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Online Information Technology Publications

New! - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

Type in the computer subject you want to learn more about: - Online magazine with a large amount of Linux information. Tech News - Technology News from ABC News.
 ACM Crossroads Student Magazine - Covers areas such as Object-Oriented Framework development, extensible image input/output libraries, network system design and security in software engineering.. - Where experts advise you on e-business and enterprise development strategies and technologies.
Application Development Trends - Application Development Trends delivers strategic and tactical information to I/S application development managers in large enterprises.
 BBC News Sci/Tech - Technology News from the BBC.
 Boardwatch - Magazine for the BBS operator and ISP's.
 Business 2.0 - Business 2.0 is written for transformers - innovative people with the power, influence, and affluence to change business and culture.
 C/C++ Users Journal - Advanced solutions for C/C++ programmers. - Features high-quality, technical content on software development with Borland C++Builder. Visitors are treated to tips and tricks, how-to articles, book & product reviews, and industry news columns.
 CIO - CIO magazine addresses the issues vital to the success of IT and business executives.
 CMP Net - CMP Media Inc. is a leading high-tech media company providing essential information and marketing services to the entire technology spectrum. - CNET is a leading site on technology news and information on the web. Technology - Technology is part of CNN, delivering unparalleled global coverage of breaking news and information.
 ColdFusion Developer's Journal - First and only magazine devoted to ColdFusion, Allaire's revolutionary web application platform. Includes forum, product reviews, source code, and digital edition.
CommWeb - CommWeb is a one-stop guide to advanced communication systems, networks and the convergence of voice, data and the internet. - is the computer resource for business decision makers, managers, and career oriented technical people.
 Computer Ezine from IEEE Computer Society - Innovative Technology for Computing Professionals. Channels include I.T., Design and Test, Internet, Software Engineering, and Computer Graphics and Visualizations.
 Computerworld - Computerworld offers a complete array of tools that target uniquely balanced marketing programs to the IT Leader community.

