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1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is the March 2009 issue (#86) of our free monthly newsletter for Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources providing you with the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs $15 for two months, for more information please see Become a Member of

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In this issue we describe and link to a total of 158 computer, IT and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do.

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2) The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT Training & Courses page at, our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at, or to our members' site.

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Here are a few search results to get you started:

  Web Development:

  Java Learning Resources:

  Linux Tutorials:

  XML Tutorials:

  C++ Tutorials:

  A+ Tutorials and free practice questions:

  iNet+ Tutorials:

  Network+ Tutorials:

  MCSE preparation:



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Intelligentedu Online Library of Training Courses

This is another one of our new Free training and tutorial sites, providing over 450 free online IT tutorials. Tutorials range from entry level training on using word processors through to advanced techniques in programming, web development, database design, and network routing. In-depth courses are also available at low cost.


21 C++ Programing Tutorials

Here are 21 C++ Programing Tutorials at Inferno Development. These C++ tutorials use example code to get you up and running with coding C++, and they also teach you intermediate to advanced C++ programming concepts such as: Arrays, Loops, Security and Encryption Techniques, C++ Pointers and References, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Advanced Classes, Constructors, Destructors, and Copy Constructors.

 - C/C++ Basic Structures of a Simple Program
 - C++ Beginner Programming Video Tutorial
 - C++ Arrays
 - Control Structures (if else)
 - Loops
 - 5 Tips to Improve Your Code's Readability
 - C++ Buffer Overflow Exploit
 - C++ Log File Class (Forget Debuggers)
 - C++ Pthreads API
 - Beginner C++ Cout Cin Integer
 - Singleton C++
 - Simple C++ Pointers and References
 - Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions
 - Advanced Classes, Constructors, Destructors, and Copy Constructors
 - C++ Volatile Keyword
 - C++ Program Without Main Function
 - Perfect C++ String Explode Split
 - How to Implement a Substitution Cipher in C++
 - C++ XOR Encryption Cipher for Secret Messages
 - Set Console Text Color
 - C++ Prime Number


13 Java Tutorials

Here are 13 Java Tutorials at These Java tutorials introduce you to Java and then get right into writing code to create a few graphics applications. They also teach you how to install Java on a mobile phone and write applications for it, and then how to go about compiling and running it. These Java Tutorials also briefly cover Java Swing, which handles user interface component development in Java.

 - Java: Very simple (part1)
 - Java - 01 - Introduction
 - Java - 02 - Hello World
 - Java - 03 - Compile and Run
 - C++ vs. Java
 - Java Swing
 - Java Program: Printing a Hollow Square using Asterisks
 - Java Program: Printing a Solid Square using Asterisks
 - Java Program: Printing an Inverted Triangle using Asterisks
 - How to Install Java and Applications on your Mobile - Tutorial
 - Java Program: Printing the Letter "D" with Asterisks
 - Java: Fighting the Critics
 - Java: Very simple (part2)


8 PHP Tutorials

Posted here are 8 good PHP Tutorials at PHP is a scripting language for designing and generating web pages and its freely available on most web servers. These PHP tutorials explain various concepts of PHP and how to get started with coding this scripting language.

PHP - 01 - Introduction
This video tutorial gives you a brief introduction of PHP and how it can be used for creating.

How To Start PHP Programming in Windows
This tutorial will guide you in setting up what is required to run PHP on your computer. As with most programming and scripting languages, we start with the classic ‘Hello World’ program.

PHP's Benefits
Explains PHP’s advantages and why it is such a powerful scripting language. It also explains how the script interacts with databases and its cost benefits.

How to Create a Basic Website with PHP very quickly.
In this tutorial, we create a website with PHP using PHP scripts in the HTML page.

Swap Variable's Values in PHP
We swap the values of two variables in this tutorial that deals with data manipulation in PHP.

PHP: Display the time passed in any format you want
This tutorial deals with displaying various date formats and how they can be set. It also deals with calculations using the date function.

Learn PHP Language
This video tutorial shows how a user can work with PHP and its intricacies.

