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Learn programming for Free and how to develop and write computer programs and IT applications. Get Free knowledge, information, references, and resources about computers now. Many Free training courses, tutorials, books, training guides, tips, articles, and helps are available to you.

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Free Computer & IT Training Software & Downloads
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 ITTutor 2000 - A complete, professional, Free IT training Tool. Features include Free, full self-study courses and Free complete sets of exam questions that provide excellent preparation for Microsoft Certified exams (MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA). In addition, the user will learn many key concepts that they will find useful in the workplace. Exam questions and answers are randomized to ensure the student learns the key concepts needed to pass the real. Included in this FREE download are a complete Networking Essentials exam module (150 questions), and a complete self-study course for Visual Basic 6.0 Database Application Development. Further modules for NT4 Admin, NT4 Workstation, NT4 Server, NT4 Enterprise, TCP/IP, Exchange 5.5, IIS 4.0, Windows 2000, SQL 7.0 Implementation, SQL 7.0 Administration and VB6.0 exams are available. The user may download these modules for Free from inside the application. (4.30MB)
MCSE Accutest - Free Practice Exams for MCSE. Contains tests for Net Essentials, WS, Server, TCP/IP, SMS, Proxy. One reviewer said: "Best I've seen yet, many of the questions were verbatum with the Server 4.0 exam I took. This program and is very well designed and the information is more accurate and current than LearnKey's. Highly Recommend."
 ITTutor Gold - Same as the above, except when you register for Free you also get their Free SQL Server Administration Exam with 200 questions and answers, and 50 questions and answers to both their Free Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop Exam and Free Visual Basic 6.0 Distributed Exam.
 Trier Exams - An excellent resource for preparing for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Certified Trainer exams. It offers 13 review tests, including Microsoft NT Server, SQL Server, TCP/IP for NT, Exchange Server, and Internet Server. Tests are offered in multiple-choice or challenge tests. The challenge tests simply ask a question without any of the multiple-choice answers available. A review tab sits behind the question with the correct answer and reference data. You get at least 25 questions per test in this demo and more than 150 questions per test in the full version. The program analyzes your answers and provides scores, times, and much more. (1.61MB)
 WinTip - A Help-Tip-Info program that gives tips on configuring Windows. WinTip is a freeware application for helping you configure and set up windows. It's very helpful after a reinstall to get your windows setup the way you want. (43 KB)
An Introduction to the Structure of Computers and Programs - A 28 page guide on PC Architecture, Representing Data, Programming Levels, Syntax and Semantics.
Let's Build A Compiler - This fifteen-part series, by Jack Crenshaw, written from 1988 to 1995, is a non-technical introduction to compiler construction. You can read it on-line or download it in text format in a ZIP file.
 FAT32 Guide - This guide will let you know about the new FAT32/x partitions, How to create FAT32 Partitions How to manage them for most efficiency, How to optimize FAT32 file system and hard disk, Clearing some doubts about FAT32 Hard disk crash and troubleshooting, data recovery and rescue. How to recover data in case of crash and what tools to use Upgrading Hard disk and other common maintenance of your hard drive. In addition to this guide will also inform you about how to effectively use FDISK and FORMAT System commands. (278 KB)
 10 Lessons for PC's, with Tookit - These Lessons run on any PC from XT to Pentium, only needing a DOS prompt. They stress understanding computer jargon, and the ideas are illustrated by over 50 safe Experiments using the carefully chosen toolkit provided. (1.15 MB)
Windows Registry Guide: v3.0 - Provides hundreds of tips, tricks & tweaks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows 95, 98, ME & NT/2000 operating systems, all packaged in a convenient Windows HTML help file.
Mystery of Windows Registry - Mystery of Windows Registry is a Windows Help file format reference for everyone. Read it and learn or keep it handy to fix problems that arise. (346 KB)
The Windows Registry Guide - This Guide contains tips, tricks & tweaks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows 95, 98, ME & NT/2000 operating systems, all packaged in a convenient Windows HTML help file.

