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*** ISSUE #46 - August 2005 ***


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1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

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8)... Question of the Month about Technical Training

9)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission

1) Editor's Greeting:

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This is the August 2005 issue of our free monthly newsletter for Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources providing you with the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs $15 for two months, for more information please see Become a Member of

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your computer education and training and are tools to advance your IT career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and from a user's perspective. 

In this issue we describe and link to a total of 41 computer, IT and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

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2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT Training & Courses page at, our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at, or to our members' site.

This is our new free computer and IT education and training search engine housing over 70,000 free training internet resources! Just type in a topic you're looking for and get tons of great web resources instantly. These results are much better than the big search engines, like google. A couple tips: 1) to exclude a word, type minus sign (-) in front of it, and 2) to get more free training resources simple click on the 'next' link at the bottom of each page. You can also check out our predefined search results page here:

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Also, here are a few search results to get you started:

  Web Development:

  Java Learning Resources:

  Linux Tutorials:

  XML Tutorials:

  C++ Tutorials:

  A+ Tutorials and free practice questions:

  iNet+ Tutorials:

  Network+ Tutorials:

  MCSE preparation:



  Windows 2003: paid Member-only search with 50,000 more free resources:  

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Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses:

This is one of our new free training and tutorial sites, provides over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level texts on using word processors through to advanced techniques in web development/database design and network routing.



Learn About Computers, Software Development, and Information Technology:

In this new section of you can learn all about computers, software development, and Information Technology, and how you can use computers to your advantage. Some articles here will help you in your everyday computer life; some are more concerned with programming software and computer science; while others inform you how information and data are logically managed, transformed and communicated in small and large environments. I will be adding more content to this new section in the future.

In this new section are the following excellent training books and courses for studying for the Linux LPI certification exams, and learning Linux system administration and the Linux end-user desktop.

Free GNU/Linux LPI Training Manuals: LPI101, LPI102, LPI201:
Each of these free training and tutorial LPI manuals are designed for a 3 to 4 day training course to prepare for the LPI certification exams.

Linux System Administration Course:
This course teaches you how to install, create and manage user accounts, install new hardware, make backups and many other mission critical tasks a System Administrator would need to know.

Userguide to Using the Linux Desktop:
This user guide is an introductory self-learning guide on how to use a personal computer (PC) running the Linux operating system. It assumes that the user has no prior knowledge of Linux or PC usage.

MC MCSE: Microsoft, CompTIA, CIW and Cisco Certification Resources:

This Certification Preparation support site offers free study guides and resources for the following I.T. certification exams: Cisco, CIW, Comptia (A+, i-Net, Linux+, Server+, Network+ Security), and Microsoft.

Here are some guides, references, and books covering several technical areas,
including Red Hat Linux, Network+ Certification, Cisco, XML, and Microsoft MCSE for Windows 2000.

Squid book (zip): E-Books/Manuals/

Apache docs (pdf): E-Books/Manuals/apachedocs.pdf

PHP Manual en (pdf): E-Books/Manuals/php_manual_en.pdf

Red Hat Linux RHCE CramSession ebook (pdf): Linux RHCE CramSession %283%29.pdf

Network+ (chm): E-Books/Certifications,Trainings/Network+.chm

Building a Cisco Wireless LAN (zip): E-Books/Certifications,Trainings/Building a Cisco Wireless LAN/

The XML Schema Complete Reference (2002) (chm): E-Books/../The XML Schema Complete Reference.chm

Assembly Language&nbsp; Step-by-Step (pdf): E-Books/../Assembly Language_Step-by-Step.pdf

Refactoring (chm): E-Books/../..Refactoring.chm

Smart Draw Tutorial UML (pdf): E-Books/../Smart Draw-Tutorial_UML.pdf

Business Modeling with the UML and Rational Suite Analyst Studio (pdf): E-Books/..g/27070_BusinessModeling.pdf

MCSE Network Essentials (zip): E-Books/../MCSE Network Essential/

Free Cram Sheets for MCSE, CCNA and A+

ExamForce is offering a free bundle of cram sheets and guides for the Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA and CompTIA A+ exams. Like the original tearsheets in the Exam Cram books, these cram sheets contain important material you'll need to know prior to taking your next exam.