PHP - 03 - Variables
Another video tutorial, this one deals with the variables available in PHP such as numbers and characters.


.NET Web Services and CLR Presentation Slides

Here are Jim Miller's two Web Services and Common Language Runtime Presentations, located at Dr. Miller, who works as a Lead Program Manager for Microsoft Corporation, explains the concept of Web Services and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) in two separate presentations, the first flowing to concepts presented in the second. These presentations help you understand more about these two concepts using source code and examples from Microsoft Stack.

This first section outlines problems of the web in terms of interaction between multiple applications and explains how this issue can be overcome using Web Services. Dr. Miller talks about the various distributed technologies that have emerged over the years, which include Web Services. He also explains how to utilize Web Services and various other standards, simplifying it with source code and industry examples.

 - Web Services Part I (html)      - Web Services Part I (ppt)

In the second section, Dr. Miller discusses the various web development tools available to develop web applications using web services. The first few slides of the presentations help us to understand how a web service can be used in traditional web applications using the HTML, ASP.Net, Scripting, UDDI,WSDL,SOAP etc. This seciton also covers the .Net Common Language Runtime architecture and the .NET execution model for managed and unmanaged code, along with details about native code, IL code and Meta data and mapping these with and WSDL, etc.

 - Web Services Part II (html)     - Web Services Part II (ppt)


13 Web Services Tutorials

Here are 13 Web Services Tutorials at These Web Services tutorials will familiarize you with the need for Web Services, its benefits and how to go about developing enterprise applications. It also explains in detail how to create XML Web Services with C++ and with the use of an existing COM component. Web Services tutorials also introduce the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which is responsible for grouping functionality with business process and bind them together to form interoperable services.

Web Services Tutorials:

 -  Create and Consume a Web Service in .NET
 -  How to get Rid of your hidden internet history files (p.s sorry only for windows 95 98 )
 -  Introduction to XML for the beginner: Understanding Markup Languages
 -  Walkthrough: Creating an XML WebService using Manged Extensions for C++
 -  WalkThought: Accessing an XML web service using C++
 -  Calling Web Services Asynchronously
 -  Using an Existing COM Component to Create a Web Service
 -  Basic WSDL and how to use WSDL docs to Access a SOAP Service
 -  Random Sliding Bars in Flash 5
 -  Interoperability of Web Services (Part 2)
 -  Interoperability of Web Services: Seeing is believing
 -  Consuming a web service with command-line tools
 -  Creating and Using a Simple Web Service, Part I


51 Web Development Tutorials

Given below are 51 Web Development Tutorials at Irrespective of whether you are a beginner learning the basics of Web Development, or an expert trying to find an innovative solution to a problem, these web development tutorials will essentially guide you in both aspects. The topics covered here are vast and varied, and include HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI, ASP, PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript and XML. Each of these topic has multiple, easy-to-understand tutorials, and they should get you up to speed in no time.

General Web Development Tutorials:

