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Soft Skills Training

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This training is available on our members site only. As a member, all of the training and tutorials are available to you. We will be adding more training materials here in the future. You can join now for only USD $15 total for 2 months, $25.00 for 4 months, $34.00 for 6 months, or $59.00 for 1 year. (Please note the local links to member training content do not work on this page.)

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80 Soft Skills Training Modules:

These soft skill resources are are organized into four categories:

Training For Effective Presentations

Presenters University helps you learn how to be a WOW! presenter.

Just pick an area you'd like to improve on in your next presentation. Our courses are divided into three topic areas:


Let Presenters University help you craft the message in a way that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Select from the topics below.

Crafting The Message

  • Using Humor for Effective Presentations
  • Starting Successfully: How to Begin a Presentation
  • No More Ho Hum Presentations!
  • Crafting Your Message The IT Method
  • A Matter of Facts
  • Ho, Ho, Ho-Hum
  • Turn Ho-Hum to Wow! in your Introductions
  • First Steps First
  • Flatulence and Infertility? Think Again!
  • Your Most Essential Presentation Collaboration Partner
  • Become an Expert in Your Topic
  • Get Real! Presentation Lessons from TVs Survivor
  • Introduction to Authoring Interactive Content
  • How the Web is Changing Sales Relationships
  • New Years Resolution: Create High Impact Presentations
  • Adding Emotional Impact to Presentations: Part 1
  • Simplifying the Creation of Corporate Presentation Content
  • Communicating with Increasingly International Audiences
  • Adding Emotional Impact to Presentations: Part 2
  • 5 Step Approach to Mapping Your Presentation Content
  • Roadmap to Organizing Your Presentation
  • Adding Emotional Impact to Presentations: Part 3
  • Training with Tunes: Music as a Learning Tool
  • Adding Emotional Impact to Presentations: Part 4, Final
  • Organizing Your Presentation Assets
  • Digital Media: Putting ''ah-ha!'' into presentations
  • Good Content - Dead on Arrival
  • Corel Presentations - FAQs
  • Presenting with a Beat
  • What Makes a Great Presentation?
  • 5 Steps to Writing the Spoken Word
  • Become A Professional Speaker!
  • The Secret Sauce for Great Presentations
Defining The Audience
  • Defining Your Audience
  • What Can Your Audience Do For You?
  • Can there be two-way communication with an entire audience?
  • The Other Half of the Presentation: Your Audience
  • Pre-Program Research: Telephone Interviews
  • Technology bells and whistles a psychological perspective
  • Know Your Audience to Craft a Sales Presentation
  • Using Technology to Connect with Different Types of Learners
  • Hitting the Head & Heart for a Knockout Presentation


How you deliver your message is just as important as developing relevant content for your audience. Learn how to be an impactful power presenter. Select from the topics below.

Delivery Skills

  • Dealing With Presentation Disasters
  • Preparation: The Key to a Relaxed, Effective Presentation
  • Using Body Language in Your Presentations
  • Finding the Balance of Tools and Technology
  • Secrets of A Dynamic Presenter
  • Some Advice for Vocal Security
  • Delivering the Technical Presentation: Myths and Mistakes
  • Making Your Presentation Technology ''Stealthy''
  • The Power of Persuasion: Emotion, Logic and Character
  • Hecklers, Those Trying Participants
  • Ten Ways Women Sabotage Their Communication in the Workplace
  • Keys to Being a Unique and Memorable Presenter
  • Delivery Skills: How to Project Confidence and Credibility Every Time!
  • Are You Aware of What You Wear?
  • 5 Essential Storytelling Tips
  • Prepare a Dynamic Presentation in Six Steps
  • VIDEO - Distance Presenting: A unique venue requiring unique approaches
  • Coaching Platform Skills: Helping Presenters Step Up to the Plate & Hit a Home Run
  • Delivery Principles to Shape Your Audiences Perception
  • The Five Musts to Being an Effective Presenter
  • Delivery Skills so Good Youll Deserve Applause!
  • LightMouse: The Ultimate Presentation Tool
  • Get Those Butterflies in Formation!
  • How To Get Your Audience More Involved In Your Presentation
  • Reading Audiences
  • Soft Speaker Rx: Top 4 ways to let yourself be heard
  • Your Voice: The Most Powerful Personal Tool In Making Presentations
  • Secret 7: The Power of the Spoken Word
  • Persuade Like A Pro!
  • Crafting Your Delivery Skills
Delivery Applications
  • The Role of Emotion in Oral Presentations
  • Creative Presentation Openings
  • eMeetings: A Virtual Solution for the New Millennium Way of Doing Business
  • It Aint Over Til Its Over
  • Make it Memorable
  • Selecting a Venue to Optimize Your Presentation Performance
  • Wave of the Future: Audio and video-narrated PowerPoint presentations
  • Changing the Delivery Paradigm: Internet-Based Digital Printing and Delivery
  • Leverage Technology to Enhance Your Message
  • Interactive Whiteboards: Delivering Your Message With Digital Technology
  • The Art of Storytelling in Presentations
  • Cartoons for Trainers
  • ''That's All Folks!''

