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Microsoft FrontPage Training

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. (Please note the local links to member training content do not work on this page.)

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Your FrontPage Training:

FrontPage 2002 and 2000 Movie Tutorials - Each of these 45 detailed video training tutorials is animated with screenshots and give you step-by-step directions to perform specific functions. (Need QuickTime)

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - Here are the latest FrontPage 2002 tutorials from the best sources: 

Creating a New Web Build a Pop-up Menu Using Dynamic HTML and JavaScript
Working with Hyperlinks Making Your Web Sites More Accessible
FrontPage Components How to Make HTML CDs
High-end Scripting Data-enabling Webs
Make Your Site More Interactive Database Power with FrontPage 2002
About Shapes Create an E-commerce Web Site
About Creating an E-commerce Site Create Online Surveys
About Views Display a Gallery of Photos
Accessing Folder List and Navigation Panes Fine Tuning Photo Gallery Layouts
Create a Table Cell ScreenTip Using the Photo Gallery with Themes
Catching Code with FrontPage 2002 Using the Photo Gallery with Cascading Style Sheets
Choosing the Best Link Bar Exceptions to HTML Preservation
Making HTML Pages XML-Compatible List View Style Gallery
How to Create and Link to Bookmarks Making FrontPage 2002 Toolbars More Accessible
Move an Object Forward or Backward Paste the Way You Want With Smart Tags
Password-Protect an ASP Page See How Your Web Site is Organized
Set Default Styles for AutoShapes Single Page Publishing
Use Page Tabs to Navigate Using PowerPoint-like Drawing Tools
Using the Enhanced Publishing Feature Using the Database Interface Wizard
Using the Task Pane Feature FrontPage password protection
DRW hyperlink results & display details in a right column Features that require FrontPage 2002 extensions & SharePoint Team Services
Include Page tutorial Database Interface Wizard Tutorial
How to import a Power Point Presentation into your web Adding/Creating a Custom Confirmation Page
Sending form results to a database

FrontPage 2000 Interface - Before you can learn to use FrontPage, you need to be familiar with its look, feel, and setup. This interface tutorial offers a brief run-through of the program's structure to aid you in your learning process.

FrontPage 2000 Guide - This guide shows you how to build high-quality Web sites using Microsoft FrontPage 2000. It includes 250 diagrams and screen shots that show you everything, including how to perform layout and navigation using tables, subsections, tables within tables, and frames; employ utilities that find and replace text, check spelling, insert META tags, and check links; and enable interactivity with forms, style sheets, templates, and rollovers. (PDF format)

FrontPage 2000 Beginner Tutorials - These beginner tutorials cover the following basic FrontPage topics:

Getting Started Graphics and Pictures
Page Properties Working with Pictures
Text Miscellaneous
Working with Text Working with Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks Keyboard Shortcuts
Tables Tips
Working with Tables

FrontPage 2000 Advanced Tutorials - These advanced tutorials cover the following topics:

Shared borders Frames
Navigation bars Components
Cascading Style Sheets Forms
Themes FrontPage 2000 and JavaScript
Using Tables for Page Layout Customizing Web Pages

FrontPage 2000 Training Tutorial - In this free training tutorial you will learn some of the essential skills all proficient web designers need to master. Work through the pages keeping FrontPage open on your desktop so that you can practice and refer to it as you go along.

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial - This fun, 12-unit tutorial is designed for those who want to use FrontPage 2000 in a classroom setting. Youll learn the basics on getting started, adding text and images, linking to other Web sites, and much more. 

Here are some great FrontPage 2000 Animated Video Training Tutorials. These should help you become an expert fast. 

  • The Basics

    • Getting Started with FrontPage
    • Brief Overview of FrontPage Themes
    • Adding Text to a Web Page Using FrontPage 2000
    • Adding Shared Borders to a Web Page in FrontPage
    • Adding an Email Link to a Web Document in FrontPage
    • Publish Your Web Page Using FrontPage 2000

  • Using Tables in Front Page

    • Inserting a Table into a Front Page Document
    • Adding Text to a Table in Front Page
    • Tables: Cell Padding and Cell Spacing in FrontPage
    • Editing Table Border Sizes in Front Page 
    • Tables: Adding Color to Cells in FrontPage
    • Tables: Adding a Background Color in FrontPage

  • Some Front Page "Extras"

    • Build a Web Page with Frames
    • Creating an Imagemap in FrontPage
    • Inserting and Adding Text to Clipart in a Web Document in FrontPage
    • How to Edit FrontPage 2000's Normal Template
    • Inserting a Java Applet into a Web Page Using FrontPage 2000

Creating Web Pages with FrontPage Editor - This is a 14 step tutorial for creating web pages with FrontPage, along with 8 tips.

