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Animated Windows 2000 and NT Training

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year.

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Windows 2000 MCSE Training Videos

- Intro to IP Addressing
- IP Addressing
- Intro to Installing Windows 2000
- Installing Windows 2000
- Intro to Configuring Windows NAT with Windows 2000
- Configuring Windows NAT with Windows 2000
- Intro to Introduction to Active Directory
- Introduction to Active Directory
- Intro to Introduction to Group Policy
- Introduction to Group Policy
- Intro to XP, Navigation and Desktop Settings
- Remote Assistance (XP)
- Managing Web Services (MCSA)
The above on-screen training videos require the Techsmith codec. Click here to download it, just copy it to your hard drive and double-click it to install. These also use Microsoft Windows Media Player. You may need to register for free first.

Windows 2000 MCSE Training Videos
Free registration is required for these Free Videos
 - please register on this page once and then access them here.
(for quick viewing, use username= and password=)
(requires Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher)

Windows 2000 Professional:
  • Installing Windows 2000 Professional
  • Installing Windows 2000 Professional GUI mode
  • Installing RIS
  • Using SYSPREP
  • Using Setup Manager
  • Upgrading from Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
  • Deployment of Service Packs
  • Controlling Access to Files and Folders
  • Manage File Compression
  • Managing Shares
  • Combined Permissions
  • Controlling Access to Web Sites
  • Managing Printers
  • Connecting to Internet Printers
  • Manage Disk Volumes
  • Installing Video Adapters
  • Instaling Modems
  • Update Device Drivers
  • Multi-Processing
  • Installing Network Adapters
  • Manage Driver Signing
  • Using Task Scheduler
  • Manage Off-line Files and Folders
  • Using System Monitor
  • Hardware Profiles
  • Backup and Restore
  • Restore Using Recovery Console
  • User Profiles
  • Manage Regional Options
  • Windows Installer
  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • Dial-up Connections
  • Connect to a Private Network
  • Connect to a VPN
  • Configure ICS
  • Connecting to Shared Resources
  • Create and Manage Users and Groups
  • Configure Local Computer Policy Settings
  • Implementing Auditing
  • Apply Security Templates

Windows 2000 Server:

  • Perform an Attended Installation
  • Upgrade a Server from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000
  • User and Group Management
  • Managing Print Servers
  • Auditing a Windows 2000 Print Server
  • Configure Stand-Alone DFS
  • Taking Ownership of Files and Folders
  • Advanced Web Site Management
  • Install and Configure NWLink Protocol
  • Installing and Configuring Gateway Services for Netware
  • Installing Print Service for Unix
  • Optimizing Use of System Resources
  • Tuning the Server Service
  • Using the Task Manager
  • Managing the Page File
  • Backup files and System State Data
  • Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode
  • Disk Drive Basics
  • Convert Basic Disks to Dynamic Disks and Manage Simple Volumes
  • Spanned Volumes
  • Mirrored Volumes
  • Stripped Volumes
  • Raid 5 Volumes
  • Mount Points and Drive Letters
  • Disk Quotas
  • DHCP Basics
  • DNS Basics
  • WINS Basics
  • Configure Windows 2000 as a Network Router
  • Configure a VPN Server
  • Configure a NAT Server
  • Create a Remote Access Policy
  • Restricting Remote Access with a Policy
  • Advanced TCP/IP Security
  • Configure a Terminal Services Client
  • Configure Terminal Services
  • Configure Domain Account Policy
  • GPO and Active Directory Basics

Implementing & Administering Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure:
  • Install the DNS Server service as a caching only server
  • Create a Standard Primary Forward Lookup Zone
  • Create a Standard Primary Reverse Lookup Zone
  • Configure DNS Client Computers
  • Modify DNS Settings for Active Directory Integration
  • Testing the DNS Service
  • Create a Delegated Zone
  • Manually Create DNS Entries
  • Configure DNS to perform Round Robin
  • Monitor DNS
  • Installing DHCP through the Control Panel
  • Create a DHCP scope
  • Authorize a DHCP Server
  • Create a Super Scope
  • Create a Multicast Scope
  • Integrate DHCP and DNS
  • Monitor DHCP
  • Perform Off-line Compaction of the DHCP Database
  • Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access
  • Testing Routing and Remote Access
  • Configure Remote Access Profiles
  • Configure a Virtual Private Network
  • Monitor Routing and Remote Access
  • Configure TCP/IP
  • Installing NWLink
  • Installing Gateway and Client Services
  • Configure TCP/IP Packet Filters
  • Configure Windows 2000 Pro to ping continuously
  • Configure IPSec Policies
  • Install and Configure WINS
  • Configure Static WINS mappings
  • Enable Push/Pull Replication
  • Enable Routing with Static Routes
  • Delete a Static Route Entry
  • Enable and Configure RIP
  • Enable Demand-Dial Routing
  • Enable Internet Connection Sharing
  • Enable Network Address Translation
  • Installing Certificate Services Installing Certificate Services Installing Certificate Services