The Data Administration Newsletter - This is a great site for learning about data administration. They have a comprehensive archive of online articles from past issues.
Database Programming & Design Archives - These archives of back issues and online content from DBPD can be searched or accessed by issue.
 Data Communications - The global site for network architects, contains Tech Centers, Resource Center, Solutions Center, and Visitors Cebter.
DB2 Magazine - DB2 Magazine is devoted to DB2 and targeted at database administrators, analysts, programmers, designers, consultants, and MIS/DP managers. It covers a range of topics for all DB2 platforms (including IBM AIX, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO UnixWare, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT/9x, IBM OS/2, IBM OS/400, IBM MVS, IBM OS/390, IBM VM, and IBM VSE) on a quarterly basis. - An online community Web site and technical resource for Delphi developers.
 Dr. Dobbs - Software tools for the professional programmer.
Earthweb - Datamation - Online communities include IT Management, Networking & Communications, Web Development, Hardware & Systems, and Software Development. 
EDN - The Design Source for Engineers and Managers Worldwide. Learn about integrated circuits, microprocessors, semicondutors, EDAs, embedded devices, communications, ASICs, programmable logic, components, memory, test, power supplies, computers, DSP, signal processing, boards and buses,  and wireless.
 Enterprise Development - Building the Internet-enabled enterprise.
eWeek - Provides coverage buyers need - with news, product reviews and strategic analysis, regular sections like Intranets & E-Commerce, Desktop & Mobile, Enterprise Systems, and weekly, no-holds barred opinion from the most respected editors and analysts in the business.
 Exchange and Outlook Magazine - For the Exchange and Outlook administrator, contains Features, Newsletters, Discussions, and Resources.
Game Developer Magazine - Provides technical and industry information to over 35,000 professional game developers - is the online extension of The Globe and Mail's Technology section. This is the Canadian destination for technology news, information, and community.
HP Professional - The independent guide for integrating Hewlett-Packard Systems into your enterprise. Covers Web-to-host, Connectivity, High-availability, e-Business, Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Storage, Data Warehousing, Mobile systems, and Application development. 
HP Labs Technical Reports - Available here are abstracts of HP Labs Technical Reports. Some full images of reports are also available. If you see a report that does not include the full image, you can request a paper copy.
IBM Journal of Research and Development - A bi-monthly, refereed technical journal, published bimonthly, which contains peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of science and technology. Contains complete reference lists of patents issued to IBM inventors and papers published by IBM authors in other journals. Back issues are available here.
IBM Microelectronics - Carries news and information on IBM Microelectronics innovation, technology, products, services, solutions for custom logic, communications, technology, packaging, PowerPC and memory products.
IBM Research Technical Paper Search - This is the CyberDigest home page search engine that will search IBM technical papers. It searches all text fields in each technical paper entry. The advanced search allows you to restrict your results. Here is another search page for IBM technical reports written by members of the IBM Research community.
The IBM Systems Journal - A quarterly, refereed technical publication, featuring the work of authors from systems and software fields in information science and the computer industry. Back issues are available here.
 Information Week Online - Business innovation powered by technology - stories, news, tools, advice, trends, events, and opinions. - is the place to turn for the latest breaking news, in-depth coverage of the issues, trends, and products that run your enterprise.
Intelligent Enterprise - Leverage corporate information to make your organization smarter, faster, and more profitable.
 Interactive Week - Interactive Week is part of the ZDNet Web site which is a leading source for technology, Internet content, and commerce news. -, the E-Business and Internet Technology Network is a leading provider of global real-time news and information resources for Internet industry and Internet technology professionals, Web developers and experienced Internet users.
 Internet Telephony - Market intelligence from the editors of Telephony, Global Telephony and Upstart.
 InternetWeek - The information source for internet driven enterprises - news, reviews, columns, case studies, e-business applications, resources, and services.
 Internet World - The voice of e-business and internet technology, good coverage of the Internet industry.
 Internet World Online - Internet World delivers insight on new product and service releases, the latest industry hires & fires, and the happenings on Wall Street.
 Java Developer's Journal - Offers free access to their archives, every article published since their premier issue. Content includes editorials, forums, source code, and a digital edition. (registration required)
 Java Pro - For the Java professional, contains Features, Guide to Middleware, Newswetters, Discussions, Resources, and Code.
Java Report Online - Aims to provide up-to-date product information, the latest in Java techniques, as well as all the listings that appear in the print version of Java Report and more.
 Java World - This is a great online publication with great articles and resources for everything Java.
 JBuilder Developer's Journal - The first and only magazine devoted to JBuilder, Inprise's revolutionary Java development platform. Includes forum, product reviews, source code, and digital edition.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research - JAIR covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. Articles are published for free distribution on the internet by the AI Access Foundation.
The Journal of Conceptual Modeling - The Journal of Conceptual Modeling is a free journal dedicated to data modeling, design, and implementation issues. The target audience is large: database professionals and developers, end users and business professionals, students and teachers, and anyone else using, developing, or considering development of a database system.
Journal of Digital Information - Publishing papers on the management, presentation and uses of information in digital environments. Offers free access to the full-texts of all papers.
Journal of Object Oriented Programming - This site's goal is to provide you with the best, most in-depth selection of how-to articles, hands-on programming techniques, and reusable source code for Object-Oriented Programming.
Linux Focus - Providing news, tips, and information for the open source community.
Linux Gazette - On-line WWW Linux publication.
The Linux Journal - Magazine of the Linux community.
Linux Magazine: The Chronicle of the Revolution - New Linux magazine that includes many tips for newcomers, and interesting articles for more experienced users.
LinuxMonth - Linux articles about security, networking, programming, and various other topics. This is an archive.
Linux NetMag - Linux NetMag is a German/English E-zine with articles about Linux-Software, Networking, Hardware, Know-How ... Just all about Linux.
Linux News - Recent news in the Linux community.
Linux Today - Latest Linux headlines from around the world, if it relates to Linux and is news you will find it here.
LinuxUser - LinuxUser is the UK's only magazine written for key IT decision makers and professionals within organisations which use Linux, or have expressed an interest in using Linux.
Linux World - UK based monthly magazine for Linux users.
 MacWeek - MacWeek is a weekly Macintosh magazine providing comprehensive coverage of innovative and exciting new products developed for the Mac platform.
 Mac World Online - Macworld is the only monthly Macintosh magazine providing comprehensive coverage of the most innovative and exciting new products developed for the Mac platform.
Maximum Linux Magazine - Great new magazine from the publishers of Maximum PC. There are lots of online material and downloads available here.
Methods and Tools - A free newsletter for software engineering and application development professionals.
 Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine - The Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine is for Windows NT/2000 experts.
 Microsoft Systems Journal - Microsoft Systems Journal has been folded into the MSDN Online Magazine, you can review back issues and articles at this web site.
 Mobile Computing and Communications - Full articles are available only for archived issues.
 MSDN Online Magazine - The MSDN Online Magazine is the Microsoft journal for developers.
 MSNBC Technology - MSNBC brings you up-to-the-minute technology news from around the globe.
 Netware Connection - The magazine for Novell networking professionals.
 Network Computing - The technology solutions center, contains Features, News, Technology Guides, Buyer's Guide, Tools, and Events. - Excellent online magazine for keeping up with the network computing industry.
 Network World Fusion - Networking's most active online community.
 Newsbytes - Newsbytes is the oldest, continually publishing real-time source of news on computers, networking, telecommunications, the Internet, and online services.
 Oracle Magazine - Issues of Oracle Magazine and Profit Business to E-Business Magazine are available online.
 PC Magazine - PC Magazine is a very good online publication with well informed articles.
 PC - PC, the interactive, electronic edition of PC World magazine, is the definitive source on the Web for expert computer information on "what to buy" and "how to use" it.
Penguin Magazine - The "Newbie Friendly" online magazine for Linux users.
 Planet IT - I.T. News, Technology, Advice, and Community.
 Popular Mechanics - highlights several articles from the magazine every month as well as provide accompanying web-exclusive material in an effort to create a virtual community for people who are curious to know how things work and what they mean.
 Popular Science - highlights several articles from the magazine every month as well as provide accompanying web-exclusive material in an effort to create a virtual community for people who are curious to know how things work and what they mean.
 PowerBuilder Developer's Journal - The only monthly source of quality PowerBuilder information since 1984. Includes forum, product reviews, source code, and digital edition.
 Red Herring - Red Herring Communications is a fully integrated network of media properties connecting and enabling the technology empowered business builders and leaders, ideas, and technologies that are shaping and reshaping business today.
SDTimes - For the software development industry.  Most of the publication is focused on the news and news analysis of what is important and relevant to software and application development managers. News that may barely get mentioned by the broad-based IT newsweeklies is front-page news for SD Times.
 Seattle Times: Technology - Technology News from the Seattle Times.
Server / Workstation Expert - A leading publication for server-based computing solutions, providing hands-on how-to information to IT managers. Search back issues on their archive site.
 SF Gate: Technology - SF Gate provides technology news using original content and content from other members of the The Chronicle Publishing Company family, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, KRON-TV, and BayTV.