 Windows Registry Guide - The Windows Registry Guide is a Windows help file that reveals all the best tips, tricks, and tweaks for the Windows 95, 98, and NT Registries. The Registry is a database used to store settings and options for the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Whenever a user makes changes to Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the Registry. (154 KB)
 Mystery Behind Windows Registry - A Guide - The complete guide to mystery behind windows registry. Explains every aspect about windows registry - its handle keys etc. to how to backup, restore and optimize it. After reading this guide registry editing would not be a black art to any one. (336 KB)
Free Computer Security Tutorial Download - Topics covered include an overview of data security, encryption techniques, key management, electronic file transfer, archives and encryption, virtual memory, U.S. security policy, and more.
 Stratum 2000 - A powerful and flexible Windows-based simulation suit. Easy-to-use, it is intended for students, scientists and engineers. Stratum allows users to construct computer models of virtually any existing or proposed system in a very short time. The model visually is composed from objects described on the simple mathematical language and connected by links. Stratum brings its users to new heights such as modifying a model even when it runs and analyzing effects of changes. For presentation and data visualization Stratum is powered with built-in 2D, 3D and multimedia graphic engines. Here is a tutorial on how to use it. (4.50 MB
 x86 Microcontroller Simulator for Students - A Microcontroller Simulator based on the x86 architecture intended for students learning low level programming for the first time. It can be single stepped or continuously run. The CPU registers, and RAM contents are made visible. Programs are written in assembly code that implements a subset of the Intel instruction set. In the unregistered version of the simulator, arithmetic, logic, input/output, and jump instructions are available. (590KB)
 LoKon - Design and Simulation of digital circuits - More than 150 elements (gates, flipflops), oscillator, ROM/RAM, PLA and TTL elements. Also an Oscilloscope. Context sensitive help and menus. Comfortable creation of own elements and macro elements. There's no easier and more comprehensive way to learn digital circuits. (770 KB)
 Hulbert's Computer Upgrade Center - Learn to upgrade your system - A computer tutorial that can teach you how to upgrade your computer by yourself. It uses straightforward techniques that step you through the various processes required to upgrade your computer. It shows you how to add a CD-ROM drive, add or remove a floppy drive, add more memory, and more. There are even lessons on creating your own Web page as well as 'what's inside' and 'lesson of the day' sections. Hulbert is well organized and easy to follow. If you're looking for a way to update your system without paying for the technician, this may be just the program you need. (742.81 KB)
 The Hardware Guide - Do you know from which parts your computer is made. Which one to upgrade to get most performance. This document will help you - the complete A-Z guide of computer hardware. (368 KB) Here is the author's download page with other learning materials.
 The Hardware Book v1.3 - The Hardware Book is a hyperlink document that offers reference information about computer plugs, cables, connectors, sockets, chips, and boards. Diagrams and listings of pin uses for most common computer wiring are offered. There's plenty of detailed information here that will help you learn about computer hardware. This ebook is also available in other formats. (594.20 KB)
 Practical UNIX/Linux - This is for people who need to work on different UNIX/Linux systems. The software behaves exactly like a book. Select the chapter, command or keyword you want to read about, click on the appropriate button and go to that chapter. A conscience effort was made to present information organized around day to day practical tasks any UNIX/Linux user faces in his or her daily routine. (643KB)
 L-nix Interactive Unix Tutorial v.1.20 - An introductory Unix tutorial. L-nix includes 10 modules, including an introduction to Unix, basic commands, how to use MAN pages, the Korn shell, redirection, pipes, processes, linking, the grep command, command substitution, variables, and more. At any point in the tutorial, you can switch over to a UNIX shell simulation to try out many of the commands that you learn. The Registered version provides nine additional modules. (612 KB)
