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Learn programming for Free and how to develop and write computer programs and IT applications. Get Free knowledge, information, references, and resources about computers now. Many Free training courses, tutorials, books, training guides, tips, articles, and helps are available to you.

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Free Computer & IT Training Software & Downloads
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New! - Our new Free Computer Training Search site is now online, containing over 150,000 free educational, training and tutorial web resources, all at your fingertips. Also search for computer programming and software development sites. Check out our predefined search page for faster access. If you're an Member, go to our member search page to access this special page to search over 220,000 free training web resources.

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Programming Language Tutorial Downloads - Download tutorials that teach you ADA, Assembler, C, C++, Pascal, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, and Visual Basic. Also has links to Delphi and Fortran tutorials.
FileMirrors - This is an anonymous URL sharing and file searching service, giving you free downloads. Do a search for files 'containing' words such as "programming", "tutorial" or subjects you want to learn about, such as Java, XML, network, web, JSP, etc. There are some good learning materials available through this site.
Freeware Home - Programming Tutors - This page has free downloads to learn how to program computers, covers Java, JavaScript, C++, DHTML, HTML, VBA and Access. This page has a few other free computer educational downloads. Downloads: Reference and Tutorials - Reference and tutorial downloads for Software Development from CNet covering several programming and IT areas.
T.O.L. Tutorial On-Line Home Page - Many free tutorials and books in several IT and programming areas, click on the "All Tutorials" link. Some of the more popular ones include: How to Program Java: From The Book, Developing Professional Java Applets, Using Flash 5, Developing Professional Java Applets, C++ Tutorial from Microsoft and XML Programming in Java.
Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software. Do a search for "tutorial", "training", and "programming". This Programming Tutorial search brings up many programming categories and tutorials.

 The Java Tutorial
- The Java Tutorial is a practical guide for programmers. It contains hundreds of complete, working examples. It is organized into trails--groups of lessons on a particular subject. These trails include Covering the Basics, Constructing GUIs, 2D Graphics, JAR Files, JavaBeans, Servlets, and more. (9.4 MB)
Introduction to Computer Programming: Java - This 35 page course gives you a great start with learning how to program in Java (pdf format).
Mastering Enterprise Java Beans and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition - This pdf ebook is a must have book for those learning and understanding EJBs. Here is the source code for the book.

MOREnet Training: Introduction to Java - This 53 page guide, in pdf format, is ideal for getting non-programmers up to speed with Java programming. Components of the Java platform, including Object Oriented Methodology, are discussed.
 PowerJ Learning Edition v2.1 - Learn to program Java fast - PowerJ Learning Edition is a visual development environment for learning to program in 100% pure Java. More than just a JavaBeans component-based IDE, PowerJ Learning Edition delivers a convenient Quick Start guide, a programmer's guide, a component reference guide, and a Java instruction book to teach the Java language and methodology. Designed for students and Java technology novices, PowerJ Learning Edition has light system requirements -- and best of all, it's free. (31.58 MB)
 Java 2 Development Kit - The Java 2 Development Kit lets you write Java applets that conform to the latest applet API for Java. Previous versions added new functionality to Java, including accessibility, drag and drop, application services, a Java extensions framework, collections, input methods, version identification, reference objects, the Java interface definition language (IDL), the Java Virtual Machine Debugger Interface (JVMDI), Java servlets, and Javadoc doclets. Version 1.3.0 is an upgrade release containing new functionality and APIs, performance enhancements, and bug fixes in many areas. A comprehensive summary of new features and enhancements in version 1.3.0 of the Java 2 SDK is also available. (30 MB)
 Java Development Kit Documentation - Contains release notes, the API specifications, a guide to new features, tool documentation, and demos for Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK). This documentation is intended for any of the JDK releases, 1.3.0 or earlier. (21.3 MB)
 VisualAge for Java, Version 4.0 Entry Editions - VisualAge for Java is a rapid application development (RAD) tool for building Java-compatible applications, applets, and JavaBeans components. With the VisualAge for Java programming environment, you can build 100 percent pure Java applications that run on any Java-compatible Virtual Machine or Java Development Kit (JDK 1.1.6), or inside any Java-enabled browser. With VisualAge for Java you can add a class, add or change a method, and then incrementally compile without exiting the test environment. The product includes the Visual Composition Editor which provides complete source and version control. Entry Editions are limited to the creation of 750 classes. Note: The download link will take you to the VisualAge page on IBM's VisualAge Developer's Domain site. Required registration is free. (82 MB)
