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Free Microsoft Office 2000 Training Tutorials
(page 1 of 2)

In-depth Office 2000 Tutorials (.doc format):

Office 2000 Tutorials in PDF Format:

Office 2000

Intro To PowerPoint 2000

Beginning PowerPoint 2000   Intermediate PowerPoint 2000

PowerPoint 2000

PowerPoint 2000 - practice file

Intro To Excel 2000

Excel - practice file 1, practice file 2

Excel 2000 Quick Reference Card

Intro To Access 2000   Beginning Access 2000   Database Design

Intermediate Access 1   Intermediate Access 2

Access - practice file

Intro To Word 2000   Beginning Word 2000   Intermediate Word 2000

Tables in Word 2000   Mail Merge 2000   Word Templates & Forms

Intro To Outlook 2000

FrontPage 2000   FrontPage 2000

FrontPage 2002 Quick Reference Card

Publisher 2000   Publisher 2000

 Microsoft Word 2000 - Indenting Text

Indents are the positions where text begins and ends on a line relative to the page margins. Indenting is a way of offsetting text from the rest of the text, creating different indents for the first line, subsequent lines or all lines in the selected paragraph(s).

 Microsoft Word 2000 - Working with Fonts
This tutorial explains the various different changes that can be made to the style of the font in Microsoft Word 2000.

 Microsoft Word 2000 - Setting Page Margins
The white space around text on the printed page is the margin area. You can change the top, bottom, left and right margins. You can set margins in two different ways: by dragging margin markers on the Ruler bar, or by setting margins in the Page Setup dialogue box.

 Microsoft Word 2000 - Printing
Word allows you to print in several different ways from the keyboard, toolbar, or the menu. Often the whole document will be printed, but it is possible to print only a single page or only selected text. Alternatively you may want to print several documents at once, or several copies of the same document.

 Microsoft Excel 2000 - Statistical Functions
The Status bar shortcut menu displays list of statistical functions for screen display. These functions can also be entered as formulae on the worksheet.

 Microsoft Excel 2000 - Entering a Calculation
Formulae are composed of a number of different elements that are combined in a specific way to ensure the formula produces an accurate answer.

 Microsoft Excel 2000 - Spreadsheet Data Types
There are four types of entry that can be placed onto a sheet: Text, Values, Dates and Formulae.

 Microsoft Excel 2000 - Selecting Cells with the Mouse
Selecting cells (highlighting) is one of the most important actions in Excel. You need to select cells before you do something with them, for example enter data, copy, delete or apply enhancements.

 Microsoft Access 2000 - The Database Window
Access allows only one database to be open at any one time. All of the contents of the database are displayed in the Database window.

 Microsoft Access 2000 - Filtering Data
While sorting information in the datasheet view allows you to apply your own ordering to the display of the records in the table, it can also be useful to filter the table. This allows you to limit the number of records that are visible to a manageable sub-set of the records.

 Microsoft Access 2000 - Creating Tables
This tutorial explains how to create tables in Microsoft Access 2000.

 Microsoft Access 2000 - Table Design: Hints and Tips
Before creating a table, here are a few hints and tips about designing your database table.

 Microsoft Outlook 2000 - The Task List
This tutorial is about how to create and manage a Task List in Outlook.

 Microsoft Outlook 2000 - The Calendar
This tutorial will teach you how to use Outlook's Calendar component to create and manage appointments.

 Microsoft Outlook 2000 - Using the Address Book
In this tutorial you will be taken through how to use the address book to help send messages.

 Microsoft Outlook 2000 - Opening, Replying To and Finding a Message
This tutorial goes through how to read and reply to e-mail messages using Outlook 2000.

 Word 2000 (.doc 938KB)

Learn how to use Word 2000 effectively with the information in this 24-page chapter. Use the many new features in Word 2000 to create Web, e-mail, and print documents quickly and easily. Take advantage of the new Web features that make it easy to create and post information to the Web without needing to know HTML.

 Excel 2000 (.doc 691KB)

This 22-page chapter provides the information you need to gather research data, create worksheets, and integrate your findings into reports and charts effectively with Excel 2000. Use new features, such as Web-enabled collaboration, information sharing, and drag and drop, to collaborate with others and share data on the Web.

 PowerPoint 2000 (.doc 712KB)

Create and organize effective presentations with the powerful features of PowerPoint 2000. This 24-page chapter contains information to help you add graphics, animation, and even sound to your presentations. Learn how to add and delete slides, customize a slide layout, add notes, and use the Web to view presentations.

 Outlook 2000 (.doc 1,010KB)

Learn how to use Outlook 2000 to organize, find, and view e-mail, personal calendar and contact information, and task lists. The information in this 42-page chapter includes a tour of Outlook 2000, including how to use e-mail, add contact information, track meetings, and schedule appointments with colleagues and students.

 Access 2000 (.doc 837KB)

This 24-page chapter contains the information you need to take advantage of the structure and flexibility of Access 2000 to manage student information, and coordinate and track class projects and assignments. Learn how to plan and design an Access 2000 database, use the Database Wizard to create tables, modify tables by adding new data categories, and create queries and reports.

 Useful Microsoft Office 2000 Shortcut Keys

 More Free Microsoft Office 2000 Training:

What's new in Microsoft Office 2000 html  archive
Basics of Microsoft Office 2000 html
A guided tour of Microsoft Office (42 pages) html  archive
Supporting Microsoft Office 2000 html
Integrating Office 2000 - Putting it all together html  archive
Working with graphics objects in Office 2000 html  archive
What's new in Microsoft Word 2000 html
Getting started with Word 2000 html
Practical introduction to Word 2000 html  archive
Further practical Word 2000 pdf  archive
Working with long documents (Word 2000) html
Merge documents with Word 2000 Word
What's new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 html
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 pdf  Word
What's new in Microsoft Excel 2000 html  archive
Getting started with Excel 2000 html
Practical introduction to Excel 2000 html  archive
Further Excel 2000 (32 pages) Word  archive
Practical examples of using Excel 97/2000 for administrative tasks html  archive
Practical examples of using Excel 97/2000 for scientific tasks html  archive
Practical examples of using Excel 97/2000 for problem solving html  archive
Examples of using Visual Basic for Excel 97/2000 html  archive
Practical example of using Excel 97/2000 as a simple database html  archive
What's new in Microsoft Access 2000 html
A guided tour through Access 2000 html  archive
Further Access 2000 pdf  Word  archive
Getting started with databases using Access html  archive
Access query language elements html


We recommend the following book:

Learn Microsoft Office 2000 provides a complete tutorial for every Microsoft Office 2000 application. Heavily illustrated hands-on activities get users up to speed quickly and reinforce the material discussed. In addition, advanced topics are highlighted throughout the text. These include security issues, protecting cells, automating work with macros, hyperlinking slides, and filtering e-mail messages.

Illustrations of the Office 2000 menus and toolbars are included on the companion CD with an explanation of the available options and buttons, providing a quick reference to all of Office 2000s tools. The CD also contains the files used in the hands-on activities throughout the book; the text of the book in HTML format; and three appendices, including a glossary of computer terminology.

Order your copy today.


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