 -  Calculating date differences using JavaScript
 -  Javascript Photo Album
 -  Using PHP To Create Dynamically Driven Templates
 -  Introduction to JavaScript: Rotating Banners on your web page
 -  How to log IP's (and some other http headers) with ASP/VB
 -  Introduction to SSL for IIS5
 -  A beginners approach to creating an online webcam.
 -  Dynamic tables using XML and Internet Explorer 5 (or better)
 -  Putting a cool border around a picture
 -  PHP/MySQL Announcements
 -  Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks
 -  PHP/MySQL Safe Query
 -  Submitting a FORM to a new window
 -  Best Practices for Securing Microsoft IIS 5 and 5.1
 -  PHP and mySQL
 -  PHP Math Processor
 -  Put Messenger Contacts on Your Site
 -  How to create an army of remote network nodes for debugging network applications
 -  Hosting Multiple Domains With IIS
 -  Parsing XML - Wired News Reader
 -  Hosting Multiple Domains With One Machine
 -  Sending Email with JavaMail
 -  Overcoming "401 Access Denied"
 -  Perl - The Basics
 -  The Basics of SSI
 -  C and C++ Compiled CGI Scripts for the Web
 -  Creating a Graphical Hit Counter In Perl
 -  Using HTML and SSI to create templates
 -  Effective use of HTML Tables
 -  More non-web uses for JavaScript...
 -  Positioning With CSS
 -  Making Coloured Scroll-bars for IE 5.5 Using CSS
 -  Set up your own name server
 -  PHP: Generating Form Result
 -  Let's have fun with basic PHP II : File Uploading with PHP
 -  XML, Part 2: XML Schemas
 -  Partitioning Large Images to Reduce Download Time
 -  Setting up SSL for your Servers and Email
 -  XML, Part 1: XML and Namespaces
 -  Intro to PHP
 -  Beginner's HTML
 -  Using Tables To Make Your Website Look More Professional
 -  Let's have fun with basic PHP I: Email address validation
 -  Flash light effect using Macromedia Flash 4.0
 -  CGI script to send mail
 -  Using JavaScript for more than just web pages can be both fun and profitable....
 -  Random positioning with javascript.
 -  CSS: Why the need, and what can it do?
 -  Basic HTML
 -  JavaScript and the DOM
 -  How to put a JavaScript into an HTML document?


Lots of C# Tutorials

Here you can find lots of C# Tutorials at to learn the C# programming basics to C# advanced. C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a programming language developed by Microsoft and is part of the .NET suite of developer tools for application development. C# is simple to use and is heavily influenced by Java. Besides Microsoft’s native Visual Studio, there are many development tools such as SharpDevelop (which is an open source editor for C#), MonoDevelop (also an open source editor for Linux) and QuickSharp 2008, to name a few. These C# tutorials also guide you through the importance of object-oriented concepts and design patterns in C# programming.

C# Tutorials:

 -  Scheduled Email Reports
 -  Namespaces Exercise
 -  Creating an Application with Multiple Forms
 -  String type object seems to act like a value type even it is reference type!
 -  Registry save program
 -  A nifty pager control.
 -  Mersenne Twister
 -  Single Instance Applications in WinForms
 -  IIS (Internet Information Services) Administration using ADSI and .NET DirectoryServices Namespace
 -  DataSet Debugging Utility
 -  Design Pattern: Abstract Factory in C#
 -  Design Pattern: Factory Method in C#
 -  Comparing Data using C#
 -  How BinHex Conversions work
 -  C# Intro: Arrays and loops
 -  C# Intro: Operators, expressions, and conditionals
 -  C# Intro: Operators, expressions, and conditionals
 -  C# Intro: Variables and standard input
 -  C# Intro: Setting up the compiler and a small intro
 -  C# Compiler Switches
 -  Programming Fundamentals: Collections in C#
 -  QuickSort in C#
 -  Intro to Basic File I/O Using a Word Counter/Parser
 -  Get The User Name In C# For NT Authentication
 -  XML Serialization of Collections in C#
 -  XML Serialization of Collections in C#
 -  File encryption in C#
 -  File encryption in C#
 -  Design Pattern: Singleton in C#
 -  Analog Clock Control
 -  CD (Change Directory) Glitch
 -  Introduction to .NET Framework
 -  Accessing SQL Server Data in C# with ADO .NET
 -  Object Serialization and Deserialization in C#
 -  Resizing an Image in a PictureBox for Best Fit
 -  Drawing Cards with C#
 -  NonRectangular Forms
 -  Simple Splash Screens
 -  User Controls for Windows and the Web
 -  Introduction to C# Events
 -  Basic overriding and overloading in C#
 -  Moving Around in Terrarium
 -  Terrarium .NET: Introduction to Creature Development
 -  Accessors in C#
 -  Serial COM Simply in C#
 -  Control the Properties Box with Attributes
 -  Creating and Sorting the ListView
 -  Web Browser/Content in a C# Application
 -  Creating a Windows Service with C#
 -  The Dating Game
 -  C# Registry Basics
 -  Exploring the System.Reflection.Emit Namespace
 -  DirectorySize Report - a look at recursion and HTML generation
 -  COM Interop: Messenger Auto-Responder
 -  String Localization in C#
 -  Using Owner Draw to Make an Image List Box
 -  Writing Your Own Type-Safe Collection
 -  Invisible Windows
 -  Utilizing Web Services from within a C# Windows Application
 -  The command line compiler C#
 -  Self-Detaching Controls in C#
 -  Microsoft C# versus Java, Part I
 -  Writing Your First C# Application (for beginers)
 -  Reading MP3 Headers
 -  Embedding and Using Resources in C#
 -  Introduction to C# Controls
 -  Reading XML Files, Part II
 -  Reading XML Files, Part I
 -  Drawing with the .NET Framework
 -  Using Regular Expressions
 -  Creating Custom Web Controls in C#
 -  Intro to Constructors in C#
 -  Building XML File in C#
 -  Asynchronous server socket using C#
 -  XML Serialization in C#
 -  Sorting Techniques in C#
 -  Reading and Writing Files in C# Part 1
 -  How to override methods in C#


