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A+, Hardware, Peripherals & Networking Training Materials and Videos

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. (Please note the local links to member training content do not work on this page.)

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A+, Hardware, Peripherals & Networking Training Materials and Videos

I have zipped together a special package for you consisting of 8 A+ Ebooks and Study Guides for studying and preparing for the A+ Certification Exam. You can download it here, its file size is about 11mb.

TestPrep 220-301 A+ Core Hardware

TestPrep 220-302 A+ Operating Systems Technologies

A+ Training Videos:

- Intro to A+ Electricity
- A+ Electricity

- Intro to A+ Printers
- A+ Printers

- Intro to A+ Multimedia
- A+ Multimedia

- Intro to A+ Network Media
- A+ Network Media

- Intro to A+ Networking with Unix and Linux
- Networking with Unix and Linux

- Upgrading Motherboard Components

The above on-screen training videos require the Techsmith codec. Click here to download it, just copy it to your hard drive and double-click it to install. These also use Microsoft Windows Media Player. You may need to register for free first.

A+ Training Books:

A+ Glossary - This is a great learning tool for studying for the A+ Exam (pdf format)

A+ Certification: How to Pass Your Exams - This free book walks you through all the skills tested in the A+ Certification exam -- both the Core exam and the DOS/Windows exam.

From the A+ Complete Study Guide:
Chapter 5: PC Bus Architectures
(12.5mb, pdf)
Chapter 15: Application and Installation Configuration
(3.14mb, pdf)

From the A+ Complete Exam Notes:
Chapter 3: Domain 3.0 Preventive Maintenance
(1.59mb, pdf)
Chapter 8:
Domain 2.0 Installation, Configuration and Upgrading (3.00mb, pdf)

From the A+ Complete Lab Manual:
Lab 21: Resolve an IRQ Conflict—Windows 95/98
(102kb, pdf)

A+ Online CBT Training:
(quizzes not available)

    A+ Certification: Computer Basics

    A+ Certification: Bus Structures and Microprocessors

    A+ Certification: Memory and Data Storage

    A+ Certification: Powering and Disassembling the PC

    A+ Certification: Input and Output

    A+ Certification: Printers and Portable Systems

    A+ Certification: Keeping the PC Running

    A+ Certification: OS Basics and Windows

    A+ Certification: Windows 2000/XP and OS Troubleshooting

    A+ Certification: Networking

    A+ Certification: Working on the Network and Internet

    A+ Certification: Practice Exam

    A+ Study Guides:

    A+ Core Hardware Service Technician  (exam home page)
    • A Second A+ Core Hardware Study Guide

    • A Third A+ Core Hardware Study Guide

    • A+ Module 1 - Hardware Basics (pdf)

    • A+ Core Hardware Online Training Course (no graphics)

      • Section 1: Electronic Terminology, Assembly and Upgrade                        
      • Section 2: Input devices
      • Section 3: System boards & CPU
      • Section 4: Bus Architecture
      • Section 5: Memory
      • Section 6: Disk system architecture
      • Section 7: Communication ports
      • Section 8: Display concepts
      • Section 9: Modem and Printer
      • Section 10: Troubleshooting

    A+ Operating Systems Technologies
     (exam home page)
    • A Second A+ Operating Systems Study Guide

    • A Third A+ Operating Systems Study Guide

    • A+ Operating Systems Training Course (no graphics)

    Miscellaneous A+ Preparation Resources:
    • A+ Training from My..Solution

    • Notes for A+ Preparation Class

    • Article about the "Domain 2.0: Diagnosing and Troubleshooting" section of the A+ Exam

    • Networking Basics

    • A+ Core Hardware Technotes:

      • SCSI

      • Printers

      • CPUs and Sockets

      • BIOS, CMOS and POST

      • Modems and Serial Ports

    • More Free A+ Studying Resources

    A+ Practice Tests:

    • Free A+ Practice Tests and Notes

    • 39 Questions & Answers for A+ Core Hardware

    • 31 Questions & Answers for A+ OS

    • A+ Core Hardware Technician - 45 questions (register free)

    • A+ OS Technologies- 30 questions (register free)

