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Best Free Web Development and Programming Training Materials

HTML and Javascript for Visual Learners - Demonstrates how to write HTML and Javascript that works in real-world Web sites. Includes 155 diagrams and screen shots that show you how to perform layout and navigation using tables, subsections, tables within tables, and frames; enable interactivity with META tags, forms and style sheets; and employ practical Javascript to create rollover graphics, open new windows, and validate form input.

The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects - Goes beyond the nuts-and-bolts of site-building to show how to plan, organize, build and manage Web sites. Includes 124 diagrams, photos and screen shots that illustrate the process and principles behind effective Web sites. It  shows you how to:

Play it Safe - chapter 24 from Black Belt Web Programming Methods

Apache Server: A Beginner's Guide:
Chapter 1
Upgrading from Earlier Versions of Apache

Building Dreamweaver & Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 Extensions:
Beginning Dreamweaver Extensibility

HTML 4.0 specification

Free Book Chapters:

DHTML Tutorials

DHTML Tutorials from Microsoft

Dynamic HTML Lab - Every other week Dynamic HTML Lab shows you how to add DHTML to your web site, with step by step tutorials, source code, working examples, plus full background materials. After reading the tutorials you'll be able to create your own sophisticated client-side, web-based applications while maintaining full backwards compatibility. As the new browsers evolve, so will the column. DHTML uses Cascading Style Sheets, positioning, and JavaScript as the "glue" that holds it all together.

Design Tutorial: 100 Do's and Don'ts in Web Design. - Your Internet and web building resource site. Tutorials, Scripts, Reviews and more

Introduction to Web Design

Cascading Style Style Sheets Tutorial - CSS does more than 'just' rescue your Web pages from the sly truancy of HTML standards and the abominations of competing browsers. It's the ultimate way to control the appearance and formatting of your Web pages. Here is your complete guide.

Ken Ward's Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial - After you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to read and understand the documentation on style-sheets published elsewhere. You will also have learned how to do the most useful things.

Web Mastering Online Courses - Javascript, Web Design, Style Sheets

Website Design Tutorials

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

Perfect Web Site Design - Web designer David deBoer discusses the most important aspects of designing an efficient Web site, and explains which rules and guidelines should always be followed when DESIGNING your site. Learn about design, layout, navigation, graphics, and more. (free registration required)

Introductory HTML Course