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Free Microsoft Office 2000 Training Tutorials
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 Word 2000 Video Viewlet Tutorials:

Changing the Default Text for New Documents in Word 2000
Adding a Hyperlink to a Document in Word 2000
Inserting ClipArt into a Document in Word 2000
Changing the Buttons on the Word 2000 Toolbar
Word 2000- Advanced Toolbars
Word 2000 - Text Alignment
Word 2000 - Background Texture
Word 2000 - Create Numbered Lists
Word 2000 - Create Tabs
Word 2000 - Document Map
Word 2000 - Document Stats
Word 2000 - Email File
Word 2000 - Envelopes and Labels
Word 2000 - Grammar Check Settings
Word 2000 - Setting Indents
Word 2000 - Insert Comment
Word 2000 - Insert Footnote
Word 2000 - Insert Symbols
Word 2000 - Line Spacing
Word 2000 - Page Numbers
Word 2000 - An Overview of Print Preview
Word 2000 - Protect Document
Word 2000 - Shadow Border
Word 2000 - View Modes
Word 2000 - Set Margins
Word 2000 - Add a Line Between Columns
Word 2000 - The Basics of Inserting Columns
Word 2000 - Hiding and Showing Formatting Codes
Word 2000 - Inserting a Header
How to un-strikethrough a word
How to double strikethrough a word
How to emboss a word
How to add special effects to a word
How to outline a word
How to put a shadow around a word
Using Decimal Tabs
How to un-shadow a word
How to un-outline a word
How to un-emboss a word
How to un-double strikethrough a word
How To Remove Special Effects from a Word
How to change the view to page layout using menus
How to change the view to normal using menus
How to change the view to page layout with buttons
How to change the view to normal using buttons
How to change the look of bullets
How to change the color of your text
How to un-number a list
How to un-bullet a list
How to add line numbers to a list
How to bullet a list
How to unbold a word
How to italicize a word by highlighting it
How to unitalicize a word by clicking inside of it
How to bold a word
How to remove line numbers from a list
How to allcaps a word
How to unallcaps a word

How to engrave a word
How to subscript a item
How to unsubscript a item
How to unsuperscript a item
How to superscript a item
How to underline a word by clicking inside of it
How to ununderline a word by clicking inside of it
How to hide a word in your document


 Excel 2000 Video Viewlet Tutorials:

Excel 2000 - Italicizing Text
Excel 2000 - Understanding Cells and Active Cells
Excel 2000 - Hiding and Unhiding Worksheet Tabs
How to Rename Worksheets in Excel 2000
How to Use the Chart Wizard in Excel 2000
How to Merge Cells and Center Text in Excel 2000
How to Jump to a Cell in Excel 2000
Excel 2000 - Insert Hyperlink
Excel 2000 - Send Email
Excel 2000 - Set Margins
Excel 2000 - Advanced Toolbars
Excel 2000 - Change Default Font
Excel 2000 - Fill Color
Excel 2000 - Rotate Text
Excel 2000 - Merge Cells
Excel 2000 - Alignment
Excel 2000 - Cell Borders
Sorting Rows in Excel 2000
Excel 2000 - Deleting Individual Worksheets
Excel 2000 - Inserting a Individual Worksheets in a Workbook
Excel 2000 - Open a Copy of a Workbook
Excel 2000 - Open a Workbook as Read-Only
Excel 2000 - Open an Existing Workbook
Excel 2000 - Open a New Workbook
Excel 2000 - Using Single and Double Accounting Underlining
Excel 2000 - Underlining Text
Excel 2000 - Bolding Text
Excel 2000 - Cutting and Pasting Cells
Excel 2000 - Deleting the Contents of a Cell
Excel 2000 - Entering Data in a Cell
Excel 2000 - Freezing and Unfreezing Window Panes
Excel 2000 - Deleting Individual Columns
Excel 2000 - Deleting Individual Rows
Excel 2000 - Inserting Individual Rows
Excel 2000 - Fill Formats Using Right Mouse Button
Excel 2000 - Creating Custom Number Formats
Excel 2000 - Formatting Numbers
Excel 2000 - Editing Cell Contents
Excel 2000 - Using the AutoSum Toolbar Button
Excel 2000 - Changing Page Breaks in Page Break Preview
Excel 2000 - Splitting a Worksheet's Active Window
Excel 2000 - Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets
Excel 2000 - Moving Worksheets within a Workbook
Excel 2000 - Resizing Horizontal Scroll Bar
Excel 2000 - Use Drop Down Menu Options to Adjust Row Heights
Excel 2000 - Use the Height Toolbar Button or Row Header Bar
Excel 2000 - Using the Width Toolbar Button and the Column Header Bar
Excel 2000 - Changing Column Widths Using Drop Down Menu Options
Excel 2000 - Setting a Standard Column Width
Excel 2000 - Highlight Entire Rows, Columns, or Worksheets
Excel 2000 - Using Drag and Drop to Move Cells
Excel 2000 - Highlighting a Range of Cells
Excel 2000 - Using the Currency Style Toolbar Button
Excel 2000 - Hide and Unhiding Open Workbooks
Excel 2000 - Change Standard Font for New Workbooks
Excel 2000 - Show Formulas
Excel 2000 - Showing or Hiding Scroll Bars
Excel 2000 - Show or Hide Comments and Indicators
Excel 2000 - Resizing a Comment Box
Excel 2000 - Editing a Comment
Excel 2000 - Inserting and Deleting a Comment
Excel 2000 - Show or Hide the Formula Bar
Excel 2000 - Getting Help for Lotus 1-2-3 Users
Excel 2000 - Naming a Range of Cells
Excel 2000 - Sorting Cells in Ascending and Descending Order
Excel 2000 - Using the Format Painter
Excel 2000 - Setting Print Margins
Excel 2000 - Printing Gridlines
Excel 2000 - Printing from Print Preview
Excel 2000 - Viewing Worksheets in Print Preview
Excel 2000 - Navigating Views
Excel 2000 - Manually Recalculating Worksheets
Excel 2000 - Sharing a Workbook
Excel 2000 - Protecting and Unprotecting a Workbook
Excel 2000 - Protecting and Unprotecting Worksheets
Excel 2000 - Hiding and Unhiding Row and Column Headers
Excel 2000 - Turning Status Bar On and Off
Excel 2000 - Turning Gridlines On and Off
Excel 2000 - Changing the Color of Gridlines
Excel 2000 - Changing the Default Number of Worksheets in a New Workbook
Excel 2000 - Changing Direction the Selection Moves After Pressing Enter
Excel 2000 - Inserting Individual Columns
Excel How to make a chart change to its sheet
Excel 2000 How to make a chart chage back on the data sheet
Excel 2000 How to make a chart on its own sheet
Excel 2000 How to create a scatter chart
Excel 2000 How to create a pie chart
Excel 2000 How to create a line chart
Excel 2000 How to create a column chart
How to create a bar chart
Excel 2000 How to create an area chart
Excel 2000 How to create a 3D chart
adding a column to a worksheet
testing part of a procedure in vba for excel
configuring the visual basic editor in excel
copy paste special a value
navigating within a large number of worksheets
creating vba code for an event related to the sheet in excel
paste special (formulas)
renaming a sheet in excel
moving a sheet
deleting a sheet
deleting a column
adding a row to your worksheet
naming a field in excel
working in two worksheets from the same workbook at the same time
resizing a named field
renaming a named field in excel
conditional formatting
a simple "if" formula

 PowerPoint 2000 Video Viewlet Tutorials:

PowerPoint 2000 - Using the AutoContent Wizard to Create a Slideshow
PowerPoint 2000's Tri-Pane Window
Open and Close Existing Files in PowerPoint 2000
Loading Toolbars in PowerPoint 2000
Create a Presentation Using PowerPoint 2000's AutoContent Wizard
PowerPoint 2000's New Slide Template
Cut and Paste Slides in PowerPoint 2000
Adding Text to Slides Using Textboxes in PowerPoint 2000
Changing Font Type and Size in PowerPoint 2000
Bolding, Italicizing and Underline Text in PowerPoint 2000
Adding Shadows and Color to Text in PowerPoint 2000
Drawing Basic Lines and Shapes in PowerPoint 2000
An Introduction to AutoShapes in PowerPoint 2000
Inserting Clipart and Graphics in PowerPoint 2000
Printing Slides in PowerPoint 2000
Applying a Design Template to a PowerPoint 2000 Presentation
Changing Background Color of PowerPoint 2000 Slides
An Introduction to Master Templates in PowerPoint 2000
Slide Master: Text Formatting Options in PowerPoint 2000
Slide Master: Inserting Graphics in PowerPoint 2000
Slide Master: Adding a Date to Slides in PowerPoint 2000
Slide Master: Inserting a Footer in PowerPoint 2000
Slide Master: Numbering Slides in PowerPoint 2000
Outline View: Moving Text in PowerPoint 2000
Outline View: Demote and Promote Text in PowerPoint 2000
Outline View: Collapse and Expand Outline in PowerPoint 2000
Setting Slide Transitions in PowerPoint 2000
Setting Custom Animations on Slides in PowerPoint 2000
Packaging Your PowerPoint 2000 Presentation for Use on Another Computer
Saving a PowerPoint 2000 Presentation for Publication on the Web
Navigating Views in PowerPoint 2000
Spell Checking Your PowerPoint 2000 Presentation
Setting Up a Presentation to Play on a Projector in PowerPoint 2000


 Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Training Guides (pdf format):

Here are more:


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