologies, Java Data Objects, JavaBeans, JFC, EJB, WFC, InfoBus, Enterprise, Jini, Design Patterns, Microsoft Transaction Server, C#, JDO, Java Data Objects.


Introduction to GNU-Linux Course:

This is an 81 page Linux course you can download in several formats. This page has been set up as the primary distribution point for this and (soon to be) many other courses based in the instruction of Linux


Getting Started With Linux:

If you're new to Linux and want to find out how to use the fastest growing operating system today, all you have to do is take our beginner's course and you'll be ready to go.


Linux HOWTO Help Documents from LinuxOrbit:

These are their updated howtos:

Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Linux:

Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Redhat Linux:

Speech Recognition HOWTO:

The Linux Installation HOWTO:


Linux Optimization and Fine Tuning:

Linux Journal shows how to optimize a Linux machine by tweaking the kernel, services, compile options, and window system.


The Sun ONE Studio 4, Community Edition Bundle:

This free course provides students with a collection of four web based training courses which introduce the features and benefits of the Sun Open Net Environment (ONE) Studio development tool for Java technology developers and program managers. Here are more free training and learning resources from Sun:

Sun ONE Studio Developer Resources:
Offers technical articles, forums, support, bug tracking, downloads, and documentation for Sun ONE Studio.

Sun ONE Technical Webcasts:

Sun Technology Audiocasts:

Tutorials and Short Courses:

Architectural Design Seminars for Developers:

General Site for developers:


The Humble Programmer:

Edsger W. Dijkstra passed away on August 7, 2002. Mr. Dijkstra was the source of much wisdom in Computer Science, and we are all in his debt. Much of what we now take for granted (i.e. the semaphores in the Linux kernel) is rooted in his work. The Humble Programmer was Dijkstra's 1972 Turing Award lecture; it can be obtained as a difficult to read PDF file. his obituary is here: Dijkstra was a prodigious writer. His entire collection of over thirteen hundred written works was digitally scanned and is accessible at


Teracom Free Online Resources:

Free on-line training tutorials on telecom, data communications, IP and networking fundamentals.


Online Tutorials: Technology:

Online training modules on Internet technology such as firewalls, intranets, HTML coding and more.


Tcl Tutorials:

Tcl How To Guides:


Basics of Online Relational Database Development with PHP 4 and MysQL 3.23:
- This article assumes the reader has working knowledge of SQL and PHP4.

Python for Newbies:
- Python is, in short, a scripting language, similar in function to Perl. It is a very high-level language that can perform complex tasks, but is surprisingly easy to learn. Many different add-ons (modules) are available to control everything from MP3s to windowing toolkits (Unix)


This site gives you free demos for various IT certification exams, free 200+ real MCSE exam questions, and free online certification resources.


Digital Director: Digital Video Editing:

A series of guides for the amateur videographer. From video capture to final production. Includes all the tools needed for successful video editing


Faculty Multimedia Center Tutorials:

These are online tutorials covering multimedia, audio-video, web presentations, image scanning and Flash.


3D Cafes's Free Tutorials:

A great website for Computer Graphic Artists, covering 3D Studio Max, Animation Master, AutoCAD, Bryce 3D, Flash, HTML, Java, Lightwave 3D, Maya, Photoshop, Poser, Raydream Studio, Rhino 3D, Softimage 3D, Truespace, and VRML.


Shortcourses in Digital Photography:

The complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video. The digital photography resource.


VIAHardware Dot Com:

This is a computer hardware resource site with many useful facts and figures to help you solve hardware-related problems. From how to install a new power supply to replacing and configuring a new CPU, and everything in between.�


.Net Framework Training Modules:


Jim Miller's Web Services and Common Language Runtime Presentation:


A Tutorial for Disk Defragmentation for Windows NT/2000/XP:

This free technical white paper shows you what you don't know about disk defrag can hurt you.


.Net Frequently Asked Questions:
Very good fundamental information about the new Microsoft technology, .NET.

C# Frequently Asked Questions for C++ programmers:
This FAQ addresses many of the basic questions that C++ developers have when they first come across C#.


Object Oriented C# for ASP.NET Developers:

This tutorial introduces the OOP features of C# as they apply to ASP.NET Web development. This article is the third in a series on ASP.NET. If you're new to ASP.NET Web development and haven't read the two previous articles, check out Getting Started with ASP.NET <> and ASP.NET Form Processing Basics <>.


3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites:

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books page at and some will be added to our members site.