10 VB.NET Tutorials

Here are 10 VB .NET Tutorials at ( to leverage the power of VB.NET to build applications for different technologies. Visual Basic.Net (VB.Net) is the newest evolution of Visual Basic and part of the .Net suite of application development tools extends traditional VB capabilities to include structured exception handling, method overloading, inheritance and more. The VB.Net extended capabilities make it easy to create .Net applications which include windows applications, Web Services and web applications. These VB.Net tutorials will provide you with tips to get you up and going to start working with this language.

VB .NET Tutorials:

 -  Type - Strong List in VB .Net
 -  MyClass Keyword in VB .NET
 -  Prevent Multiple Instances of a .NET Windows Application
 -  Painting a background onto the MDIClient part of an MDIForm
 -  Uncovering the .Net Framework (v 1.0) FolderBrowser Dialog
 -  Validate User Input the Easy Way
 -  Validating Input in VB .Net
 -  Client/Server Apps in VS .Net
 -  How to Build an FTP Client with VS .Net
 -  Passing text between forms with VB .NET


19 Database Tutorials

The 19 Database Tutorials below are found at and explain how to access and work with databases using C#, VB and XML. Put simply, databases are a collection of records that are structured to meet a specific standard. These, for example, may be records of employees, payroll or even an inventory. Various applications are allowed to manipulate the data stored in a database. These applications can be written in a variety of languages with each language having its own interface to connect to a database. These database tutorials will provide you with tips to get you up and going to start working with database programming.

General Database Tutorials:

 -  Querying an OLAP-datasource using C#
 -  Data-Binding Windows Forms with ADO.NET
 -  How to copy data from one recordset to another using ADO
 -  An Even Smarter Database Manager
 -  A Smarter Database Manager for C#
 -  Mysql Database: Creation & Usage with C#
 -  Using Indexing to Increase Performance
 -  Using Connection Pooling in Database Driven Applications
 -  SQL Connection Management
 -  SQL Server Queries over HTTP with XML
 -  Simple SQL Aggregate Functions
 -  Constructing SQL Queries - Intermediate Level
 -  Database Normalization part II -- Second and Third Normal Forms
 -  Database Normalization
 -  SQL_Primer
 -  SQL Server Stored Procedures
 -  Unbound Data Sources with ADO in VB 6
 -  Doing an Indexed Search Using 'Containstable', 'Contains'
 -  Setting up Full Text Search with Sql Server 2000 Enterprise Manager


3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites:

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books page at and some will be added to our members site

Software Engineering, Software QA, and Project Management eBooks

Here are 26 Software Engineering and Development eBooks, along with 12 Software Testing and QA ebooks and 30 Project Management ebooks.

Topics for the 26 Sofware Engineering eBooks:
 - Software Engineering
 - Design Patterns
 - UML
 - Java programming
 - J2EE Design, Development, and Architecture
 - EJB
 - Hibernate
 - Spring
 - Unix programming


Computer and Programming eBooks at crazyreaders

Here are lots of Computer and Programming eBooks at crazyreaders. Click on the Computers category on the left margin menu, or look directly at the sites computer ebook directory. Many technical topics are covered, as linked in the categories shown below.

