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Newsletter for Computer Education, Training & Tutorial Resources: Issue #35-1 - July, 2003 #1


Newsletter for Computer IT Education,
Training & Tutorial Resources

*** ISSUE #35-1 - July 2003 ***

1st edition for this month

This Newsletter is only sent to its subscribers and
is available in early August, 2003 on the web at

Newsletter Archives are here:

Subscribe and unsubscribe instructions are at the end.

Please forward this newsletter to all your friends
and associates who might be interested!


In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... I.T. Sites Worth Mentioning

8)... Question of the Month about Technical Training

9)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission

1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is the 1st edition of our July 2003 issue of our free semi-monthly newsletter for Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources providing you with the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs $10 for two months, for more information please see below 'Become a Member of'.

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your computer education and training and are tools to advance your IT career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective.

In this issue we describe and link to a total of 37 computer, IT and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

***Current News ***

This July #1 issue of our newsletter offers you links to many online IT books. Also, if your looking for no cost Cisco training, check out the Question of the Month near the end of this newsletter.

Please remember that our current newsletter issues are always available in HTML format at these two URLs:

This Issue, July #1:

Last issue, June #2:

I wish you the best with your computer studies and learning.

Warm Regards, 
Jeff Love 
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

Our new software application and office training and tutorial site,, is now up and running. We give you Free access to hundreds of Free Training and Tutorials covering Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and FrontPage. We also provide you a member site for the best available online software application training. You can follow this site's blog on our EOFC Twitter page

Newsletter Sponsors:

Please Visit One of Our Sponsors and request more information - doing this enables us to bring you these great free computer and IT training resources every month:

University of Phoenix Online: Advance your career:

DeVry: Online degrees for working adults:

University Alliance Schools: Accelerated degrees and flexible online courses with streaming video lectures

"Learn New Skills and Increase Your Earning Power - 
With Free Online Computer Training!"

*** Become a Member of ***

Use All the Great Software Training We've Discovered to Save Yourself Time, Keep Up with Technology and Advance Your Career.

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. For short FAQ Answers, please see the end of this newsletter.

The total price to join as a member is only $15.00 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months or $34.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up:

-> Here are Your 4 Rewards for Subscribing to this Newsletter <-

*** Free Online IT Training Materials for Subscribers *** 
This section of our site contains over 2,000 free IT, computer and programming training resource links.

*** Free Online Computer Training and Tutorial Resources *** 
Containing over 8,000 free IT training and tutorial resources, this section of our site is available only to our newsletter subscribers and web site members. 

*** Free e-Book: "Understanding Computer Security" *** 
Our new e-book contains the best information from U.S. government agency computer security papers and guides and presents it in a coherent and understandable manner. My hope is that this e-book will make computer security easier to learn. Click here to receive your Free Copy: (553 kb). When unzipped it is a windows executable.

And here is your fourth reward for being our subscriber: we'll show you how to get 50% more traffic to your site for free - Click on this link to sign up at the best free traffic generator on the web today:

2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT Training & Courses page at, our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at, or to our members' site.

Roadmap Quick Reference Guide:

Roadmap to Computing provides several Quick Reference Guides are intended to make your programming and developing environment easier. Topics include C, C++, Perl, Unix, HTML, and Office applications.

Programming Tutorials and Texts from Fsix Security covering C, Assembler, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Security, and Socket Programming.


Magazine, Journal and On-Line Articles by Jeff Heaton:

These tutorial articles by Jeff Heaton show you how to program in Java and it related areas, including Swing, JSTL, Neural Networks, JDBC, JSP, and HTTP GET/POST.

Courses by Jeff Heaton - Excellent Online Learning Notes:

   IS251 - Intro to Java:
   Teaches the basics of the Java programming language. 

   IS252 - Advanced Java:
   Meant to prepare a student to pass the Java certification exam. 


C++ Learning Materials:

C++ Quick Reference Sheet (9 pages):

More C++ Learning Materials:

A Quick Introduction to C++:


Tille's Site:

This site offer free Linux and Unix related training materials for your learning pleasure. Here are some of them:

   Programming with Linux libraries for real dummies:

   Bash for Sysadmins and power users:

   Introduction to Basic Unix System Administration:

   Sed for dummies:

   Awk for dummies:

   Shell scripts: simple exercises and examples:


Deploying Oracle9 i on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS:

This 22 page document gives you detailed information on the status of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS as a platform for Oracle database technology. Price/performance information is provided and a tutorial is given outlining the required steps to install these technologies.


