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Introduction to C Programming and
Computer Science Using C

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Introduction to C Programming

So you want to learn C? This course is presented in an easy step by step format to learn programming in C. The course is split up into several sections, or lessons, which include C example programs for you to demonstrate what has been taught. Although the ordering of the sections does not have to be strictly followed, the sections become progressively more involved and assume background knowledge attained from previous sections

Before you start...

  1. Please read this Introduction.

The Course Section Topics

  1. Overview of C.
    1. Why use C?
    2. Uses of C
    3. A Brief History of C
    4. C for Personal Computers
  2. Running C Programs.

    1. Using Microsoft C.
    2. Unix System.
  3. Structure of C Programs.

    1. C's Character Set
    2. The form of a C Program
    3. The layout of C Programs

    4. Preprocessor Directives
  4. Your First Program.

    1. Commenting Programs.
  5. Data Types - Part I.

    1. Integer Number Variables.
    2. Decimal Number Variables.
    3. Character Variables.
    4. Assignment Statement.
    5. Arithmetic Ordering.
    6. Something To Declare.
  6. Input and Output.

    1. printf.
    2. The % Format Specifiers.
    3. Formatting Your Output.
    4. scanf.
  7. Control Loops.

    1. The while and do while Loops.
    2. Conditions, or Logical Expression.
    3. The for Loop.
  8. Conditional Execution.

    1. Program Control - if , if else etc..
    2. Using break and continue Within Loops.
    3. Select Paths with switch.
  9. Structure and Nesting.

  10. Functions and Prototypes.

    1. Functions - C's Building Blocks.
    2. Functions and Local Variables.
    3. Getting the Value of Variables into Functions.
    4. Functions and Prototypes.
    5. What is ANSI C?.
    6. Standard Library Functions.
  11. Data Types - Part II.

    1. Global Variables.
    2. Constant Data Types.
  12. Arrays.

  13. Pointers.

    1. Point To Point.
    2. Swap Shop.
    3. Pointers Linked To Arrays.
  14. Strings.

    1. Stringing Along.
    2. As easy as... B or C?.
    3. A Sort OF Bubble Program.
  15. Structures.

    1. Defining A New Type.
    2. Structures and Functions.
    3. Pointers To Structures.
    4. Malloc.
    5. Structures and Linked Lists.
    6. Structures and C++.
    7. Header Files.
  16. File Handling.

    1. Stream Files.
    2. Text File Functions.
    3. Binary File Functions.
    4. File System Functions.
    5. Command Line Parameters.
  17. Recommended Books.

  18. Course Assessment Form.

  19. Example Programs Database.

  20. Appendix: C's functions.

Introduction to Computer Science Using C

Introduction to basic concepts of computer science. Functional components of computers, data representation, problem solving methods, algorithm development, and programming using C. You will learn about:

  • Basic concepts of computation.
  • Basic use of the Unix operating system.
  • The edit/compile/run cycle under Unix with cc, vi, and make.
  • Data types and precision.
  • Arrays and matrices.
  • Functions and subroutines.
  • Records
  • File handling.
  • Sorting and searching.

Here are the Course Section Topics:

  • Number Systems and Representations

  • Computer Organization: Hardware

  • The C Language

  • More on Expressions

  • Input and Output

  • Structured Programming

  • The Selection and Iteration Structures

  • The Iteration Structure Continued

  • Loops and Numerical Stuff

  • Functions

  • Functions Continued

  • More Functions Continued

  • Arrays

  • Command line arguments: argc and argv

  • More Arrays: Searching

  • More Arrays: Sorting

  • Strings

  • More Strings

  • Pointers

  • 2 Dimensional Arrays & Arrays of Strings

  • Exam 1 and the Solutions

  • Exam 2 and the Solutions

  • Sample C Programs


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