Categories of eBooks at crazyreaders:

 - General
 - C and C++
 - Java
 - PHP
 - Web Design
 - Database
 - CSS
 - Perl
 - C#
 - Visual Studio
 - .Net
 - ECE
 - Cobol
 - Python
 - Fortran
 - Pascal
 - JavaScript
 - UML
 - Web Services
 - XML
 - Linux
 - Unix
 - Software Testing
 - Networking
 - Microsoft Office
 - Operating Systems
 - Software Enggineering
 - Embed Systems
 - Hardware


31 C++, Java, and Linux Programming eBooks

Here is an programming ebook site containing 31 ebooks covering C++, Java, Linux, LDAP, PHP, and Shell programming.

Topics for these eBooks:

 - C++ and C Programming
 - C++ Network Programming
 - Java Programming
 - LDAP Programming
 - Linux Shell Scripting
 - Linux Programming
 - PHP Scripting
 - MySQL and PHP
 - Fortran 90
 - Algorithms


106 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here is a site repository of 106 Computer and Programming eBooks covering many technical areas and programming technologies, as listed below.

eBook Topics:

 - C++ programming
 - Networking
 - Java, J2EE, EJB
 - JBoss
 - Perl
 - PHP
 - Java Server Pages (JSP)
 - Design Patterns
 - Database Design
 - XML
 - SQL
 - PostgreSQL
 - MySQL
 - PHP
 - Linux
 - .Net (dotNet)
 - C# (C Sharp)
 - VB .NET
 - VBA
 - Active Directory
 - Windows XP
 - UML
 - Use Cases
 - Project Management
 - Cryptography
 - Data Mining
 - Borland Delphi
 - Artificial Intelligence
 - Assembly


Over 100 Technical eBooks

Here is the Index of e-books at containing over 100 technical ebook downloads. Topics covered by these freely available ebooks include the following:

eBook Topics:

 - Hardware
 - Artificial Intelligence
 - Algorithms
 - Architecture
 - Digital Comnunication
 - Electric and Electronic Circuits
 - Information Theory
 - Semantic Web
 - Fuzzy Controllers
 - GSM Engineering
 - WiMAX
 - Network Security
 - DSL
 - Java Programming
 - Java Networking
 - Java with Oracle JDBC
 - Windows Vista Networking
 - Cisco
 - Cisco IOIS
 - Ubuntu Linux
 - GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
 - Wireless Communication
 - Wireless Networking and LAN


100 eBooks for Programming, Networking, Communications, and Math

Here are about 100 eBooks covering Computer Programming and Networking, Communications Design and Theory, and Applied Mathematics. The main topics are listed below for your review.

eBook Topics

 - Java Programming
 - Java Network Programming
 - Coding Algorithms and Architecture
 - Ubuntu Linux
 - Windows Vista Networking
 - Cisco
 - Wireless Networking and Communications
 - WiMAX
 - GPRS and 3G Applications
 - Communications Engineering
 - Digital Communications
 - Digital Principals and Design
 - DSL
 - Modulation
 - Applied and Engineering Mathematics
 - Electric and Electronic Circuits
 - Information Theory
 - Fuzzy Controlers
 - GSM Engineering
 - Electrodynmics
 - Graph Theory
 - Microwave Engineering
 - Antenna Theory and Design
 - Calculus and Differential Equations
 - Telecommunications
 - Hard Drive
 - Fiber Optics
 - Probability and Queues
 - Artificial Intelligence


3 Computer and Programming eBook Sites

Here are three more computer ebook link sites:,, and These sites offer links to technical, I.T., and programming ebooks in covering many topics and areas. Most of their categories are linked below.

