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168 Windows 98 and ME Video Training Tutorials

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. 

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115 Windows ME Training Video Tutorials:

  • Customizing the Start Menu

  • Customizing Your Desktop

  • Desktop Themes

  • Different File Systems

  • File Extension Basics

  • File Maintenance

  • Finding Files or Folders

  • How to Create a Backup

  • How to Create a Windows Icon

  • How to Optimize Video Performance

  • How to Resolve DMA Conflicts

  • How to Set Windows Wallpaper

  • How to Share Folders in Windows

  • How to Transfer Files from a Laptop to a PC

  • Installing Mice and Other Input Devices

  • Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Windows

  • Mice Options and Tricks

  • Add a Contact in MSN Messenger

  • Add and Change a Password

  • Add and Delete Windows Components

  • Add and Select a Favorite

  • Add Files to a My Briefcase Folder

  • Add or Remove a Printer

  • Adjust Graphics and Memory

  • Change a File Association

  • Change and Delete User Profiles

  • Change Colors and Wallpaper

  • Change Date and Time

  • Change Desktop Sounds and Volume

  • Change File System Settings

  • Change Folder Options

  • Change Icons and Effects

  • Change Input and Output Accessibility

  • Change Printer Settings

  • Change Regional Settings

  • Change Screen Setup

  • Change the File View

  • Chat in MSN Messenger

  • Choose a Screen Saver

  • Choose Start Up Applications

  • Choosing Startup Applications

  • Clean Up the Desktop

  • Control the Print Queue

  • Create a Custom Folder Style

  • Create a Scrap

  • Create a Shortcut Icon, Desktop Folder and Document

  • Create and Modify a Startup Disk

  • Create and Play a Sound

  • Create and Select Desktop

  • Themes

  • Create and Use a Folder

  • Customize Taskbar and Toolbars

  • Customize Your Keyboard

  • Customize Your Mouse

  • Download Visualizations and Skins

  • Find and Remove Device Conflicts

  • Find Files or Folders

  • Format a Removable Disk

  • Install a New Device

  • Install a Program

  • Open a Document

  • Organize Favorites

  • Organize Start Menu Programs

  • Print a Document

  • Recording Music

  • Select and Create a Power Scheme

  • Set MSN Messenger Options

  • Set Up and Use a Compressed Folder

  • Set Up MSN Messenger

  • Set Up User Profiles

  • Start, Set Up and Exit Paint

  • Starting a Program and Switching Between Applications

  • Synchronize Briefcase Files

  • Troubleshoot Printing

  • Tuning the Internet Radio and Playing MP3 Files

  • Uninstall a Program

  • Use Advanced Settings

  • Use Calculator

  • Use Notepad

  • Use Standby and Hibernate

  • Use the Accessibility Wizard

  • Use the Magnifier and On-Screen Keyboard

  • Use the Recycle Bin

  • Use the Tools in Paint

  • Use Windows Explorer

  • Using Windows Media Player Visualizations and Skins

  • View and Change File Properties

  • View and Hide Folder Elements

  • Work with Active Desktop

  • Work with Files and Folders

  • Power Management Options

  • Putting It All Back

  • Registry Recovery

  • The Right Click

  • Transferring Data from One Hard Drive to the Other

  • Troubleshooting Hard Drive Problems

  • Troubleshooting the Internet Connection Wizard

  • Uninstalling Software

  • Using Two Operating Systems

  • Using Windows Explorer

  • What is a VPN?

  • What is Direct X?

  • What is Open GL?

  • What is the Active Dekstop?

  • What is the Control Panel?

  • When Your PC Freezes

  • Windows DLL Files

  • Windows Hardware Profiles

  • Windows Safe Mode

  • Windows Startup Programs

  • Windows Task Scheduler

  • Windows Update

  • Windows Virtual Memory

  • Windows VXD Files

  • Your PC System Sounds


53 Windows 98 Animated Viewlet Tutorials:

  • Several Methods for Finding a File

  • Using Windows 98 Backup

  • Defragging Your Hard Drive

  • Creating a Desktop Icon from Start Menu

  • Restoring a Drive in Windows 98

  • Scheduling a Task in Windows 98

  • Changing the Title Bar Color

  • Add Display Icon to Your Start Bar

  • How to Change Your New Mail Sound

  • Copying Web Backgrounds to Your Desktop Wall Paper

  • Tiled or Centered Wall Paper

  • Dial up Connection in Windows 98

  • Installing TrueType Fonts in Windows 98

  • Uninstalling TrueType Fonts

  • Using Regedit to Back Up Your Windows Registry

  • Editing Background Patterns in Windows 98

  • Using HWINFO in Windows 98

  • FTP Upload on Windows 98

  • Adding and Deleting Start Menu Items in Windows 98

  • Using Folders to Customize the Windows 98 Start Menu

  • Changing the Position of the Task Bar in Windows 98

  • Using the Ping Command to Evaluate Connections in Windows 98

  • Clearing the Documents Menu in Windows 98

  • Restoring and Emptying the Recycle Bin in Windows 98

  • Changing the Video Resolution and Color Depth in Windows 98

  • Running ScanDisk in Windows 98

  • The Windows 98 Screen Saver

  • Task Bar Properties in Windows 98

  • Putting an Address Toolbar in the Task Bar in Windows 98

  • Windows 98 Wallpaper

  • Viewing System Files in Windows 98

  • Video Formats for Windows 98

  • Using Folders to Customize the Windows 98 Start Menu

  • Finding Files by Date Modified or Date Created in Windows 98

  • Organizing the Programs File in Windows 98

  • Turning off Modem Sounds in Windows 98

  • Uninstalling programs through the Windows 98 Control Panel

  • Changing the Appearance of the Mouse Pointers

  • Introduction to the Google Search Options

  • Downloading and installing animated cursors

  • Selecting Alternate Cursors to Use in Windows 98

  • Labeling Your Drives

  • An Overview of the Windows 98 Operating System

  • Creating Desktop Folders in Windows 98

  • Arranging Desktop Folders and Icons in Windows 98

  • System Maintenance: Increasing Disk Space

  • Windows Quick Shutdown

  • Disabling Win98's Fast Shutdown if your computer hangs while closing

  • How To Edit The Windows Registry

  • How To Correct Out of Stack Pages Error

  • How To Correct Out of Scan Range Error

  • Changing File Type Associations with Application

  • Find or Move the Windows Taskbar

  • How To Make a Screen Capture

  • How To Use Scandisk and Defrag

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