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Macromedia Dreamweaver Training

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. (Please note the links to training content on this page only work on our member's site.)

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Your Dreamweaver Training:

Review of Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 - Dreamweaver 3 was the best, Dreamweaver 4 is better. The new Dreamweaver has a little bit for everyone. The beginner will benefit immensely from such new features as the Table Layout View. The hand coder will find that Dreamweaver is even more code friendly than before, with a built in text editor, different code views and even Javascript debugging. Content teams will find the enhanced Design Notes to be a great help with team communication and should allow the team to work more efficiently.

Dreamweaver MX Tutorials - These new tutorials will give you a good start and understanding on how to effectively use Dreamweaver MX. This version of Dreamweaver is different from previous versions: it is powerful and comes with a lot of improvements to explore. How you use its new features depends on the types of web sites you typically make and the type of developer you are.

Dreamweaver MX Files - Part 1 for the Dreamweaver MX newbie.
Dreamweaver MX Files - Part 2 for the Dreamweaver MX newbie.
The Definitive Introduction to CSS {in: MX;} - The definitive beginner's guide to CSS in MX.
Panel Management - Learn how to make your Dreamweaver MX Workspace as efficient as it can be.
Dreamweaver MX: Creating Anchor Links
An Introduction to Dreamweaver MX Nested Templates 
Dreamweaver MX and external CSS-P - How to work with CSS layouts and external stylesheets in Dreamweaver MX.
Dreamweaver MX and Valid (X)HTML - Introduces some of the new features of writing of valid, accessible XHTML and HTML..

Latest Dreamweaver Training - This page contains excellent Training Tutorials, tips, news and reviews of Dreamweaver and related products.

Dreamweaver 4 Guide - This guide teaches you site-building with Macromedia Dreamweaver. It includes 248 diagrams and screen shots that show you of how to set up a Web site, format pages and text, create links, and insert graphics; perform layout and navigation using tables, subsections, tables within tables, and frames; employ utilities that find and replace text, check spelling, insert META tags, and change HTML code; and enable interactivity with forms, style sheets, templates, and rollovers. (PDF format)

Dreamweaver 4 Quick Reference - Download a printable Quick Reference card of the keyboard shortcuts for Dreamweaver 4. (pdf, 358kb)

Dreamweaver 4 Primer - This course is designed to give the students a good understanding of Dreamweaver's interface and basic tools commonly used for creating Web sites. directed to those who have little or no experience with Web site authoring, although not necessary, a basic understanding of HTML would be helpful.

Using Dreamweaver - Each of these free tutorials is animated with screenshots and step-by-step directions to perform specific functions.

Dreamweaver 4 Training Tips: QuickTime Movies: These are very well presented training tip videos that will guide you well in your Dreamweaver 4 learning experience.  (Requires QuickTime player)

The Interface (2.6 mb)
Basics (1.5mb)
Flash Text (1.5mb)
Percentage Based Tables (1.8mb)
Insert Fireworks (1.2mb)
Setting Up FTP (1.1mb)

Dreamweaver 3 Training Tips: QuickTime Movies: These are very well presented training tip videos that will guide you well in your Dreamweaver learning experience.  (Requires QuickTime player)

Dreamweaver 3 Course - This seven part free tutorial course teaches you the fundamentals for Dreamweaver 3. You can also download the examples file for this course. This tutorial and the one following are courtesy of Computer Arts, one of the best free web design and graphic arts training site on the web.

Dreamweaver 3 Quick Reference - Download a printable Quick Reference card of the keyboard shortcuts for Dreamweaver 3. (pdf, 240kb)

Your Dreamweaver Educational and Tutorial Web Resources:

Don't forget to check out these Free Dreamweaver Training & Tutorials.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Application Development Center - This site has tutorials and articles, video tutorials, sample apps, community resources, extensions and more.

Dreamweaver 4 Overview - Version 4 of Dreamweaver has a host of new bells and whistles for you to play with. There are new graphics editing features, a revamped user interface design, improved code handling support, and a heap of features specifically designed to help you get the most out of your Web development experience. - This excellent free training site has a new free Learning Dreamweaver 4 online course.

A Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial - This tutorial will start off by guiding you through the first steps of building a site with Dreamweaver. Next, we'll look at more advanced elements, like adding media and remotely managing a site. Here are the lessons:

Top Dreamweaver 3.0 Tips - Be sure to check out these beginner, intermediate, and advanced Dreamweaver tips at

Projectseven Dreamweaver Tutorials - Includes Dynamic Dropdown Menu Tutorial for Dreamweaver UltraDev: The Dreamweaver UltraDev menu can be deployed with or without database functionality so is applicable to both UltraDev and Dreamweaver users. Also the Navbar Behavior: How to set up a complex navbar.

Learning Dreamweaver 3 - Sample Movies - Check out these sample movies of all these important areas: Basics Overview, Color Schemes, Layout with Layers, Sorting Tables, Creating a New Website, Open Browser Window, Synchronizing Files, Multiple Event Rollovers, Named Anchors, and Frames Objects.

Dreamweaver Walkthrough - This Webmonkey tutorial will help step you through Dreamweaver with confidence. The author shows you how to make it do the work for you. At the same time, you'll still be able to produce a final product that doesn't need some angry production type to clean up after it.

Extending Dreamweaver - This Webmonkey tutorial will teach you all the basics you need to start extending Dreamweaver 2.0. If you aren't familiar with the program's interface, you should definitely take Taylor's Dreamweaver Walk-through before continuing. And you should be quite familiar with JavaScript. If you're not, check out Thau's amazing tutorial.

Dreamweaver News and Information - The latest news Macromedia Dreamweaver along with resources, tips and help.

Dreamweaver Templates - Templates provide new Dreamweaver users with an intuitive way to learn how to create Web pages and sites, whereas more experienced Dreamweaver users can use them as a jumping point for new projects or comps.

Dreamweaver Technotes - This site contains all the Dreamweaver Technotes that have been issued and posted at the Macromedia Dreamweaver Support Center.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Tutorials - This page contains two free excellent Dreamweaver tutorials from along with links to articles on on site planning and publishing, creating and designing pages, managing assets and interactivity.

Free 30-day Trial of Dreamweaver 4 - Download your free 30-day trial of Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and learn how to use this professional Web site design and production software to build sophisticated Web sites. Macromedia Dreamweaver was designed to make Web production more efficient for individuals or teams.


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