eBook Categories at
Computer Science
Computer Dictionary
Computer Engineering
Computers (Other)
C++ & CPP
Engineering & Technology
Electrical Engineering. Electronics.
Free Ebooks
Graphics & Design
Internet eBooks
General Books
Java Books
Microsoft Office
Macromedia Flash
Mathematics. Computer Science
Public Health
Systems & Technology
Security Books
Windows Microsoft
Wireless Network

eBook Categories at
Business & Management
Computer ebooks
Computer Engineering
Computers & Internet
free ebooks
free programming ebooks
Graphic Design
Java Tutorial
Professional & Technical
Security & Hacking
Web Design
Web Development
Windows XP

eBook Categories at
.NET (101)
3D (1)
Access (14)
Actionscript (11)
Adobe (47)
Ajax (47)
Algorithm (54)
Animation (11)
Apache (3)
Architecture (9)
Artificial Intelligence (105)
ASP (104)
Assembly (1)
Audio books (41)
Books (12)
C hash (55)
C Sharp (11)
C++ (173)
CAD (12)
CAM (11)
Career (20)
CCNA (5)
CCNP (2)
Certification (73)
CGI Programming (1)
Cisco (149)
CMS (1)
Commerce (66)
Communication (3)
Compiler (1)
Computer books (257)
Cryptography (8)
CS3 (5)
CSS (10)
Data Recovery (1)
Data Structures (2)
Database (195)
Debian (1)
Delphi (9)
Designing (22)
Designpatterns (2)
Development (61)
Dictionaries (17)
DreamWeaver (17)
E-book (840)
Eclipse (1)
Education (19)
EJB (5)
Encyclopedia (14)
Engineering (295)
English (7)
Essential (2)
Examination Books (50)
Excel (24)
Firewalls (1)
Flash (44)
Fundamental Networking in Java (2)
Game Programming (29)
GCC (1)
Graphic Design (140)
Hack (79)
Hardware (55)
Hi-Tech (11)
Html (18)
I.T. eBooks (139)
C# (2)
Information Technology (1)
Internet (23)
Interview Skills (5)
Interviewquestions (2)
J2EE (14)
Java (231)
Java Swing (1)
Javascript (12)
JDBC (2)
JMS (1)
JSP (6)
Kernel (1)
LightWave (2)
MAC World (43)
Macromedia (3)
magazines (294)
Visual C++ (7)
Mathematics (22)
Maya (27)
Microsoft (36)
Microsoft excel (1)
Microsoft Office (2)
Microsoft Windows Vista (1)
MS Office Word (11)
MS Visual Basic (3)
Multimedia (91)
MySQL (1)
Networking (114)
Office (20)
Operating System (17)
Operations Research (3)
Oracle (20)
Oracle SQL (7)
Pearl (26)
Photoshop (146)
PHP (39)
PowerPoint (1)
Practical Guide for Programmers (2)
Practice (2)
Programming (577)
Protocols (3)
PSP (2)
Python (14)
RMI (1)
Robotics (5)
Robotics & Automation (2)
SAP (14)
Search Engine Optimization (6)
Security (22)
SEO (1)
Series (6)
Server (1)
Servlet (2)
Silverlight (1)
SQL (42)
SQL Server (4)
Struts (1)
System Administration (1)
Teaching and Training (4)
TOEFL (85)
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4) University Computer Science Course Sites Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course Webs page at

Programming in C, C++, Perl, Java, and Fortran

Here are several slide presentations, programming tutorials, and some programming books that will teach you Programming in C, C++, Perl, Java, and Fortran, and also show you how to get started with Multithreaded and Shared Memory Programming. These programming learning materials are made available by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Introduction to Scientific Computing
Here are 17 detailed slides that provide an introduction to Scientific Computing. The contents review: Requirements of scientific computing, Some definitions of terms used in scientific computing, Computer architectures, and Benchmarking. (17 pages, 356kb, pdf)

Introduction to C and C++ Programming
This is a 21-slide presentation giving a general overview, with a few coding examples, of the C and C++ programming languages. (21 pages, 48b, pdf)

OpenMP: An API for Portable Shared Memory Programming
This is a presentation of 26 slides that gives an overview and explains some of the details of Shared Memory Parallelization and OpenMP. (7 pages, 41kb, pdf)

