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The Best Free Desktop & Office Tutorials on the Web
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 4 Page Free Office Tutorials Section Navigation:
MS Excel... MS Word... MS PowerPoint... MS Access... MS Outlook... MS Project... Various... More Various... Free Books... Free Training Software...

Also look at our MS Office 2000 Free Training page1 and page 2, our newly researched free tutorials ... and we also have many tutorial links for Free FrontPage Training and Free Photoshop Training, and added Free Flash Training and Free Dreamweaver Training pages. 

 Microsoft PowerPoint Glossary - Check out our new PowerPoint Glossary - all the terms you need to know with full and correct definitions for every one.
PowerPoint 2000 Course Chapters from
Introduction, Advanced, and Presentations
  PowerPoint 2000 Online Tutorial - This free 10 section online PowerPoint 2000 tutorial from St Phillips College teaches you about creating your presentation, adding slides, 5 ways of viewing during development, adding elements, adding non-clipart images and sound, and sharing your finished presentation.
  PowerPoint for Presentations - A comprehensive guide on how to create, display, and enhance slides in PowerPoint.
Three Tip and Technique Downloads for PowerPoint - PowerPoint 2000 Tip Sheet (pdf), PowerPoint for Presenters Tip Sheet (pdf) and Making Presentations that Audiences Will Love (ppt).
Introduction to MS PowerPoint Tutorial (8 pages, pdf) and Advanced PowerPoint Tutorial (12 pages, pdf)) from the University of Arizona Library.
Hitchhiker's Guide to PowerPoint - This is a 14-page information and training help guide on PowerPoint.(pdf, 3 mb).
PowerPoint Tutorials from the University at Buffalo: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Jumpstart, Beginning to Intermediate PowerPoint Tutorial and Packaging Presentations for the Web with PowerPoint
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 - This is an easy to use PowerPoint tutorial from the University of British Columbia. (This is an archive.)
 PowerPoint Online Tutorial - This tutorial contains these sections: Introduction, Formatting & Design, Web Presentations, and Advanced Features.
 Free Powerpoint Templates, Tutorials at Brainy Betty's - A fantastic source for PowerPoint templates (125 free templates), tools, books, software, etc.
 PowerPoint Tutorial for Windows and PowerPoint for Macintosh (both in Acrobat pdf format).
Free PowerPoint Course from -  This is a 14 lesson free online course showing you how to use  PowerPoint, including 8 lessons on working with images.
 PowerPoint Tutorial - This tutorial covers: Creating a New Presentation, Adding a Graph/Chart, Animating Text and Objects, Inserting Graphics and Clip Art, Slide transitions, and Inserting an Organizational Chart.
 The Microsoft PowerPoint Knowdule - Two PowerPoint tutorials from the Center for Virtual Organiation and Commerce at Louisiana State University.
 Advanced PowerPoint Tutorial - This is an advanced PowerPoint tutorial covering many areas. This site also has a paged titled Basic PowerPoint and Effective Presentations.
 MS PowerPoint Tutorial - This PowerPoint tutorial contains 15 components, with some advanced features.
 Anatomy of a Great Presentation (using PowerPoint) - Get expert advice on how to put together the perfect PowerPoint presentation, and learn how you can use the web for desktop delivery of your next pitch.
 PowerPoint Resource Center - This site from Acadia Univeristy serves as a reference center for faculty and staff using Microsoft PowerPoint to develop presentations. It includes links to sound, video, and graphics archives, as well as instruction and tutorial on how to accomplish specific tasks in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Tutorials from Microsoft (in MS Word format):
 Developing a Presentation Style with PowerPoint 97 (272KB)
 Emphasizing Your Point with Charts & Tables with PowerPoint 97 (557KB)
 Adding Pizzazz with PowerPoint 97 (537KB)
 Putting It All Together (148KB)
 PowerPoint in the Classroom - This fun, eight-unit tutorial shows K-12 teachers how to use PowerPoint to present many different forms of information. You'll learn the basics on using PowerPoint's toolbars, laying out your information, saving, moving your information to the place you'll be presenting it - and much more.
Creating Presentations - This is resource page linking to many good tutorials and articles about using PowerPoint to create well designed presentations. 
 PowerPoint Tips & Tricks - Tips and tricks to help you use PowerPoint to its fullest plus three presentations given by Cathy Belleville at the PowerPoint Extreme workshop of the Training 2000 conference in Atlanta on February 20, 2000. You may download these for your own education. 
 Microsoft Access Glossary - Check out our new Access Glossary - all the terms you need to know with full and correct definitions for every one.