Visual Aids

Visual aids can be the icing on the cake to add punch to your presentation. Studies show that:

  • the human brain processes visuals 400,000 times faster than text.
  • visual aids have been found to improve learning by up to 400 percent.
Choosing The Appropriate Vehicle
  • Using Videotaped Presentations Effectively
  • Seeing is Believing & Content Counts
  • Interactive Digital Presentations
  • Visual Aid Virtuosity
  • It's Portable! It's Scalable! It's Networked!
  • Buying Smart: Where Will You Buy Your Next Projector?
  • CD Business Cards: Putting Presentations in Your Pocket!
  • KISS Your A/V Problems Goodbye
  • New Prompters Open New Presentation Opportunities
  • Corel Presentations 10 - Importing Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and 95 .pot backgrounds
  • Are There Vultures Among Us?
    Is The Recent Re-Emergence of Videoconferencing Suspect?
  • How Slides & Transparencies Stack Up to Micro & Ultraportables
  • Presentation Skills Training: A Matter of Personality and Outcomes
  • PowerPoint 2002 Animation Features Overview
Designing Effective Visual Aids
  • Presentation Visual Design Guide
  • Mastering the PowerPoint Masters
  • Put Some ''Punch'' into Your Presentations - Instantly!
  • Dont Let Your Presentation Go Down with the Ship
  • Will Technology Improve Your Presentations?
  • Maximizing Your Productivity in PowerPoint
  • What Are Your Visuals Saying About You?
  • Clarity and Consistency - Two Facets of a Better Interface
  • Choosing the Right Colors for Your Next Presentation
  • First Aid for Ailing Visuals
  • 8 Basic Guidelines for Visuals
  • Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Even Flashier
  • Inside Secrets to Making Your Visuals Look Professional
  • Large Thick Crust Pepperoni with Half Bullets, Half Clipart
  • Finding a Balance Between Technology and Content
  • Presentation TIPs from the Past and Present
  • Making Your Presentation the One They Remember
  • Some Basics on Color
  • Lessons from GolfA Caddys Perspective on Presentation Design
  • You Mean . . . Theres Technology More Advanced Than the Print Screen Key?
Using Visual Aids Effectively
  • Adding Value with Visual Aids
  • Add Pizzazz to Presentations With Multimedia
  • 5 Pounds of Ugly Fat
  • Instructors' Creativity Enhanced with Multimedia Tools
  • Maximize Training Time with Technology
  • Top Ten Tips for PowerPoint Slide Shows
  • How (and How Not) to Use Builds in PowerPoint
  • Tips for Avoiding Technology Trouble
  • Selling with Visual Aids
  • The Audio-Visual Human
  • Using Visual Aids as Notes
  • Using Extended Desktop Technology in Presentations
  • Props as Visuals
  • Planning for the Unexpected: What to put in your presenter's survival pack
  • Technology: Make Sure It Works
  • Presentations from Your PDA
  • BEING VISUAL, Chapter 1: The Emerging Visual Enterprise
  • BEING VISUAL, Chapter 2: Presentation Evolution
  • BEING VISUAL, Chapter 3: Multimedia Literacy
  • BEING VISUAL, Chapter 5: Multimedia Mobility
  • The Spotlight is on YOU!
  • Creating Dynamic Presentations
  • We Care for Your Projector
  • BEING VISUAL, Chapter 7: The Electronic Conversation

Brainstorming Training

Here is online training on brainstorming rules, techniques and training. Learn how to perfect your brainstorming sessions and your creative thinking techniques. Also learn how to generate new ideas easily.

Traditional Brainstorming

Introduction to Brainstorming

Introduction: What is brainstorming?

History and use of brainstorming

What are the benefits to you?

What are the risks?

A summary of the introduction

How to do Traditional Brainstorming

How to brainstorm

Rules of brainstorming

Principles of brainstorming

Preparing to run a brainstorming session

Running a brainstorming session

A summary of traditional brainstorming

To discover the problems with Traditional Brainstorming and to learn all about the advantages of Advanced Brainstorming, see the advanced brainstorming training next.

Advanced Brainstorming

Introduction to Advanced Brainstorming

Why do we need advanced brainstorming?

Introduction to advanced brainstorming

    Brainstorming on your own

Creative Thinking Techniques

What is creativity and creative thinking?

How do creative thinking techniques work?

Free training in all the creative thinking techniques

How to extract new ideas from creative thinking techniques

How to use creative thinking techniques in brainstorming sessions

Advanced brainstorming tools

Computer-aided brainstorming
Manual brainstorming techniques

Overcoming problems with brainstorming

Ways to kill or help an idea
Group-related problems
Difficulties on a personal basis

Getting new people involved

How to create a creative environment

Extra ideas

Summary of the advanced brainstorming tour

Online Training Lessons in Soft Skills (quizzes not available)

Project Management Concepts

The C Zone: Peak Performance

Stress Management

Managing Web Projects (pdf)



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