Free Book Chapters:
22 Free Book Chapters available: do a search for "chapter" - Free Library: Sybex Books:
Free Book Chapters on ADO.Net, ASP.Net, SOAP, XML Schema, DOM, WAP & WML, VB.Net.
61 Free Book Chapters covering the latest Microsoft technologies.

Sams New Releases:
3 Free Book Chapters:
- Working With Objects from Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days
- Using Visual Basic.NET and C# from Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days
- Deploying Your Systems from Unix System Management Primer Plus

Sams Publishing's Open Source Books:{92D127FB-C92E-4AB3-BE58-6505579615EF}
Free Book Chapters on JavaScript, Mod_perl, Perl, PostgreSQL, PHP and Python.

Sams Publishing's Microsoft .NET Books:
Free Book Chapters on .Net and .Com, C#, Visual Basic .Net, ASP.Net and BizTalk.

Free Book Chapter: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) from Building Web Services with Java:{36AB25DC-392B-452C-90D9-C4F4E44634FB}

Free Book Chapters from Microsoft Press:
10 search results pages containing free book chapters - click on the 'Sample Chapter' links.

Visual Basic Internet Programming - Books:
Free Book Chapters are available for several books, including these: Beginning SQL Server 2000 for Visual Basic Developers, Beginning Visual Basic 6 Application Development, Beginning Visual Basic 6 Objects, Beginning Visual Basic SQL Server 7, VB.NET Programming with the Public Beta, Introducing .NET, Beginning SQL Server 2000 for Visual Basic Developers, Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects, VB COM: Visual Basic 6 Programmer's Introduction to COM, Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP, MTS, Beginning XML, Professional ASP Data Access, Professional Visual Basic 6 Web Programming, Professional Visual Basic 6 XML, Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server 7.0 and MTS.


New Free Book Chapters from Osborne:

Introducing XML Web Services and .Net Framework (48 pages):

Basic ASP.Net Page Issues (14 pages):

Laying Your Visual Basic .Net Foundation (64 pages):

The Basics of JDBC Programming (52 pages):

Overview of Oracle Databases (50 pages):

Oracle9i DBA 101:

Oracle9i Mobil:


O'Reilly New and Upcoming Book List:

Most of these new books from O'Reilly have a free chapter available online, here are some: Perl for Oracle DBAs, Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 2nd Ed., Essential System Administration, 3rd Ed., HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 5th Ed., Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Ed., JavaServer Pages, 2nd Ed., XPath and XPointer, and XSL-FO: Making XML Look Good in Print. Also check out O'Reilly Book Excerpts here:


Argus: Top:

This site contains books and documentation for these topics: Applications & Libraries (32), C/C++ (13), Java (4), Javascript (3), Linux (12), Lisp (4), Perl (5), Postscript (1), Unix (3), Math (9), Unix (13), WWW (38), and others.



Books and documents covering these subjects: Security, Games, Graphics, Hardware, Internet, Linux-Unix, Networking and Programming.


Oracle9i Database Documentation:

Free online Oracle9i books and manuals from Oracle (registration required).

Here are 2 more:

Oracle8i Database Documentation:

Oracle8 Database Documentation:


Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd Edition:

This free book provides essential information for anyone involved in creating cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) applications and applets in Java. In particular, this book offers design guidelines for software that uses the Swing classes together with the Java look and feel.


Dive Into Python:

This is a free Python book for experienced programmers.


Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python:

This book is if you've never programmed before. It will attempt to teach you how to program. To learn to program you must read code and write code, and this book helps you do that.


Beginners CGI 1.0:

This is a Perl tutorial ebook, written for the novice and totally free. This book will teach you how to start programming from the beginning. (922Kb)


Squid, A User's Guide:

Squid is a free, high-speed, Internet proxy-caching program


Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server Books Online:

Use this page for quick access to all the free online documentation for Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Find documentation resources for SQL Server here:


4) University Computer Science Course Sites
Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

Courses at ArsDigita University:

ADUni is a non-profit corporation established by the alumni of ArsDigita University to continue the school's mission of providing the world's best computer science education for free. This site provides IT educational resources, including free video lectures and problem sets. Here are the courses:

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs:

How Computers Work:

Object-oriented Program Design:



Web Applications:

Theory of Computation:

Artificial Intelligence:

Unix Workshop:

Database Management Systems:


R870: Unix System Administration -A Survival Course:
These are the notes, in HTML format, of a Unix System Administration course taught at the University of Washington.


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users - Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:

Java 3D Tutorial:

Java 3D is an addition to Java for displaying three-dimensional graphics. This tutorial is an introduction to Java 3D. Examples lead you through the basic methods for producing 3D images and animation.