C Programming Tutorial

   Section 1: Basic C

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic C, Operations, Types, Storage Classes
  3. Functions, Preprocessor
  4. Input/Output, File Input/Output
   Section 2: Advanced C
  1. Pointers
  2. Arrays
  3. Dynamic Memory Allocation
  4. Strings
  5. Structures
  6. Advanced Data Structures
   Section 3: Appendix
  1. Make and Makefiles
  2. Debugging Techniques
  3. Creating Libraries
  4. Programming Tips and Tricks

Perl Programming Tutorial

   Section 1: Simple Perl
  1. Introduction
  2. Data Structures: Scalars, Arrays, Hashes
  3. Program Control and Functions
  4. Input/Output, File Input/Output, Command-Line Arguments
   Section 2: Beyond Simple Perl
  1. Records and References
  2. Regular Expressions and String Manipulation
  3. Manipulating Files and Directories
  4. Process Management

Multithreaded Programming: Improving Performance through Threads

An overview and tutorial, with coding examples, of multithreaded C programming.
 - What is a thread?
 - Thread Design Patterns
 - Protecting Shared Resources
 - Thread Synchronization Primitives
 - POSIX pthreads
 - Performance Considerations
 - Multiprocess Programming
 - Resources

Online Programming Books and Manuals:

Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition (Revision 12)
 - Source Code (zip format)

Thinking in C++: Volume 1, 2nd Edition
 - Source Code (zip format)

Thinking in C++: Volume 2, 2nd Edition (Revision 2)
 - Source Code 1 (zip format)
 - Source Code 2 (zip format)

Fortran 90 and Computational Scienc


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users
- Every month we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from our website visitors. Here are this month's sites: 

70 Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets

Last month Scott Klarr searched the web for the best Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets and posted the results on his blog at Linux-Unix Cheat Sheets - The Ultimate Collection. He links to about 70 cheat sheets covering the Linux and Unix operating systems; the cateogies are listed below. These references should help make it easier for you to learn and master Linux. He also has a page of Emacs Cheat Sheets and Vi & Vim Editor Cheat Sheets.

Categories of Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets:

 - Linux Command Line Cheat Sheets
 - Debian/Ubuntu Cheat Sheets
 - Package Management Cheat Sheets
 - Bash Cheat Sheets
 - Awk Cheat Sheets
 - Sed Cheat Sheets
 - GDB debugger Cheat Sheets
 - Unix Cheat Sheets
 - Solaris Cheat Sheets
 - IBM AIX Cheat Sheets



6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page at 


Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More

This is a well rounded and comprehensive page from smashingmagazine containing over 200 programming tutorials covering Ajax, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, RSS, XML, ASP, C++, Perl, Python and Java.


Links to Programming Tutorials and References at onesmartclick

Here are the learning resource categories at this site:

 - C/C++ Programming
 - Object Oriented
 - XML Programming
 - JavaScript Programming
 - Perl Programming
 - Shell Programming
 - .NET Programming
 - Java Programming
 - Visual Basic
 - Visual C++ Programming
 - UML
 - UML Case Studies
 - Oracle
 - Learn SQL
 - SQL Tutorials
 - Database Design
 - Data Modeling

7) I.T. Sites and Free Downloads Worth Mentioning: 

The following programs are totally Free, no popups, no adware, no spyware, and no shareware.

Abyss Web Server for Windows

Abyss Web Server is a small personal web server, that supports HTTP/1.1, CGI scripts, partial downloads, caching negotiation, index files and directory aliases. It features an easy to use and attractive remote web management interface (password protected) that allows you to manage the server from any web browser. Using this easy to install web server, hosting your own web site and your PHP or Perl scripts on your local PC is a matter of a few minutes. Additional features include anti-hacking protection, Server Side Includes (SSI), secure SSL connections, access control, users and groups management, customizable MIME types, custom error pages, URL Rewriting, ASP support, virtual directories, statistics and more.