 Goetz's Programming Kit v1.0 - Learn elementary JavaScript rapidly - Trying to learn JavaScript? Try Goetz's Programming Kit, a free, well-organized, easy-to-understand primer that can have you coding programs for a browser rapidly. Although far from a full JavaScript tutorial, this kit offers both HTML and JS files demonstrating input, output, printing, and other basic programming operations. It demonstrates elementary programming structure and offers examples from which you can crib code for your own use. One sample demonstrates a basic shopping basket/calculator application. Also included is an HTML file with pointers to online reference sites, including that of Netscape's own documentation. (15.75 KB)
Javascript Tutor - Javascript Tutor consists of 25 lessons covering basic JavaScript programming. Javascript Tutor can provide you with a firm grounding in a number of concepts, and assumes that you possess no previous programming experience. It includes numerous hands-on exercises designed to reinforce the topics being covered. Limitations in downloadable version: Includes the first four lessons, and displays advertisements. (497 KB)
Web Resources' Tutorials - Includes more than 40 original tutorials covering major aspects of Web design, such as JavaScript, HTML, D-HTML, CGI, and CSS. The tutorials are on advanced subjects but are written in a way that beginners and intermediate students of Web design can understand. In this updated version, you can run the whole package via one E-Book. A few more tutorials have also been added to the index. All are completely free. Here is download. (2.36 mb)
 Intro to JavaScript - A complete training manual that guides you through the most common applications for JavaScript. Topics including form validations, mouseovers, pop-up windows, alerts, prompts, confirmations, and programming considerations, are described with samples and review questions. (800 KB)
 Interactive Web Design With JavaScript - An on-line course for business professionals, web designers, and anyone wanting to create interactive Web pages. Packed with practical code examples of common JavaScript tasks. This material is designed to be a gentle introduction to programming concepts for the novice or a well-documented code bank for the Internet professional. Direct download here. (5 MB)
Web Resources' Tutorials - More than 40 original tutorials covering major aspects of Web design, such as JavaScript, HTML, D-HTML, CGI, and CSS. The tutorials are on advanced subjects but are written in a way that beginners and intermediate students of Web design can understand. In this updated version, you can run the whole package via one E-Book. A few more tutorials have also been added to the index. All are completely free. (2.36 mb) Here is the direct download.
Hypertext Guide 2.0 - Hypertext Guide is a fully-illustrated HTML, CSS, and DHTML tutorial with hundreds of copy and paste examples.
The Complete HTML Teacher, by K. Williams - This e-book covers much of the basics, and also more advanced topics like JavaScript, CGI and SSL. (1.01 mb)
Free Tutorials - WestLake provides free access to downloadable tutorials covering ASP, JavaScript and XML. Free registration required. 
Web Design in Seven Days - Learn web designing with html in 7 complete lessons. This e-book in pdf format includes sample code and html pages, exercises and text material needed for a web design course.
 Courseware Web HTML - Learn to Use HTML - A small, yet outstanding tutorial that explains how to create Web pages using Notepad and HTML. It introduces customary tags and walks you through the process of adding and manipulating text and graphics. Learn how to link pages, create ordered lists, and more. The course uses heavily notated examples which explain, in perfect layman's English, exactly how and why the code is used. A 'homework' assignment is provided to give you hands-on experience with creating your first Web page. Courseware Web - HTML is an excellent resource for trainers who would like to enhance their materials -- or for anyone who would like to quickly learn the basics of Hypertext Markup Language. (160.77 KB) Update: There are some problems with the images on this download, so here is the url to the online tutorial.
HTML Tutorial - A basic, free introductory tutorial for hypertext markup language. It's provided as both a Microsoft Word document and as an HTML document, so you can view it in Word or in a browser. It covers basic editing techniques, formatting tags, links, lists, tables, and forms. Although it contains a fair number of examples, it has no graphics, screen shots, or other examples of how your code should turn out.
 Graphic Design Tutorial - This tutorial (in pdf format) by is designed for those new to web design and creating web graphics. They also have a free HTML 4.0 Tutorial covering how to create a website with images, tables, forms and backgrounds.
MOREnet Training: Good Web Page Design - This 82 page guide, in pdf format, covers all the key quality standards for developing and maintaining a Web site. Here are more free training web guides from this site: Basics of Good Web Page Design, Good Web Page Design Resources, Beginning HTML Tutorial, HTML Storyboard, and Samples of HTML Tags.