These Javascript tutorials are intended to get beginners up and running with the language.


Pitchmark Ltd, UK Homepage:

Free stuff covering Oracle, Java, Project Management, JavaScript and Unix


6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at

800 Linux Links:

Be sure to check out the section "Programming and Tutorial Links", covering many good subject areas, including....


Links to online how-tos for several popular IT and programming subjects, such as C++, Linux, Photoshop, HTML, Cisco, Perl, Java and PHP.


Programmers' Heaven:

For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming, JavaScript, Delphi, Pascal and more.


Data Structures and Algorithms: Resources:

Some very good free learning resources are in this section titled "Online tutorials, code, animations, etc."


7) New Desktop and Office Application Training Sites:

These web sites will be added to of Free Office and Desktop Training page at . Also, check out our expanded MS Office 2000 Free Training page here:

Office 2000 Viewlet Tutorials:

This website is designed to help students with a number of Office 2000 products through Viewlets that take you through the step by step instructions of each task.



MS Office Tutorials in PDF Format for Word 97, Publisher 98 and 2000, PowerPoint 97 and 2000, PowerPoint 2000, FrontPage 98 and 2000, Excel and Graphics.


Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorial:

This site has straight-forward tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.


Excel 2000 Quick Reference Card:

FrontPage 2002 Quick Reference Card:


Microsoft Office Tutorial from

This site has links to tutorials covering Excel (21), MS Access (22), Microsoft Word (13), PowerPoint (6) and Publisher (2.


MS Project 2000 Tutorial:

This is an excellent 5 lesson tutorial on how to use this important project management tool.


8) I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning:

Computer Security Test Sites:

This site features a comprehensive set of links to other web sites that allow you to test the security of your computer. These web security resources will assist you in getting an in-depth security analysis of your computers. Their 'List of List' home page <> features 74 categories, each with many well-researched links.


2002 Salary Calculator:

How is your earning potential in the current IT market? Find out with Network World's 2002 Salary Calculator. It has been updated to reflect the results of the Network World 2002 Salary Survey. Find out if you earn as much as your peers.


New Release: "101 Essential Domain Name Resources":

Domain Guru has just released the 2002 Edition of "101 Essential Domain Name Resources", the essential free guide to the best domain name web sites, services, and software in existence today.


9) Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer one of the frequently asked questions we receive about computer and IT training and career development.

September 2002 FAQ: How good is the demand for IT workers?


Although there is evidence that the demand for IT workers has decreased, many industries will see an increase in hiring in the near future (3-12 months out). A good article to read is "Bouncing Back: Jobs, Skills and the Continuing Demand for IT Workers" <> which states the following:

"Companies are optimistic about future hirings over the next twelve months. They project an aggregate demand for IT workers of 1,148,639 in 2002, of which they expect 578,711 positions to go unfilled due to a lack of qualified workers, referred to as the "gap" in IT workers. While demand is up 27% over 2001, it is only 71% of the level measured in 2000. Over the three years demand and gap have been counted by ITAA, gap remains consistently around 50% of total demand."

"C++, followed by Oracle, SQL, Java and Windows NT are the hottest, most in demand IT skills as determined by the new ITAA/Dice Tech Skills Profile."

Taking a longer term perspective, of the top 10 growth occupations (during the 1998-2008 period) from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first is System Analysts (577,000) and the eighth is Computer Support Specialists (439,000) <>. Also see this page: "Workers with computer skills are in demand":

I hope this information helps you.

Jeff Love
Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources


10) Please Support Our Training Mission

How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

Please help support's Computer and IT Education and Training Mission by visiting our sponsors below. By doing so, you will be helping people who want to learn to use computers in an Information Technology career.


University of Phoenix Online: Advance your career:

DeVry: Online degrees for working adults.

ITT Technical Institute: Choose from their many programs:

Saint Leo University Online:
Accelerated Online Degree Programs: Business and Accounting, Computer Information, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts.


University Alliance Schools:
Accelerated degrees and flexible online courses with streaming video lectures


American InterContinental University Online:

Regis University Online (MBA Programs):

Jacksonville University Online (RN to BSN Programs):


Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources
Free I.T. Training Now!

A free and member-based I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked many, many sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. You are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Check us out today.

Copyright Notice: Please note that all of the items hyperlinked are copyrighted by their authors and/or publishers. You are expected to look for, read, and adhere to such notices. Downloaded and online material is copyrighted whether or not a copyright notice is present.


***'s Member Site ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training.

The total price to join our member's site is only $15.00 total for 2 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up: <>. You can email Jeff Love with questions.


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