Key Folder

Key Folder is a secure password management software that helps you organize and store your passwords, web site logins and other sensitive information. All the data is protected with a single username and password, using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. You can organize your information into custom folders and categories, copy usernames and passwords to the clipboard and search for specific entries. Another handy feature is that the program allows you to associate multiple website or email links with an entry, which makes it easy to jump to specific pages or to contact support staff associate with the account. Key Folder also includes a password generator, password expiration, drag and drop support and more.


Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a file and media downloader that supports supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols, as well as P2P technology. It accelerates downloads by utilizing multiple connection streams and offers download management with custom categories as well as pause and resume of downloads. The program also provides an easy way to download video clips from YouTube (and other video sites) by simply hovering your mouse over the clip and selecting to download the video as .swf or .flv from the newly installed download menu. Other features include download scheduling, browser integration (IE, Firefox, Opera), proxy support, drop target, anti-virus integration, and more.


CSS Tab Designer

CSS Tab Designer allows you to easily create a tab style navigation bar from a selection of templates. It includes horizontal designs, as well as some vertical ones, and offers a wide selection of color schemes, as well as several different tab design styles. All you have to do is add your menu items, and save the HTML code to be used in your pages. The program offers preview in multiple browsers, and includes several samples to get started.



OutPosted is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to monitor web pages for changes, and have them emailed to you when they are updated. It offers several different options, that allow you to fine-tune the monitoring results (e.g some changes, many changes, any changes etc.) on a per-site basis. The notification is sent as formatted HTML message that contains the complete, updated version monitored page. The program supports IE cookies, SMTP authentication and customizable check intervals.



SiteUp enables you to monitor your website and make sure that it is online and operational. You can specify one or more URLs along with a keyword that needs to appear within the page, and the program will notify via system tray message or pop-up alert when the site(s) become unavailable. Easy to use, suitable for simple home page monitoring.


8) Question of the Month about Technical Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and IT training and career development.

March 2009 Question of the Month: 

What is the status of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system and when will it be available?


Microsoft is keeping a lid on its exact plans for when it will be rolling out Windows 7. Ed Bott at ZDNet thinks that Microsoft will follow this schedule with their newest version of Windows. He says the following in his post on March 26 titled Updating the Windows 7 release schedule:
  - Release to OEM partners: Late July or early August, 2009
  - Release to web: August 24, 2009
  - Retail launch: Late September, 2009

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes in his post titled Good-Bye XP. Hello Windows 7, that Microsoft is pushing for Windows XP users to migrate to Windows 7 when its ready, and a release candidate will be available in May. He says the following in this post:
Step one will be bringing free support for XP to a close on April 14th. Step two is letting anyone and their uncle get a free copy of the Windows 7 release candidate sometime in May.

Will Windows users go along with this and switch to 7? I suspect they will. The XP users aren't going to be completely happy with the trip though. Windows 7 is a radically cleaned up and skinner version of Vista. However, Windows 7 looks and feels a lot like Vista, and if you think you can just switch right over from XP to 7 without going through a learning curve, you're wrong. I think XP users will find it just as easy, or not, to switch to the Novell's new Windows-friendly SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 11 as to 7.

Windows 7 also has a lot of Vista badness in it still. My compadre Preston Gralla made a good point earlier this year about how if your older hardware didn't work with Vista, it still won't work with Windows 7.

He also discusses how Windows 7 beta is already better than Vista:
It's (Windows 7) not, however, in any way, shape, or form a new version of Windows. It's just Vista with most, but not all, of the crap ripped out. It really is Vista Light or, thinking back to the days of Windows 98, it's Vista Second Edition.

The only real new 'feature' I see in Windows 7 is the use of a ribbon interface. I hate the ribbon interface. Change for the sake of change is stupid. It doesn't matter whether the design comes from an open-source provider or a proprietary company, recreating an interface without adding a user-benefit is dumb. 

After all, improvements and all, Windows 7 really is just warmed over Vista.

Gartner believes Windows 7 "should do a lot better" than Vista, but it still recommends that businesses wait at least a year before taking the plunge.

Randall C. Kennedy at InfoWorld has written a 4-part series titled The Joys and Pains of Windows 7, and here is the part 2.

I hope this helps you.

Jeff Love
Site Editor

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