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Macromedia Flash Training

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. (Please note the links to training content on this page only work on our member's site.)

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Your Flash Training:

  Flash MX Tutorials - These tutorials are teach you how to use the latest Flash version, Flash MX. They form an excellent Flash MX Knowledge Base.

The Flash MX Event Model
Dynamically Attaching Components
Using ASBroadcaster
Using ASSetPropFlags
Save a local copy of file
Using Local Connections
Fading Text
Creating a Basic Flash MX Animation
Creating a Hyperlink
Editing the Registration Point
Alpha Graphic Fade with Inertia
News Flasher
Launch a Centered Pop-Up Window
Create a Photo Gallery
Loading a Random Background
Creating Continuous Movement
Displaying Hover Captions
Random Movement in Flash MX
Making Flash Movies Transparent
Creating a Full Flash Site
Preloader with Percentage
Using the Preloader Component
Creating a Form Using Components
Create a Text Scroller
Creating a Listbox
Loading Techniques
Shared Objects- Flash MX Cookies
Games- Keeping Score
Line Art in Flash
Movement Using Keyboard Keys
Movement Using ActionScript
Using International Characters
Text in Flash- Make it Legible!
Preloader that Displays Load Progress
Creating an Atomz Search Field
Submitting to Search Engines
Creating a Flash MX Component
Flash MX Scollpane Component
Another Flash MX Drawing Tutorial
Inside Flash MX: Production Essentials
Password Login for Flash MX
CGI Forms With Flash MX and UI Components Set #2
Basic Flash MX Web Cam by Jeff Hughes
Drawing Object in MX
Button Object tutorial
Movieclip.setMask tutorial
Accessing ID3 Tags (.mp3)
SWF Object/Embed Attributes
Movie & Image Preloader Woes
onKeyDown VS onClipEvent(keyDown)
Flash MX Event Model
Dynamically Attaching Components
Stop Browser Caching Data
Delete a SharedObject
Global Class Path
Internal Actionscript Architecture
14 Flash MX Quicktime Movie Tutorials

Flash 5 Tutorials - These excellent Flash 5 tutorials are grouped into these categories: Basic, Animation, Special Effects, and Advanced. Each of these give you step-by-step directions to perform specific functions.

Generate the HTML for Flash SWF
Reduce File Size
Maximize Flash in Browser
Flash and Frames
AOL IM Hyperlink
Animated Rollover
Flash HTML Code
Publish Flash Animations
Buttons (Rollovers)
Linking a Button
Adding Sound To Buttons
Load Movies
Naming Movies
Gradient Fills
Pool of Squares
Text Mask- Follow Mouse
Text Mask- Drag
Movies & Flash
Image Masking
DHTML in Flash
Flash 5 And PowerPoint 2000
Special Effects:
Lighting Mask
Ray of Light Revisited
Creating Falling Snow in HTML Pages
Motion Blur in Flash 5
Launch Borderless Window
Random Letter Cycling
Scrolling Image
Opening a New Browser Window in Flash
Pool of Squares
Text Mask- Follow Mouse
Text Mask- Drag
Movies & Flash
Image Masking
DHTML in Flash
Flash 5 And PowerPoint 2000
Sliding Menu
Draggable Menu- Part II
Draggable Menu- Part I
Real Fake Drag Mask
Global Mouse Cursor
Global Mouse Cursor
Tell Target
Advanced Rollovers
More Tell Target
Projector Commands
Follow Mouse

Flash 5 Tutorials - Each of these 14 video tutorials is animated with screenshots and step-by-step directions to perform specific functions. This page includes six Flash 5 advanced tutorials.

Latest Flash Training - Flash has become the industry standard when it comes to vector animation on the Web. In this section, we give you free Flash 4 and 5 Training Tutorials on using this important web application, along with tips on how to create special effects.

Flash 5 Tutorials - Each of these free tutorials is animated with screenshots and step-by-step directions to perform specific functions.

Flash 5 - the New Features - This six part tutorial course gives you a taste of the new tools and how to use them. It also shows you how Flash 5 is fundamentally different from previous versions - it can be described as  being more in tune with the way designers work. With new tools like Movie Explorer, this type of structure is now available with Flash 5. Here are your downloads for this course:,, and This tutorial and the 3 following are courtesy of Computer Arts, one of the best free web design and graphic arts training site on the web.

Flash Symbols, Movie Clips and Targets - These three tutorials teach you how to use Symbols and reusable Library items so you can create applications that can be controlled through the smallest amount of scripting. You'll also learn how to organize Actions and properly label events in movies. 

More Flash Training Tutorials - Once you've gotten some of the basics down, take a look at these tutorials to get acquainted with some of the more advanced and powerful abilities of Flash.

Flash Animation - These five tutorials teach you the fundamentals of Flash animation. Downloads for this course: fish.swf and movie.swf.