 HTML 4.0 Tutorial - This HTML tutorial covers how to create a website with images, tables, forms, backgrounds, headings, and sending email. (315 KB)
 Web Page Design Tutorial - Learn how to design HTML Web pages - Web Page Design Tutorial will help you get up to speed with all the basics -- and more -- of designing Web pages using hypertext markup language (HTML). The people at eScotland, the company responsible for Web Page Design Tutorial, have that rare gift of combining clarity of content with stylish presentation. There's nothing fancy about the tutorial, but it presents a broad range of topics cleanly and digestibly. By the time you finish the shareware version you'll be up to speed with hyperlinks, colors, text tags, line control, alignment, lists and graphics. If you register the software you'll be able to view the other lessons covering animations, tables, frames, bullets, basic Javascript, image maps, font families and forms. (293.16 KB)
  XML@Whiz - XML Tutorial and IBM XML Certification Test Simulator - an example based XML Tutorial to help Learn XML and obtain IBM XML Certification. The Trial version includes 30 Questions with Tutorial Content: Introduction, Genesis, Related Tech's, XML Applications, Summary, Glossary, Quick Revision Tips. also has practice tests with answers explained for Java (30 Questions), C# (20 Questions), CORBA (20 Questions), MCSE (30 Questions) and OCP  at
 XML and Scripting Languages - In this first tutorial of his series on using scripting languages to manipulate and transform XML documents, Binary Evolution's Parand Tony Daruger takes you through the first steps of using these techniques with Perl. You'll see a method for transforming XML to HTML, followed by a simple stock-trading application that uses Perl, XML, and a database to evaluate trading rules. You can apply the techniques using other scripting languages too, including Tcl and Python. (107 KB, pdf file)
 IP*Works! - These toolkits (as trial software) provide native Internet and Intranet development components for popular development environments such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, and others. 16 High Performance Internet Components: FTP, HTTP, ICMPPort, IPDaemon, IPInfo, IPPort, MCast, NetCode, NetDial, NNTP, POP, Rexec, Rshell, SMTP, Telnet, UDPPort.
 Web Resources' Tutorials - Web Resources' Tutorials includes more than 30 original tutorials covering major aspects of Web design, such as JavaScript, HTML, CGI, and CSS. The tutorials are on advanced subjects but are written in a way that beginners and intermediate students of Web design can understand. In version 6.0, the package was completely rebuilt to feature the best tutorials from all over the Web in one package. In the update, you can run the whole package by executing the downloaded package without having to install anything. Version 6.4 adds a few tutorials and makes layout improvements. (2.3 MB)
 Wade's HTML Tutorial - This program contains explanations and examples of preliminaries, document structure, text handling, special characters, lists, images, links, mailto links, and image maps. It tries to demonstrate through example as much as possible how to construct Web pages. (325 KB)
 Teach Me HTML - From the developer: "New and innovative way to learn the basics of HTML coding. Simple, user friendly interface and clear, step by step instructions make learning HTML a breeze. There are 14 lessons to help develop and hone your HTML coding skills. A must program for Internet newcomers who want to learn HTML fast and painlessly as possible." (1.3 MB)
 The HTML Reference Library - Offers a complete reference to the HTML language. The HTML Reference Library documents browser specifications thereby eliminating hypothetical definitions of HTML elements and attributes. This latest version includes Dynamic HTML scripting object models. Here is another download link. (2.91MB) 
Beginners CGI 1.0 - This is a CGI/Perl tutorial ebook, written for the novice and totally free. This book will teach you how to start programming from the beginning. (922Kb)

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 Learn Visual Basic 6.0 v.2.0 - A 10-week, self-paced overview of the Visual Basic programming language and environment. When you complete the course, you will understand the benefits of using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as an application development tool; understand the Visual Basic event-driven programming concepts, terminology and available tools; and learn the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and distributing a wide variety of Visual Basic applications. (350 KB) First 4 of 10 lessons are included.