ShowMeLinux - An on-line magazine designed for business professionals and Linux enthusiasts alike. This is an archive.

 Silicon Prairie - Published by the Chicago Tribune, this online technical publication is targeted towards Chicago's high tech professionals.
Software Development Online - Covers the people, products, and practices of corporate development. It targets corporate developers and technical managers working at mainly mid- to large-size companies. Selected articles, features, and reviews are available for free.
Software Engineering Institute Publications - The SEI has published many technical and special reports, technical notes and handbooks. Many of these documents are available for free in pdf or ps formats.
 SQL Server Magazine Online - An excellent online resource magazine for MS SQL Server...many featured articles, news headlines, a topics index, and back issues.. - The online edition of Industry Standard, the single source for critical, timely information about the Internet Economy.
 Sunworld - IDG's magazine for the Unix community containing Tech Expertise, Features, News, Views, and Community Discussions.
 Tech Central - Ireland's online IT Resource - The online home of Computer Scope, Ireland's leading IT magazine.
Technology Review - MIT's magazine of innovation. Cutting edge technology articles and papers with online forums.
 TechWeb - TechWeb is part of CMP Media Inc. which is a leading high-tech media company providing essential information and marketing services to the entire technology spectrum.
 Telecom Web - TelecomWeb network provides a summary of the broadband, satellite, and wireless stories.
Think Research - Quarterly magazine produced by IBM Research with in-depth coverage of recent product announcements, provocative technical topics, and other information useful to the science and technology community. Back issues are available here.
 TIME Digital Online - TIME Digital Online is TIME magazine's guide to personal technology.
 UMBC AgentNews Webletter - Email newsletter on intelligent agents, including related books, web sites and events. Published by UMBC Lab for Advanced Information Technology.
 Unix Review - Unix Review has Features, Columns, Show N Tell, Geek Links, Reviews, Development, Open Source, and Archives.
 Unix World - Unix World has Features, Tutorials, Book Reviews, Columns, and Resource Guides on CGI, Java, Unix, and the Web.
 Upside - Upside Media Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with high quality, insightful media products that uniquely position the company as a leader in the information technology field.
 USA Today: Tech - Technology News from USA Today.
 VAR Business - VARBusiness is the only publication that integrates in-depth product information and technology trends with profitable business strategies for VARs, developers, integrators, and consultants.
 Visual Basic Programmer's Journal - For the Visual Basic programmer, contains Features, Exclusive Previews, Newsletters, Discussions, Resources, and Code.
 Visual C++ Developer's Journal - For the Visual C++ professional, contains Features, Tool Reviews, Newsletters, Discussions, Resources, Archives and Code.
 Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition - Among the news and articles there is a section on Technology News.
Washington Technology - Technology news for government systems integrators offering news, editorials, technology features, and local stories.
 Web Builder - For the professional web developer and web master, contains Features, Opinion, News, Reviews, Departments, and Discussions.
 Web Server Online Magazine - For managers of world wide web sites, contains news, resources, new products, and archives. Search back issues on their archive site.
 WebTechniques - Online magazine for webmasters containing archives, source code, events, and jobs.
 Windows 2000 Magazine Online - A great online resource magazine covering Windows 2000 and everything related to it...many featured articles, news headlines, a topics index, and back issues.
Windows Developer's Journal - Features highly technical, hands-on Windows programming information, in the form of articles, useful links, and access to the journal's source code archive.
 Windows NT Systems - Windows NT Systems is no longer being published, but archived articles are available. - Part of CMP's Techweb portfolio of online magazines, claims to be the Windows authority. A good resource about Microsoft Windows.
 Wired News - Wired News, the online edition of Wired Magazine, offers articles on business, culture, technology, and politics.
 XML Journal - Offers free access to their XML archives, every article published since their premier issue. Content includes editorials, forums, source code, product reviews, and a digital edition. (registration required)
 XML Magazine - XML development content, includes Features, Data Access and Interchange, E-Business, Windows, Java, Ask the XML Pro, and white papers.
 ZDNet - ZDNet web site is a leading source for technology, Internet content, and commerce news. Here is their Business and Technology section.

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