Free Cram Sheets for Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA and CompTIA A+ Exams:

This bundle of Cram Sheets includes:

If you prefer not to register, you can download your free Exam Cram Sheets and Cram Guides at:

Please note that the Cram Sheets are in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format, and that you will need to unzip them prior to use.

Study Prep Materials for CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Project+

Here are several sheets, guides and a couple of books to help you study and prepare for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Project+, and MCSD certification exams.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Preparation Training:

A+ Certification Training Kit Second Edition:

A+ Motherboards:

A Complete Illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware:

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Study Sheets:

Network+ Study Notes:

Network+ Topologies:

Network+ - Network Cabling:

Network+ - Network Connectors:

Network+ - Network Services:

Free Network+ Courses:

CompTIA IT Project+ Certification Exam Study Sheet:

CompTIA Server+: Certification Exam Study Sheet:

Lastly, here is an MCSD Study Guide:

IT Security Cookbook:

This book is intended as a 'self help' guide to computer & network security, primarily for security managers, programmers and system administrators.

Unix Book Camp:

Here are resources for understanding the basics of Unix and how it operates:

This SQL course provides you with more advanced easy-to-follow SQL Instruction and the ability to practice what you learn on-line with immediate feedback. Here are the pages:

Database eLearning:

This site is focused on online database learning, where you can learn how to administer and program a relational database. It provides an online database textbook. Topics covered by the chapters in this book are listed below.

Lecture Slides are available here:

SQL Tutorials on this site are here:

A Gentle Introduction to SQL:

This site hosts a great Interactive SQL Tutorial, from which you can learn how to use SQL with: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Mimer SQL, PostgreSQL and Access. Topics covered include:


Reference Section: How To:

This site hosts many good training books and materials coviering all major Microsoft MCSE certification exams, including 70-270, 70-284, 70-290, 70-291, 70-292, 70-296. Also included here are 4 books teaching you how to develop C Sharp and Visual Basic.Net programs with ASP.Net and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Exam 70-270 Microsoft Windows XP Professional: Microsoft Windows XP Professional/

Exam 70-284 Exchange Server 2003:

v70-290 Win Server 2003 Environment: Win.Server.2003.Environment/

Exam 70-291 Win Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Win.Server.2003.Network.Infrastructure/

Microsoft Certification Exam 70-292 Study Guide:

Microsoft Certification Exam 70-296 Study Guide:

ISA 2004:

MCSE Training Guide - Networking Essentials: Training Guide - Networking Essentials.chm


Windows XP Hacks: XP Hacks.chm

Microsoft Asp Dot Net Programming With Visual Basic Dot Net Version 2003 Step By Step Ebook (chm): Asp Dot Net With Visual Basic 2003 Step By Step Ebook.chm

C Sharp Web Development with ASP.NET.
Visual QuickStart Guide: Web Development with ASP.NET. Visual QuickStart Guide.chm

Mastering Visual Studio .NET: Visual Studio .NET.chm

Visual Studio .NET in 21 Days: Studio .NET in 21 Days.chm

Egghead Cafe bills itself as the niche portal for experienced ASP and Windows web developers and programmers. It offers Tutorial articles, forums, and sample code for C#, .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Basic.Net, SQL Server, ADO, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, DHTML/HTML, Web Services.

All Articles and Tutorials:

Tips and Tricks:

SQL Server Flash Video Tutorials:

Learn how to create a database, manage indexes, manage triggers, and database maintenance plans. All these flash based tutorials.

SQL Server - Create A Database And Database User:

SQL Server - Create Tables:

SQL Server - Create Constraints And Indexes:

SQL Server - Managing Database Maintenance Plans:



3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites:

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books page at and some will be added to our members site.


The Java Series - Free Online Books:

This is Sun's authorized series of books on the Java 2 Platform and APIs, directly from those creating the technology. They are all free in html format.

Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform, Second Edition:

The J2EE Tutorial:

J2EE Technology In Practice:

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Blueprints:

The Jini Specification:

The Java Tutorial:
Object Oriented Programming for the Internet

The Java Tutorial Continued:
The Rest of the JDK

The JFC Swing Tutorial:
A Guide to Constructing GUIs

The Java Tutorial, Third Edition:
A Short Course on the Basics

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines:

Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics:

JNDI API Tutorial and Reference:
Building Directory-Enabled Java Applications:

The Java 3D API Specification, Second Edition:

The Real-Time Specification for Java:

The Java Language Specification:

The Java Virtual Machine Specification:

Here are 8 free Programming and Development books covering the following:
C++, Java, Linux programming, C Sharp, and Network Security
I hope you enjoy these.

Industrial Strength C++ Book:

Mastering Enterprise Java Beans:

Processing XML with Java:

Understanding the Linux Kernel:

Advanced Linux Programming:

Learning C Sharp:

Free C Sharp Book Chapters:

The 60 Minutes Network Security Guide:
The NSA Network and System Attack Center (SNAC) has just release a fantastic guide on network security.

Index of ebooks:

This site contains over 20 very useful books and ebooks that will help you to learn and understand Linux. There are some here for those just starting to learn Linux, some for intermediate, and some for the advanced system administrators.

100 Linux Tips and Tricks:

Benchmarks WP HP Oracle:

LDAP Implementation HowTo:: Implementation HOWTO.txt

Linux Administrator Guide 2: Administrator Guide 2.pdf

Linux NetAdmin Guide: NetAdmin Guide.pdf

Linux Full Command Manual: full command manual.pdf

Linux Complete Command Reference:

Linux PHP How To:

Sams' Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours (pdf): Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours.pdf

Securing Optimizing Linux RH Edition v1.3:

Shell Programming in 24 Hours:

Unix Cook Book: Cook Book.pdf

Unix System Administration Handbook: System Administration Handbook.pdf

Complete Idiots Guide to Linux:


Firewalls Complete:

Linux Administration:

Linux Administration 2:


Linux Full Command Manual:

Linux Security:

MySQL Manual:

Understanding IP Addressing:

MIK - some documentation:

Cisco Certification Books:

The Java Reference Library, version 1.3:

The Java Enterprise CD, Version 1.0:

The Perl CD, version 2.0:

The Networking CD, Version 2.0:

Web Developer`s Library:

The Oracle PL/SQL CD, version 1.0:

The Linux Web server CD, version 1.0:

Using Samba:

The Unix CD, version 1.0:

Index of /books:

Here are several books in pdf and chm (help) format covering Java and EJB programming, Oracle, Linux, XML, UML, and Python.

Java Servlet Programming 2nd ed: Java Servlet Programming 2nd.chm

Design Patterns Mini Handbook:

Design Patterns Explained: Patterns Explained.pdf

EJB Design Patterns:

J2EE and XML Development:

Java in a Nutshell 4th: in a Nutshell



Java 3D Programming:  - Java 3d Programming.pdf

Mastering EJB 2:

Java Threads - 2ed:'Reilly - Java Threads - 2ed.pdf

Oracle Performance Tuning:

Understanding The Linux Kernel 2nd: The Linux Kernel  2nd.pdf

Enterprise Javabeans 3rd Edition: - Enterprise Javabeans 3rd Edition.pdf

Java Network Programming, 2nd Edition: - Java Network Programming, 2nd Edition.pdf

Java Performance Tuning: - Java Performance Tuning.pdf

Java RMI: - Java Rmi.pdf

Learning XML: - Learning Xml.pdf

Python And XML: - Python And Xml.pdf

XML in a Nutshell Second Edition: - XML in a Nutshell Second Edition.chm

Ant - The Definitive Guide: Ant - The Definitive Guide.pdf

Patterns In Java:

PeopleWare 2ed:


Threads Primer - a guide to multithreaded programming: primer - a guide to multithreaded programmingr.pdf

The Unified Modeling Language User Guide: Modeling Language User Guide, The.pdf

Unix Haters Handbook:


Here is another site with many computer, programming, web, OS, and IT books available in pdf, chm, rar, and zip formats.
This site has a message that it is temporarilty unavailable outside of Russia.

http://ftp.anyhost ru/books/Cisco/

Downloads - Computer eBooks:

This is a website containing many good information technology related books on these topics: Programming Java, C++, Delphi, JBuilder, Perl, C#,, software application development, web programming, Linux, UML, XML, Oracle, database application development, Microsoft servers, and Windows programming. The list below is grouped by these topics.