Two Linux Tutorials from IBM:

Inside the Linux Kernel Debugger:  
Install and set up the kernel debugger (KDB) to trace Linux kernel execution and examine memory and data structures. You'll learn how to use the features provided by KDB and how to install and set up KDB on a Linux machine. You'll also get acquainted with the commands and the setup and display options available to you in KDB.

Addressing Security Issues in Linux:  
An overview and resource guide - focuses on security issues as they relate to the individual user (home or small office) and to a network administrator responsible for user workstations. His main intent is to introduce the new user or administrator to the wide array of security issues and solutions that exist; however, even those experienced with security issues may find something new here.

Offers free study guides, practice exams, articles, how tos, and lab practices for A+, Network+, Server+, MCSE, MCSA, MCAD, MCSD, Cisco, CIW, Oracle, Linux, Novell, and Sun. Free registration is required (for a quick look, use "certsguides" for both username and password). Samples:

   Microsoft 070-215p (3.64Mb):

   CIW 1D0-470 (316 kb):


Alpos IT Network Training Materials (slow connection):

   Certification Study Guides for Oracle, CompTIA, and Microsoft Certifications:

   Certification Preparation Tests for Cisco and Microsoft Certifications:

   ASP, JavaScript, VB Script Help Files and Guides:


Training Materials from Business Information Systems IS3313 Lecture Notes:

The following .doc formatted learning materials and tutorials are available on this page:

   An Overview of the Windows NT/2000 Architecture:

   Virtual Memory Management in Windows 2000 and Linux:

   Windows 2000 File Systems:

   Linux Ext2 File System:

   A Primer on RAM (DDR SDRAM and Rambus DRAM):

   A Primer on Disk Drives and File Management:

   The Drama of the Interrupted CPU:

   Hardware Fundamentals (Intel) and an Introduction to Software (44 pages):


Computer Security Course:

This 14 module course is an advanced undergraduate or masters level course, it presumes a knowledge of Operating systems and System Administration. Lectures, problems and hints are provided. Also, here are their Recommendations for the Protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks in the Internet:


Network and Internetworking Articles and Training Tutorials from Pine Mountain Group:

On the Wire Newsletter Library of Articles:

27 Articles dealing with various networking technologies.

Network Computing Magazine: On The Wire Column:

Bill Alderson and J. Scott Haugdahl provide readers with critical insights gleaned from their experiences solving real networking problems.

Chief Network Officer Column:
Internet Week publishes a quarterly supplemental called Network Monitoring & Testing. Bill Alderson has written the column "Chief Network Officer" in these issues.


Txt Files:

This site hosts many learning materials and documents, some are security related. Here are categories:

   General Security:


   Unix/Linux Platforms:

   Microsoft Platforms:






7 Windows and Microsoft Security Guides from Only4Gurus::

   Windows XP Security Guide V1.1:

   Windows 2000 Security Hardening Guide:

   Windows Server 2003 Security Guide:

   IIS5 Security Guidelines:

   Microsoft Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server scripts and job aids:

   Microsoft Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server:

   Deploying Secure Extranets: Windows 2000 And "Whistler":


More Microsoft Training Content from

   Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit: Designing and Deploying 
   Directory and Security Services:
   This book describes how to design, deploy, upgrade to, or restructure to a
   Windows Server 2003 Active Directory environment.

   14 Documents on Content Management Server:

   117 Documents on Pocket PC and Mobility:

   25 Documents on BizTalk Server:

3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites:

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books page at and some will be added to our members site.

Unix Books:

Download the following Unix books in pdf format:













Linux In Plain English:

This book teaches you the basics of the Linux file structure, console commands, shells, and window managers. (HTML format, 1340kb)


Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide:

This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. This book contains many real life examples.


An Introduction to Cryptography:

This 88 page guide is useful for anyone who is interested in knowing the basics of cryptography. It explains the terminology and technology used for PGP and its related software.

4) University Computer Science Course Sites Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

CS3157 Advanced Programming:

This course has good slides and notes covering C, Java (from C), Shell Scripts, Software Engineering, Software Documentation, Configuration Management, Make, Unix Tools, Processes, Threads, Sockets, Internet Programming, and Unix Software Package and Installation Tools.


