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Best Free Knowledge Management Training Materials

What Is Knowledge Management? - covers several aspects of knowledge management including a definition, history, why we need it and business strategies.

What Is Knowledge Management? - A definition and explanation of Knowledge Management by examining what people in the field are doing.

What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management - An excellent overview of this topic with important links to resources.

Some Principles of Knowledge Management by Thomas H. Davenport, PhD - discusses 10 principles of knowledge management and the implications and issues associated with each principle.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Knowledge Management - This site contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about knowledge management. A glossary is provided to define some commonly used knowledge management terms.

Organizational Knowledge - provides extensive resources for the study and practice of knowledge management and organizational science,

BRINT's Knowledge Management WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management - This web site offers a large collection of KM-related resources: articles, conferences, discussion lists, events, networks and an online library.

Knowledge Management for the New World of Business - This article defines and explains a strategic paradigm of knowledge management.

Process To Product: Creating Tools for Knowledge Management - Provides an outline of the general and specific technology issues relating to development of electronic knowledge management tools.

Knowledge Management Resource Center: The Knowledge Management Explorer - A gateway to knowledge management resources including major sites, periodicals, news, forums, articles, more.

Introduction to Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Articles, Conference Presentations, and Papers

David Skyrme presents regularly at conferences, meetings and at customer events. This page summarizes the contents of some representative presentations on knowledge management.

Global Knowledge Networking (slides)

Knowledge Management 101

Knowledge Management and Process Performance

The Knowledge in Knowledge Management (pdf)

Packaging Knowledge - Discusses how a firm can effectively package their data in order to make it useable.

Eliciting Knowledge and Transferring it Effectively to a Knowledge-Based System - looks at how knowledge acquisition tools are aiding knowledge acquisition and the development of expert systems.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration tools in Business process reengineering

Conceptual Modeling for Conceptual Modeling for Knowledge

Academic Papers on Knowledge Management - Papers from the Knowledgeboard

Knowledge Management for Beginners - Articles from the Knowledgeboard

Leveraging Knowledge Management - These articles are provided to enable you to discover some different ideas about knowledge management and perhaps see some new, potential applications for your business.

Applying Performance Measures - These articles provide in-depth information on this research.

Management by Learning 

Innovation and Knowledge Management: the Use of Space (slides) (download ppt file)

Input Friendly Intranets - from Knowledge Management in an Age of Networks (slides)

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems - slide show

Groupware as Collective Performance Improvement - International Society for Performance Improvement. Download PowerPoint97 file (679K)

A comprehensive brief on Knowledge Management and Motorola's own story about moving to a knowledge based organization. (Powerpoint slides)

The Knowing Organization: A Process Model of Knowledge Management -  Powerpoint Slides

Knowledge Management Articles from CIO

The Knowledge Factor - Perry Glasser, CIO Magazine. Companies in the Information Age need to systematically manage what they know.

Does KM = IT - Equating Knowledge Management to Information Technology is a dangerous idea could retard your organization's KM efforts.

Knowledge Management News is a free email newsletter and information repository focused on the disciplines of Knowledge Management, Content Management, eLearning, and information management.

ITtoolbox Knowledge Management - A knowledge management community for IT professionals. Focusing on business intelligence, communication, collaboration, document management, enterprise portals, and areas of knowledge management.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases - Many technical reports and articles about this topic.