Java Programming:

Getting Started with Java:
Thinking In Java - Second Edition:
Java Basics - 1:
Java Basics - 2:
Java 2 Network Security:
Enterprise Java Beans - Developer's Guide:
Java - Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans & Java 2 Platform:
Java Programming Language Handbook:
Teach Yourself Java In 21 Days:
Java 2 Web Developer Certification study Guide (1):
Pure JSP - Java server pages - a Code-intensive Reference:

Linux Administration and Programming:

Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux:
Linux Complete Command Reference:
Linux Programming Unleash:
Linux Security:
Linux Network Admin Guide:
Special Edition Using Linux:
Unix Unleashed - System Administrator's Edition:
Developing Open Tools:

C++ Programming:

Inside C++:
Thinking In C++ 2nd Edition:
Borland C++ in 14 Days:
Borland C++ Builder DG:
Learn Visual C++ 6.0:
Programming Visual C++:
Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 days:

Delphi Programming:

Developer's Guide Delphi 6:
Delphi - Object Pascal Language Guide:
Mastering Delphi 6:

JBuilder Programming:

Introducing JBuilder:
Team Development Using JBuilder:
Java - Borland JBuilder - Developing Database Application:
Building Applications with JBuilder:

Perl Programming:

Learning Perl:
Perl Programers Reference Guide:
Perl in a Nutshell:

Web Programming:

Web Application:
Web Applications - Developer's Guide:
Web Page Design in 7 days:
DHTML & JavaScript:
Java - JavaScript Bible Gold 2001:

Oracle DBA:

Oracle DBA Survial Guide:
Oracle DBA Cert Kit Ebook:

Database Application Development:

Database Application - Developer's Guide:
Delphi - Database Application Developers book:
Programming Microsoft Access 2000:

Sharp, ASP.Net, and Visual Studio / Interdev Programming:

C# .NET Web Developer's Guide:
# Reference:
65 Tips For Migrating To Visual Studio.Net:
Programming Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0:
Programming ADO:

Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net Programming: Microsoft Visual Basic Black Book:
Microsoft Visual Basic Design Patterns:
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0:
Practical Standards For Microsoft Visual Basic:
Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 - 2nd Edition:
VB.NET Developers Guide:
Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic NET:
Visual Basic.Net:

Microsoft SQL Server:

SQL Server 2000 Design Study Guide:
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000:
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - Database Design:
Microsoft SQL Server Black Book:
MS Press - 70-228 SQL Server 2000:

Windows Programming:

Microsoft Windows Scripthost 2.0 Developers Guide:
Programming Windows:
Programming Windows CE:
Programming Windows With MFC Second Edition:

Microsoft Servers:

Programming Microsoft Outlook And Microsoft Exchange:
Microsoft Exchange Server Training:
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Administrator's Companion:
Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Trainig:
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Training Kit:
Programming The Microsoft Windows Driver Model:
Guide to Source Configuration of ISA server:


Mastering UML with rational Rose 2002:

UML Java Reverse Engineering Tutorial:

Programming - Object Oriented Analysis - C++ UML:


Developing XML Solutions:

Java and XML Tutorial - Visual

Syngress - XML.NET Developers Guide:

What is XML:
XML in Action Web Technology:
XML and Soap Programming for BizTalk Servers:
XML - The Java API for XML Parsing Tutorial:


Designing Network Security:
Dictionary of Networking:
Illustrated TCPIP:
Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking:
Network Programming For Microsoft Windows:
TCPIP Network Administration:
TCPIP Manual:


4) University Computer Science Course Sites Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

Open E-Commerce Courseware:

IBM offers course materials to help you get started with many of their products and technologies. Included on their course ware page are resources to university e-commerce course materials and content that are freely available.

The University of Victoria's Computer Science department's course in Open Source Software Development.