Flash Animation Tutorial -
Creating a Frame-by-Frame Animation, Creating a Shape-Tweened Animation, continued, Shape Hints, Shape Hints continued, Creating a Motion-Tweened Animation, continued, continued, continued, continued, continued, continued.

Flash 5 Training Tips: QuickTime Movies - These are wonderful training tip videos that will guide you well in your Flash 5 learning experience.  (Get QuickTime player here)

Flash 4 Training Tips: QuickTime Movies - These are wonderful training tip videos that will guide you well in your Flash learning experience.  (Get QuickTime player here)

Publishing Files (512 kb)
More Flash Tips (852kb)
Key Frames (468kb)
Movie Properties (1.4mb)
Frame by Frame (612kb)
Shape Tweening (456kb)
Shape Hint (596kb)
Motion Tweening (324kb)
Motion Guide (476kb)
Symbols (1.2mb)
Graphic Symbols (812kb)
Movie Clips (1.5mb)
Frame Actions (928kb)
Interactive Button (1.8mb)
Movie Clip Interactivity (486kb)
Tell Target (912kb)
Scene (1.0mb)

Your Flash Educational and Tutorial Web Resources:

Don't forget to check out these Free Flash Training & Tutorials.

Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials - Download a printable version of the Introduction to Flash MX, Introduction to ActionScript, and Introduction to Components tutorials. (Windows and Macintosh versions)

Macromedia Flash MX Documentation - Several good things are available here, including Flash MX keyboard shortcuts, Flash 5 keyboard shortcuts, Flash MX learning interactions, Using ActionScript event methods, Creating components, and ActionScript Dictionary.

Using Flash 5  - This is Macromedia's excellent online manual for learning, studying, and referencing Flash 5. (zipped pdf, 1.76mb). Macintosh version here.

Using Flash 4 - The online guide for learning, studying, and referencing Flash 4. (zipped pdf, 2.3mb). Macintosh version here.

Flash 5 Action Script Reference - Use this reference guide to help you write and create great action scripts. (zipped pdf, 1.06mb). Macintosh version here. - This excellent free training site has a new free Learning Flash 5 online course.

Flash 4 Tutorial Course - This is an comprehensive course covering everything you need to know to start using Flash. (pdf 3.20mb) 

Free Training for Macromedia Flash 5 - Macromedia University offers you a special free online training course for Macromedia Flash 5. This course will increase your skills in Flash and show you how it can be a great user engaging vehicle for your website.

Macromedia Flash Tutorials - offers you these 3 free Flash tutorials: Fading Text In, Animating a Symbol, Morphing Shapes.

Flash 5 School at - These free Flash tutorials cover Introduction to Flash, Tweening, Guide Tween, Tint Tween, Shape Tween, Buttons, Animation, and Sound.

Flash Kit Tutorials - This site offers a collection of free Flash tutorials. Tutorial categories include Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, 3D, Actionscript, Special Effects and more. This is an excellent free training site if you want to learn Flash.

Flash Learning Tutorials - Excellent tutorials from covering both intermediate and advanced areas of Flash: Actionscript Tutorials, Plug and Play Routines, Database and Forms, FS Commands, Graphics, Movie Clips and Tell Target, and Xtras and Libraries.

Virtual-FX - This site contains tutorials for all levels of Macromedia Flash users. Beginners will find their introductions to ActionScript useful, and the intermediate and advanced tutorials will appeal to the more experienced Flash users.

The Flash Academy - Once you've gotten some of the basics down, this site is a good place to get acquainted with some of the more advanced and powerful abilities of Flash. Contains tutorials, source codes, and examples. 

Best Flash Tutorial Articles:

  • Flash in a Flash - A seasoned design pro shares the secret to cooking up great-looking (and sounding) Flash animations in a hurry: tapping the wealth of stock media resources available on the Web.
  • Making a Splash with Flash: An Animation Primer
  • Getting Interactive with Flash and LiveMotion - What's the difference between Macromedia Flash and Adobe LiveMotion? Find out the strengths and weaknesses of each program and determine which is best for you.
  • Director vs. Flash - Content developers still have to agonize over whether they should develop for Flash or Shockwave, a decision that's especially tricky because, for some types of content, they are both equally capable.
  • Flash Articles and Tutorials These are above average learning articles from Flash Pages:

Flash Top TechNotes - All new, updated, and archived Flash TechNotes by category and number

Flash Interactivity Tutorials:

Flash Sound Tutorials:

Publishing and Exporting Tutorials:

Other Flash Tutorials:

Flash Tutorial and Article Index - This page links to all of Macromedia's Flash tutorials and articles.

Flash 5 Samples and Tutorials - These samples and tutorials are a step-by-step guide to making the most of your Macromedia Flash 5 experience.

Free trial version of Macromedia Flash 5 - Get a free, fully-functional, 30-day trial version of Macromedia Flash 5.

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