Administering Windows 2000 Active Directory:

Database and SQL Server Administration:
  • Configuring MS SQL Authentication
  • Configure Service Accounts with EM
  • Create Database with CDB Wizard
  • Create Database with SQL Enterprise Manager
  • Create Database with SQL Server Query Analyzer
  • Create filegroups with Transact SQL
  • Create filegroups using Enterprise Manager
  • Create SQL Server Logins for Windows Group
  • Create SQL Server Logins for Windows User
  • Access to SQL server for non Windows Users (?)
  • Denying Access to SQL Server with Enterprise Manager
  • Denying Access to SQL Server with Transact SQL
  • Revoking access to SQL Server
  • Revoking access for the Public Role
  • Create user defined role with custom permissions
  • Remove a guest account with Enterprise Mgr.
  • Remove a guest account with Transact SQL
  • Assigning Statement and Object Permissions
  • Create Application Roles
  • Testing Application Roles
  • Create Views Graphically
  • Configure SQL Server Agent Mail
  • Create SQL Server service mail Account
  • Create Operators in SQL Server
  • Create Transact SQL job with wizard
  • Create Multi-step job with Enterprise Mgr.
  • Multi-step job failure simulation
  • Create Alerts with System Errors
  • Create Custome Error Messages and Alerts
  • Create System Performance Condition Alerts
  • Setting Recovery Model for a Database
  • Backing to Backup Device using Transact SQL
  • Create Backup using SQL Query Analyzer
  • Backing up Northwind Database
  • Create Stripped Backup Set
  • Create Northwind Database using Enterprise Mgr.
  • Add products to Northwind Database with EM
  • Create Northwind Database using Transact SQL
  • Create Differential Backup using Enterprise Mgr.
  • Northwind Corruption and Restore Logs with EM
  • Forcing a Database restore over an Existing Database
  • Monitor SQL server activity using SQL server Profiler
  • Using the Index Turning Wizard against a Trace File
  • Create a Service on a DC for SQL Server


Windows 2000 Video Tutorials
either RealPlayer or Windows Media)

Customizing the Start Menu The Right Click
Customizing Your Desktop Transferring Data from One Hard Drive to the Other
Desktop Themes Troubleshooting Hard Drive Problems
Different File Systems Troubleshooting the Internet Connection Wizard
DOS Basics Using Two Operating Systems
File Extension Basics Using Windows Explorer
File Maintenance What is a VPN?
Finding Files or Folders What is Direct X?

How to Create a Backup

What is Open GL?
How to Create a Windows Icon When Your PC Freezes

How to Optimize Video Perforance

Windows DLL Files
How to Resolve DMA Conflicts Windows Hardware Profiles
How to Share Folders in Windows Windows Safe Mode
How to Transfer Files from a Laptop to a PC Windows Startup Programs
Installing Mice and Other Input Devices Windows Task Scheduler
Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Windows Windows Update
Mice Options and Tricks Windows Virtual Memory
Power Management Options Your PC System Sounds
Registry Recovery

Windows NT Video Viewlet Tutorials:

How to remove a screen saver password
How to open a program application
How to add a user to User Manager
How to delete a user from User Manager
How to change the background of your screen
How to change the appearance of your screen with a right mouse click
How to change the appearance of your screen
How to change the background with right mouse click
How to setup a screen saver with right mouse
How to set a screen saver password
How to set password on screen saver with right mouse
How to remove screen saver password with right mouse
How to remove the background with right mouse click
How to remove the background
How to remove the appearance with right mouse click
How to remove installed programs
How to create an ERD in NT Workstation 4.0
How to update your ERD in NT Workstation 4.0
How to use the help index in NT Workstation 4.0
How to format a floppy in NT Workstation 4.0
How you can tell if someone is connected to your PC in NT Workstation 4.0
How to map a network drive on desktop in NT Workstation 4.0
How to map a network drive in Windows Explorer in NT Workstation 4.0


Here is More Free Windows 2000 Training
Also Here and Here



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