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Best Free Database Design Training Materials

Databases and Database Management

Data Modeling Using the Entity-Relationship (ER) Data Model

File Organizations and Indexing

The Relational Data Model

Theory of Relational Database Design

Free Relational Database Tutorial and Tips For Beginners

Database Tutorials - Two series of easy-to-read tutorials for beginners on how to choose, design and use databases.

Introduction to Databases for the Web

John Cox's Database Design Tutorial - click on the large red dot.

Database Design and Modeling Fundamentals - This article covers the basics of database design including normalization, relationships and cardinality. A great tutorial on database design.

Building Strong Relationships

Database Normalization

Normalizing an Existing Database

Database Normalization - Definitions

Database Normalization And Design Techniques

Introduction to Relational Databases - Part 1: Theoretical Foundation

Case Study: A Database for an HR Department - This describes the application of a General Approach to Database Design

Databases and Database Design - Presentation slides

Database Systems and Structures - course notes

Designing and creating a Relational Database

Dilip's Brief Introduction to Relational Databases

Introduction to Database & Database Design - very good slides

Online Course: Introduction to Database Design, good notes

Introduction to Relational Database Design

Exploring Access 2000 Notes - slides showing how to design databases with Access 2000

Tutorial: Microsoft Access: Data Types, Table Processing & Design Layouts

DB2 Technical Support - see Part 1. Database Design and Implementation

IBM Data Management: IBM Manuals for Data Management and Database Products

Virtual Book about 'Design' - These are links to 'Design' topics and subjects for all of Oracle's free online books for Oracle9i Database Release 2. (free registration required). Here are all of their online Oracle 9i books: 

Same 'Design' Virtual Book as above, except for Oracle 8i Database, release 8.1.7. Here are all of their online Oracle 8i books: 

SQL Server Database Design Considerations - It is important to accurately design a database to model the business because it can be time consuming to change the design of a database significantly once implemented. A well-designed database also performs better.

SQL Server Physical Database Design - A successful database implementation usually requires careful planning at the early stages of your project. Learn about factors to consider in planning the physical database design.

Getting Started with SQL Server Books Online - Use this page for quick access to all the free online documentation for Microsoft SQL Server 2000.