 An Introduction to TCP/IP Programming - This document presents the subject of developing software for the Internet in a way that anyone with some basic programming experience will understand. The basic principles covered include IP addressing, hostnames, services, TCP and UDP protocols, sockets, and blocking versus nonblocking transfers. The report is further enhanced by a step-by-step tutorial in building an echo client and server application using Visual Basic and the SocketWrench control. (44 KB) 

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 Amzi! Logic Explorer v3.3 - Learn Prolog - A fully-functional subset of a commercial program, Amzi! Logic Explorer consists of a 16-bit Windows Prolog interpreter and development system. Included are a debugger. listener, editor, 18 sample applications, a collection of articles and a book-length tutorial-- all you'll need to learn whether the Prolog language can do the job for you. Applications include solving logic problems, AI research and pattern prediction. (1.13 MB)
 Irie Pascal v1.1 - Learn to program in Pascal - Provides an excellent multiplatform tool for people who either want to learn Pascal or who want to write small- to medium-sized Pascal scripts and utility programs. The Irie Pascal processor contains two programs, the Irie Pascal Compiler and the Irie Virtual Machine Interpreter. The Compiler and the Interpreter are both command-line programs. The Compiler is not a native code compiler (i.e., it does not generate instructions for a real computer); instead it generates instructions for an imaginary idealized computer. These instructions can not be directly executed by any existing computer, but instead must be executed by the Interpreter. The main advantage of generating byte codes instead of native code is that the resulting programs are very portable. In addition, programs generated by the compiler tend to be roughly 20 times smaller than equivalent programs generated by native code compilers. (370.40 KB)
Turbo Pascal Reference - a freeware reference book in ten chapters. It provides detailed information on Turbo Pascal 6.0, Turbo Pascal 7.0, Borland Pascal, and Turbo Vision. The self-extracting archive that contains the book is accompanied by two additional archives containing illustrations and source code.
 Pascal Programming Tutorial - This course has been specifically designed for use in schools and colleges. It uses worked examples to illustrate the core features of the language; starting at a very basic level, but progressing to more advanced concepts. The topics covered include program design, numeric and text variables, branching, looping, procedures, arrays, functions, parameters, records, file processing, and recursion. Only half of the material is included in the demo. (116 KB)
 Delphi Tips and Tricks - A collection of tips and tricks for Borland Delphi. It offers useful material for both beginners and professional programmers. It contains many tips that you can use in a wide range of applications (148 KB). Here is the web page for these tips. Also, here are 113 more Delphi Tips.
 Crash Course Delphi v.1.03 - Crash Course Delphi is a step-by-step Delphi programming tutorial for beginners, in HTML-format and with GIF images. Delphi combines the user-friendliness of Visual Basic with the precise control and speed of C++. With Crash Course Delphi, you can learn as you practice. Limitation: It includes only the first 3 lessons out of 10 and links to the example projects. (111 KB)
 Advanced MFC Programming v1.0 - A tutorial containing 159 step-by-step samples on MFC programming. (MFC is the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, which -- along with Microsoft C -- provides a base framework of object-oriented code upon which to build an application.) The tutorial covers many advanced topics on building user interfaces under the Windows environment. The tutorial is divided into 16 chapters. Each chapter contains detailed samples (one sample persection), all of which are ready to compile. The supporting document (more than 500 pages) gives details on how to build each sample from the very beginning. Free registration required. (18.0 MB)
Rational Rose Tutorial - This tutorial is distributed as a self extracting archive file that is meant to be placed on the hard drive of the machine that Rose 2000 is installed on. It contains a complete working application. Working with the source code requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ 6. It guides you through the steps to develop a real world solution to a complex business problem using Rose 2000 and Rose 2001. (File download size is 5.6MB). Here are some more free learning materials for Rational Rose: UML Quick Reference for Rational Rose, Rational Rose User Manuals and 15 Day Free Rational Rose 2000e Evaluation Edition.
Osborne McGraw-Hill Free Downloads - Samples and Code - At this site you can freely access all of the samples and code of Osborne McGraw-Hill's IT books. Also, download Oracle Press related source code from the Oracle Press Books Online Downloads page.