New!  Microsoft Access 2000 Tutorial - Learn how to use the seven main components Access 2000: Tables, Forms, Reports, Queries, HTML Pages, Macros, and Modules.
Carol's Access Lessons - These lessons cover Introduction to Database & Database Design, Introduction to Access, Database & Tables, Forms, Reports, and Queries.
  Microsoft Access Notes - This site has MS Access Tutorials with links to Microsoft Access Help pages.
Mr.Access - For Access Developers and Users. Code, How-To-Tips, TroubleShooting, Training Videos, Developer Tools, Add-ins and more.
Simply-Access - Microsoft Access made simple. A beginners guide to MS Access including free tutorials, newsletter, tips and tricks.
 Microsoft Access Tutorial - This tutorial is designed to get the user up and running with Access in a rapid fashion. The four basic modules are demonstrated: Tables, Forms, Reports and Queries. A business example is discussed.
The Access Web - This FAQ site is designed to help Microsoft Access developers find answers for some common questions. All code, utilities, and addins provided here are free and you are allowed to use them as part of your own applications.
 Microsoft Access Tutorials - The goal of these tutorials is to provide you with sufficient skills to build a simple database application for processing business transactions, includes 15 lessons with 3 support files. This is an excellent starting point for anyone starting with Access or who wants an understanding of Database design.
Access 97 Chapters from
Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced
Two Access 7 Tutorials from
- Access 7 Basic (527KB)
- Access 7 Intermediate (536KB)
 Learning MS Access 97 - In this easy to follow tutorial, you can either begin at Level 1 or select a specific topic - there are a total of 4 levels.
 Managing Related Information: Two Access Tutorials - 1) Creating a Serials Database in Access and 2) Introduction to Relational Databases: MS Access.
 Getting Started with Access - This excellent tutorial gives an introduction to Microsoft Access in an easy to understand manner with fast loading times. It gives you a very thorough overview of the application and although it deals with Access 2.0 most of the material is valid for later versions.
 Access 97 Tutorial - An extensive Access 97 tutorial which will show you everything from entering values in a table through to simple SQL queries. This is an excellent tutorial.
 Microsoft Access Online Tutorials - Five Access tutorials: Calculating Fields, Filters and Queries, Excel to Access Tutorial, MS Access Whitepaper (pdf format), and Notes on Relationships.
 Microsoft Outlook Glossary - Check out our new Outlook Glossary - all the terms you need to know with full and correct definitions for every one.
  Free Quick Reference Outlook Sheets (pdf) - - Outlook 2002 - Outlook 2000 - Outlook 98
Outlook 2000 & 2002- Tips and Tricks (pdf) - A collection of useful tips to help ensure that your users are getting the best from Outlook 2000 and XP. Here are more Outlook user tips.
 User Guide for MS Outlook 2000 - This is the best free tutorial for MS Outlook 200 on the web, covering everthing you need to know.
 Using Microsoft Outlook Mail, Calendar and Contacts - This tutorial covers all the basics in learning Outlook, giving you a good foundation.
 Outlook Express in the Classroom - This tutorial is a friendly, easy-to-follow tutorial that shows you the basics of sending and receiving e-mail and the ins-and-outs of creating contact groups and keeping an Address Book. Test your new skills by clicking the quiz-byte button at the bottom of each page.
 Getting Organized with Outlook - This tutorial has 12 lessons along with discussions, quizes, and assignments. It is very thorough and covers alot of learning material about Outlook.
MS Project 2000 Tutorial - This is an excellent 5 lesson tutorial on how to use this important project management tool.
New!  Microsoft Project Tutorials: 5 Lesson MS Project Tutorial  - Microsoft Project 2000 tutorials, video training, and FAQs  - Microsoft Project 2000 Articles  - Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Project 2000  - Using Microsoft Project
 The Microsoft Project 98 Online Users Guide - A browser-based, updated version of the Microsoft Project 98 User' Guide, the book included in the Microsoft Project 98 retail product box. The guide includes an overview of new features, new product and upgrade installation instructions, and a complete guide to help topics for managing your project. Help topics include scheduling and tracking projects, managing resources and costs, importing and exporting project information, using workgroup communication over the Internet or an intranet, database formats and support, and new Microsoft Office compatibility features.
 Augsburg's Guide for Microsoft Project 98 - This is an excellent free training tutorial for MS Project.
 Project Management Tutorial - Two tutorials: Project Management for Productivity: Microsoft Project and Project Kickstart.
 Also look at our Free MS Office 2000 Tutorial Training page
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