Lecture Notes for Network Programming Course:

Slides and notes covering TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, UDP, CGI, Buffer Overflow, JavaScript, Routing, Threads, FTP, Sockets, IPv6, Security, LDAP, RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP, CORBA, and Java. Here are the notes from this instructor's previous Java Networking Programming class: and here is his home page with more courses with notes:

5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users - Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:

Object Oriented Design Using Java Quiz Series:

This is a 1000-question quiz series on the design and construction of software systems via object-oriented development and uses the Java programming language. The material applies to most object-oriented languages, such as C++, Delphi, etc. Free registration is required.


Delphi Basics:

This web site provides help and reference for the Delphi programming language. It is gives an introduction for newcomers, and provides a ready reference for experience programmers.


Class Work: Windows 2000 Professional:

This online class has good notes and links to study from, including this MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Textbook:

   Chapter 1:

   Chapter 2:

   Chapter 3:


Class Work: Windows 2000 Server:

This online class has good slides and links to study from, including this MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Textbook:

   Chapter 1:

   Chapter 2:

   Chapter 3:

   Glossary of Terms:

   Glossary of Windows Commands:

6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at

Information Technology Portal:

This is a very comprehensive IT portal website covering just about everything you can ask for.


Programming Tutorials:

Tutorial links to many topics, including C, C++, CGI, CORBA, Debugging, DHTML, Emacs, Fortran, HTML, IPC, Java, Make, MPI, OpenGL, Parallel, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PVM, Python, RPC, Serial Programming, Shells, Sockets, SQL, Tcl/Tk, TCP/IP, Threads, Unix, VRML, and X11.

7) I.T. Sites and Free Downloads Worth Mentioning:


This free Windows tool compares two files and identifies the differences. The differences can then be merged from one file into the other. This program works great for text files, reports or source code. (514KB)


This is an easy to use yet very potent and extremely efficient alternative to the standard windows Explorer. It combines the user-friendliness of the latter with the increased efficiency and advanced features of good-old dual-pane file managers like Norton Commander.

8) Question of the Month about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and IT training and career development.

July 2003 Question of the Month #1: 

Where can I get some good Cisco certification tutorials and preparation materials?


You can find Cisco Certification Training on these web sites:

Cisco Tutorials and References:

CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide:

78 Free CCNA Practice Questions:

Fundamentals of Networking Notes:

Networking Primer:

Internetworking Technologies Notes:

Beginning Router Configuration Notes:

Sem1-4 CCNA version 2 Study Guide (21K):

Sem5 Building Scalable Cisco Networks (228K):

Sem6 Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (184K):

I hope this helps you.

Jeff Love
Web Master and Editor

9) Please Support Our Training Mission

How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

Please help support's Computer and IT Education and Training Mission by visiting our sponsors below. By doing so, you will be helping people who want to learn to use computers in an Information Technology career.

University of Phoenix Online: Advance your career:

DeVry: Online degrees for working adults?

ITT Technical Institute: Choose from their many programs:

American College of Computer & Information Sciences: 
Get the degree you need to advance your at your convenience

Saint Leo University Online:
Accelerated Online Degree Programs: Business and Accounting, Computer Information, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts.

University Alliance Schools:
Accelerated degrees and flexible online courses with streaming video lectures

Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources
Free I.T. Training Now!

A free and member-based I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked many, many sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. You are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Also offered are free technical training tutorials co-branded with Check us out today.

Copyright Notice: Please note that all of the items hyperlinked are copyrighted by their authors and/or publishers. You are expected to look for, read, and adhere to such notices. Downloaded and online material is copyrighted whether or not a copyright notice is present.


***'s Member Site ***

Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training.

  1. If you are looking for training and tutorials covering popular software such as Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Web Development, Windows and Computer Hardware, please see our sister site,

The total price to join our member's site is only $15.00 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, or $36.00 for 6 months. The funds generated will assist us to help all those seeking IT education and application development training. Here's the link to see what's available on our member's site and to sign up: <>. You can email Jeff Love with questions.

I will give you 8 great Free Bonuses when you sign up now. These are as follows:
1. A Comprehensive 47-page IT Glossary
2. How To Understand Windows Error Messages program 
3. 105 Great Totally Free Utility Programs 
4. A Bug Tracking Access
5. The Four Best IT Salary Calculator/Wizard sites 
6. 12 Great Web Resources for Learning the Best Methods to Study and Take Tests
7. Six Great e-Books (a $120 value) to help you Make Money using the Internet
8. Five extra bonus IT resource sites that are the best from our "worth mentioning" newsletter section

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