Visual Basic and Databases - This tutorial course that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual Basic for accessing and maintaining databases. Topics covered include: database structure, database design, Visual Basic project building, the DAO (data access object) data control, data bound controls, proper interface design, structured query language (SQL), and database reports. For Visual Basic 6 users, new topics such as the ADO (ActiveX data object) data control and data environment, ADO data bound controls, and the data report object are also covered. The first 6 of 12 chapters are included. (1.23 MB) 
 L-Basic Tutorial v1.23 - Learn to program in Visual Basic - A Visual Basic language tutorial. The focus here is strictly on writing code; the tutorial does not concern itself at all with controls. Topics include variables, conditional statements, string functions, code design and more. Because the tutorial does not focus on the visual aspects of programming, there are no graphics included. Instead, code techniques are demonstrated through the use of Message Boxes. Aimed strictly at beginners,it is very easy to follow. (593 KB)
 Visual Basic Tutorial - This program is a Visual Basic Programming Tutorial designed for use in schools/colleges or by independent learners. The course is structured to progressively build design and programming skills and is illustrated with a wide variety of example projects. Two versions of the tutorial are available; one for Visual Basic 4, and the other for Visual Basic 5/6. The evaluation copy includes Word 97 and HTML formats, so you can choose which suits you best. (273 KB)
 Beginning Visual Basic - Beginning Visual Basic introduces you to the world of computer programming by providing an interactive, self-paced tutorial to the Visual Basic programming language and environment. The course is written for the absolute beginner--no previous programming experience is required or expected. The approach to creating a Visual Basic application is explained step by step, in simple, easy-to-follow terms. Ten plain-English lessons explain the toolbox, event procedures, and many elements of the BASIC computer language. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the application-building process. The tutorial also includes several computer projects for you to build and try. These projects illustrate practical applications of Visual Basic, including loan calculators, graphics programs, and even a simple video game. (, 499 KB)
 Learn Visual Basic 5 - An in-depth, self-paced tutorial for learning the Visual Basic programming language. It covers event-driven programming concepts, terminology, and available tools. It also teaches you the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and distributing a wide variety of Visual Basic applications. First 4 of 10 lessons are included. (, 559.0 KB)
 Visual Basic for Kids - Visual Basic for Kids is An interactive Basic tutorial designed for children aged 10 and older. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the building process. The tutorial also includes many detailed computer projects for kids to build and try. No programming experience is necessary. Even though the examples are kid-related, it could also be used by "big kids" who want a basic introduction to writing computer applications. This newest release includes five new projects which can be built: Stopwatch, Dice, State Capitals, Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory Game.Limitations: The first five of a total of ten lessons are included. (, 567 KB)
 VBA Tutor Part One - This introductory tutorial that illustrates how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Office 97. Nine lessons and three exercises are included. The lessons include: functions and variables, VBA control structures, radio buttons, picture buttons, getting user input, playing sounds, branching (with "goto" and "call"), trapping errors, objects and properties. (, 223 KB)
 VBA Tutor Part Two - Learn how to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Microsoft Office. This is a set of lessons and exercises that show how to collect, save, organize, and use data. These exercises are suitable for anyone who has some previous programming experience. The lessons cover arrays, string manipulation, math operators, passing arguments, controls and forms, saving data in tables, and modular programming techniques. (, 162 KB)
 VBA Tutor Part Three - an advanced tutorial that illustrates how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Office. Eight lessons are included. The lessons cover data searching, sorting and filtering; writing data to text files and Excel files from within Word; and producing advanced user forms. (, 270 KB)
 C++ Tutor v2.61 - Learn C++ programming, part 2, part 3, part 4 - C++ Tutorial is a comprehensive instructional course for C++ and object-oriented programming (OOP) (broken into 4 downloads). It consists of 12 in-depth chapters (130-page manual and 32 worked examples) which cover everything from pointers and functions, to inheritance and encapsulation. Each topic is covered thoroughly and is followed by questions to reinforce your learning. You'll need a C++ compiler to explore the 83 sample programs. Although lacking glitzy visual effects, C++ Tutor offers serious students commercial quality at an affordable price. (213.59 KB)
Three C/C++ Tutorial Downloads from -
- Hypertext-based tutorial on using C++. (52 kb)
- C language tutorial, style, and quiz program. (892 kb)
- Text tutorial on C pointers (ASCII). (27 kb)
Complete C - A DOS program to learn and experiment with the C programming language: - 1 of 3  - 2 of 3  - 3 of 3
 C Language Tutor v2.8 - Learn the entire C language, part 2, part 3 - A comprehensive series of lessons on programming in C (broken into 3 downloads). The information is presented in a series of HTML pages and the 13 chapters cover topics that range from program structure and control to dynamic allocation. The information is presented in a clear, step-by-step approach although the plain formatting and very basic navigation do little to spice up the learning process. Numerous examples are used but you'll need to download these separately as they're not included. While the series is designed for complete beginners to C, a little knowledge of other programming languages will probably help you through the first lessons. The lessons are geared towards MS-DOS programming but as they use ANSI standard C (you'll need a C compiler to run and test your programs) you'll find them generally relevant whether you're working in Windows or DOS. (151.21 KB)
 Turbo C Tutor - A complete no-frills tutorial for anyone who wants to learn Turbo C. The tutorial runs in Turbo Vision, which provides an environment similar to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Turbo C. (322.9 KB) 
Programming in C in 7 days - This popular e-book will enable you to become an entry level programmer. Course comes with worked examples and lesson exercises. Course support is available for free in our support forums. You will post your homeworks and exercises and questions. We will review them and post answers. (Zip file -99kb)
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