11 Advanced FrontPage 2000 Tips - Here are 11 great advanced FrontPage 2000 tips that will help you use this web site creation tool to its fullest extent possible.

More FrontPage 2000 Tips - The latest FrontPage makes site creation easier than ever--and these tips make it easier still.

FrontPage 2000 Tips & Tricks - Dozens of FrontPage hints to help you and your users

Learning FrontPage 2000 - A complete training manual (PDF format) that guides you through the elements required to create Web pages using FrontPage 2000. The program describes topics such as text formatting, tables, frames, forms, lists, images, Cascading Style Sheets, audio, JavaScript, and design considerations, with samples and review questions included. (1.72mb) (Acrobat here). Download the example file for course (199kb).

Learning FrontPage 98 - A comprehensive training manual for beginners and intermediate users FrontPage. The 216-page manual is presented in Adobe PDF format, complete with index, illustrations, exercises, and review questions. Topics including text formatting, tables, frames, forms, lists, images, Cascading Style Sheets, audio, and JavaScript. (1.80mb) (Acrobat here). Download the example file for course (84b).

Search for the latest Free FrontPage Training & Help from ZDNet Downloads

Your FrontPage Educational and Tutorial Web Resources:

Don't forget to check out more Free FrontPage Training & Tutorials.

Authoring Web Pages with Microsoft Front Page 2002 - Check out these well done FrontPage 2002 articles at Office Assistance Center.

Microsoft FrontPage How To Articles - Many tutorial articles on a variety of topics regarding Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and  version 2002.

Microsoft FrontPage Tips and Tricks this page  brings you tips for FrontPage 2002 and little-known or hard-to-find features and tips for FrontPage 2000. 

Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles for FrontPage 2002 - Check out hundreds of FrontPage 2002 knowledgebase articles.

FrontPage 2002 Tutorial and Guide - This page offers a wealth of learning information for FrontPage 2002, plus tips and tricks.

FrontPage 2002 Product Guide - Get a feature-by-feature roundup of all that's new.

Creating Online Surveys Using Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 - This tutorial focuses on the FrontPage Form Page Wizard and the Database Results Wizard.

FrontPage Tutorial Articles from - On FrontPage 2000 learn how to Save Time, Customize FrontPage, Link Better, and Go Beyond the Basics.

FrontPage World Tips and Tricks - Twelve tips and tricks related to FrontPage and FrontPage design, more to be added. - This is an excellent training site for FrontPage 2000: Techniques and Databases

Microsoft FrontPage SiteBuilder - Another great learning resource for FrontPage: FrontPage 2000 Knowledge Base Articles, How to - Tips and Tricks, Discussion Forum.

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial - When it comes to Web authoring tools, none is as simple to use at Microsoft FrontPage. Throughout this tutorial, we'll show you how to tackle projects that range in difficulty from the simple to the complex. Please note that this guide is written for FrontPage 2000. Tips - Get a FrontPage tip every week in your email inbox.

FrontPage Web Developer Resources - Select a category to view more information: Technical Articles, Working with Databases and ASP, Web Resources on MSDN Online, Training and Certification, Third-Party Web Sites (this link is an archive).

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial - A one page in-depth tutorial with screen shots. Also look at this FrontPage Tutorial from the CWS Short Course and Front Page Reference Sheet.

FrontPage 98 Tutorial - From

FrontPage 98 - Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Resources for Front Page98

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial from Microsoft - This FrontPage 2000 Tutorial shows you how to use many features in FrontPage as you create and edit Web pages, and then design and publish a web containing those pages (this link is an archive).

Microsoft FrontPage Technical Support - These pages are intended to enhance the support already available for Microsoft FrontPage.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Glossary - This is a great glossary to learn what all the FrontPage terminology really means and to get a good grasp of the word usage.

Microsoft FrontPage Home Page - Get a trial CD, learn how to use this web site building application, receive software updates, support and resources.

Microsoft Front Page 2000 Tutorial - This tutorial shows you how to use many features in FrontPage as you create and edit Web pages, and then design and publish a Web site containing those pages. Using sample files, you will make hyperlinks, import graphics, design a feedback form, and add navigation bars to pages. (1.2 MB)

Front Page 2000 Articles - These are well done articles at Microsoft's Office Assistance Center.

Creating a Course Web Page with FrontPage 2002 - Learn how to create a new online teaching and learning site with FrontPage 2002 themes and wizards. (mirror)

Microsoft Insider and MSDN FrontPage Articles - Here are FrontPage articles from Microsoft Insider and MSDN:

FrontPage 2002 Technical Articles from MSDN:


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