    • 27 Questions & Answers on A+ Core Hardware

    • 26 Questions & Answers on A+ Operating System Technologies

    • A+ Hardware Bank Questions

    • A+ Operating Systems Bank Questions

    • 153 Questions by Phillip Evans

    • 30 Questions by Phillip Evans

    • 50 Questions for A+ OS Exam

    • 25 Questions for A+ Core Exam

    • 100 Questions for A+ Exams: Exam #1, Exam #2, Exam #3, Exam #4 

    • 103 Questions for A+ OS Exam: 18 Questions, 40 Questions, 45 Questions

    • A+ Flash Cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    • From A+ Omega: Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4, Test 5, Test 6, Test 7, Test 8, Test 9, Test 10

    • More Free A+ Practice Tests (3 pop-ups): Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4, Test 5, Test 6, Test 7, Test 8, Test 9, Test 10

    • 24 Question short answer test with good explanations

    • Shredder - 700 question A+ prep exam program - Just extract all the files in the zip to the same folder. 

    Hardware Guides:

    Digital Data Intel Processor Specifications
    Motherboard logic Introduction To The BIOS
    CPU and RAM PC Power Supplies
    Disks and drives Motherboards
    PC Interface Data Storage Devices
    System Software Introduction to Modems
    Monitors & Sound Computer Care Tips
    Digital Imaging Beginning Hardware Guide

    Crammsession's A+ Resources:

    • A+ Articles and Newsletters

    • A+ Tech Library Hardware Articles

    • A+ Hardware and OS Forum

    • A+ OS Fundamentals 45 Question Practice Test

    • A+ Core Fundamentals 45 Question Practice Test

    • Learn how to study with these tips

    • (Click here to register for free)

    Computer Hardware & Maintenance Training Videos

    • Adding New Hardware • How CPUs Work
    • BIOS Flash • How to Install a CD-ROM Drive
    • BIOS Upgrade • How to Install a CD-ROM Drive in a Non-Pentium PC
    • How to Install Diskette Drives • How to Install a DVD-ROM Drive
    • How to Install Ports • Selecting a CD ROM Writer
    • Minimum & Recommended Requirements • How to Install RAM
    • Motherboard Types • Installing a SIMM
    • Installing a Motherboard • RAM Troubleshooting
    • Motherboard Jumpers • Types of Memory
    • What are SCSI and IDE? • Installing Monitors and Graphics Cards
    • Installing High Capacity Storage Devices • Installing a Power Supply
    • Selecting PC Cases • Installing an Internal Tape Drive
    • What are USB Devices? • Basic PC Tips
    • Troubleshooting Hard Drive Problems • When to Upgrade vs. When to Replace
    • Transferring Data from One Hard Drive to the Other • Budget PCs
    • File Maintenance • Selecting a Laptop
    • When Your PC Freezes • Laptop Tips
    • PC Hardware Basics • Types of PCs (PC History)
    • Basic Software Fixes and Patches • Data Recovery
    • Using the Recycle Bin • How To Remove a Virus
    • Installing a Printer Cartridge • Keyboard Tips and Tricks
    • Installing a Toner Cartidge in a Laser Printer • Using ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter
    • Top Ten Things To Keep Your System In Top Shape • Monitor Maintenance
    • Installing a Modem • Printer Maintenance
    • WinModem Errors • Monitor Maintenance

    Computer Networking Training Videos

    • Internet Access Options • Internet Connection Sharing
    • Connecting Your PC to a Network • How to Install a Cable Modem
    • Firewalls • Firewire Devices
    • IP Addresses • How to Map a Network Drive
    • Mobile Connectivity • How to Share Folders in Windows
    • Peer to Peer Networking • Maximizing Your MTU
    • Printer Sharing • Microsoft Personal Web Server
    • Remote PC Access • Using a PC as a Server

    Training Videos about Computer Peripherals

    • Choosing Speakers and Subwoofers • Eliminating Interference
    • How to Use a Scanner • Installing a Scanner
    • Inkjet Printers • Installing High Capacity Storage Devices
    • Installing a Printer • Installing Joysticks and Game Devices
    • Installing a Toner Cartridge in a Laser Printer • Installing Keyboards
    • Laser Printers • Keyboard Tips and Tricks
    • Printer Maintenance • Installing Mice and Other Input Devices
    • Printer Sharing • Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Windows
    • Types of Printers • Mice Options and Tricks
    • What are USB Devices? • Using a TV With a PC

    To view these course videos you must download and install either RealPlayer or Windows Media.

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