Managing the Digital Enterprise:
An Open-Education Curriculum that Uses the Internet to Foster a Global Understanding of E-Commerce (Professor Michael Rappa, North Carolina State University).

Eclipse Community Education Project:
The goal of the Eclipse Community Education Project (ECESIS) is to promote the creation, improvement and distribution of commercial and academic quality Eclipse courseware, education and training technologies, and resource material.

Intranets and Business Intelligence: Professor Jacek Brzezinski, DePaul University

Omnexus: The Plastics e-Marketplace: Case study that provides a detailed examination of Omnexus, an e-marketplace operating in the plastics industry Professor Arun Rai, Georgia State University

E-Commerce Course Materials :
Focuses on three major components: Valuation of e-commerce firms, critical managerial issues for e-commerce operations and the underlying business models (Professor Joshua Livnat, New York University).

Electronic Commerce Education Materials : Course materials on new business models in e-commerce focusing on strategy, privacy, domain names and business method patents (Professors Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Emerson H. Tiller, University of Texas at Austin).

5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users
- Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:


A collection of FAQs for C, C++, C#, Java, ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, HTML, SQL Server, and Oracle.

PC Tech Guide:

This site has lots of computer hardware information and articles.

The SAP Fan Club:

This site has an article section here:


6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at

2 Sites for Links to Free Computer Books

Here are 2 resource sites that provide links to Free Computer and Technical Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes.

Ju Rao's Homepage: Free Computer Books:

Dhruvaraj Collection Of Free Online Books:

Iran Web Designer - Ebooks:

This is a pretty good link site to many freely available books on the internet. Some of the links are broken, but many are not. Below are the topical starting pages.


Linux and Unix:

Security and Firewall

Operating Systems:

Programming languages:



7) I.T. Sites and Free Downloads Worth Mentioning:

eEye Vulnerability Assessment and
Intrusion Prevention Network Security Software:

eEye Digital Security offers free Tools use by the computer network security community. All tools are free of charge, and any feedback or modifications are welcome.



8) Question of the Month about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and IT training and career development.

August 2005 Question of the Month: 

Please describe another method you find free computer training on the web, as you did in last month's question of the month.


 OK, here is another type of google search you can do to find the free computer training, tutorials and books that you are looking for. This is similar to last month's answer, except instead of keywords in the beginning of the search phrase. You will need to know the name of a book that is about the subject you are looking for.

Type in the exact name of a book that covers the topic you want to learn more about (in double quotes), followed by "(books OR tutorial) (pdf OR zip OR chm OR rar) -purchase -buy -shopping -review" without the double quotes.

Here are the URLs of 4 google searches using this method:

Advanced Linux Programming:

Mastering Enterprise Java Beans:

Learning C Sharp:

Web Design in a Nutshell:

You will still need to dig a little into the results of these searches, but you should find what you're looking for. I recommend reviewing at least 100, and preferable 200 search results from these searches to find the best free training content and materials.


Jeff Love
Web Master and Editor

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How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

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Kaplan College Online:
Advance your career with an online degree from Kaplan College

Capella University -accredited online education for professionals:

Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources
Free I.T. Training Now!

A free and member-based I.T. educational and training portal web site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked many, many sites that will be of keen interest to computer science students and instructors and others seeking free training and knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from programming to systems administration to networking to the internet. You are able to study and learn all about computers and I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Also offered are free technical training tutorials co-branded with Check us out today.

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Our Members' Site contains the web's best computer and IT training resources and tutorials. This content is individually linked and presented in a way to expedite and facilitate your IT learning experience. We have done all the web research and presentation work for you so you can concentrate solely on your computer training. Member Site FAQ Answers:

  1. Over half of the web sites and pages in our members site are not in the free section of our web site. The online training resources in our members' site are linked and laid out in a much more detailed fashion than those in the free section. This will save you time in finding all the best free training on the web.
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6. 12 Great Web Resources for Learning the Best Methods to Study and Take Tests
7. Six Great e-Books (a $120 value) to help you Make Money using the Internet
8. Five extra bonus IT resource sites that are the best from our "worth mentioning" newsletter section

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