Learning Photoshop 5.5 - This in-depth course covers the creation of images for the Internet using PhotoShop 5.5. It starts by teaching you about PhotoShop, then moves on to cover the fundamentals of image creation. Once you have become familiar with the tool, the course focuses on using PhotoShop to create buttons, banners, and other Internet graphics. (5.1 MB). Also check out their free training downloads for Flash, Dreamweaver, and more.
Learning FrontPage 2000  - This program is a complete training manual that guides you through the elements required to create Web pages using FrontPage 2000. The program describes topics such as text formatting, tables, frames, forms, lists, images, Cascading Style Sheets, audio, JavaScript, and design considerations, with samples and review questions included. (1.7 MB). Here's another download.
 File Formats Encyclopedia v. 2.0 - A reference guide that describes technical details for over 300 file types. The guide provides detailed information about various graphics, sound, animation, MODule, communication, archive, spreadsheet, text and other file types. It is a complete reference, ideal for the software developer and professional programmer. (1.95MB)
 DOGA-L1 CG Animation Kit for Beginners vE1999.5.1 - Learn Computer Graphics Animation - If you think that learning how to produce Computer Graphics Animation (CGA) is much too difficult, check out this free first lesson in the DOGA-L series. The whole series has been designed so that you can gradually learn from the novice stage through the advanced levels. This lesson teaches you how to design an object, design a motion, and render/view animations. Several sample graphics files are included. (8.78 MB). The Second Lesson in this series is also available in our library.
 The Jargon File, Dictionary of Computer Terms - This book not only defines computer terms but explains the concepts behind them in clear, precise language. This file is an installable HTML tarball. Here is the home page for the Jargon file.(2.48 MB)
 Data Security Tutorial v.1.00 - This data security tutorial provides information on several security-related areas. In particular, it concentrates on areas related to helping you in the secure use of your small computer. To get the most out of security-related products, you need to have a basic understanding of what data security is. Topics covered include an overview of data security, encryption techniques, key management, electronic file transfer, archives and encryption, virtual memory, U.S. security policy, and more. (26 KB)
 Tutor.Com Viruses - This is a Computer Knowledge tutorial on computer viruses: what they are, how you can best protect yourself, and what to do if you get one. Also included is a general discussion of data integrity, because, despite press reports about viruses, hardware and software failures are still the leading causes of computer problems. (754 KB)
 BTree - Btree is an eduational program that demonstrates the B tree concept. This program implements B-tree links with pointers and cursors and is aimed at univeristy level computer science students. (204 KB)
 The Electronic Computer Tutor v2000 - A tutorial for many computer and computer-related topics, includes a computer glossary, information about hardware components, troubleshooting and maintenance tips, and an introduction to the Internet. (800 KB)
 Software Development Tools at Prospector Free Stuff - Links to development environments and programming tools for languages such as Pascal, Borland C++, Assembler, and Python.
 Rub a Dub - Teaches computer skills, designed for children three to five years of age who are just beginning to master hand-to-eye coordination. The interaction of the tool with music, combined with the element of surprise, encourages young children to explore and experiment. (290 KB)
NPower Training's Top Ten Tips - These tipsheets are in PDF format for you to download and share with your staff or post over your desk. Covers Access, Excel, FileMaker, PowerPoint, PageMaker, MS Project, Word, Web Site Design, and Windows.
 ASCII Catalog (ASCIIcat) - An excellent collection of character charts, conversion tables, and reference guides designed for HTML writers, programmers, writers, and graphics designers, includes a variety of charts and tables, including: decimal, hex, binary, octal, ANSI, and Web color charts; ANSI and DOS characters; and Symbol and Wingdings fonts. There are a variety of guides, including ones for paper sizes, Roman numerals, the parts of a font, font point sizes and pixels, International code pages, DOS line drawing characters, keyboard charts (for Windows, DOS and HP Palmtops), a writer's style guide, a list of commonly misspelled and misused words, U.S. state information, and much more. (130.0 KB)
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